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Interpreting wpad.dat using jrunscript from JDK 8 to work out the right proxy.
In many environments you find that the correct proxy can only be fetched by parsing , which is a pain because it is actually a JavaScript fi...
15-06-2017 13:16:45 Gerard Davison Advanced
The "debugger" reserved word in JavaScript
This is a handy little tip for cases where you just can't get your debugger to start in the right context or the framework you are using doe...
14-03-2017 17:10:58 Gerard Davison Advanced
What is bound to generic types for method references in java 8, types and exceptions
So most of the time you are probably aware of method references that either reference instance of static methods directly, and they are usef...
15-08-2016 17:41:44 Gerard Davison Advanced
Getting a name for someone to connect back to your server.
When doing test automation it is often the case you need to know the name of the current machine in order to prompt another machine to conne...
02-06-2016 17:38:27 Gerard Davison Advanced
Converting string configuration properties to other types, with a bit of Optional.
Somedays you come across some code and think that's pretty, why didn't I think of that? So my long time colleague Mark Warner has a nice twi...
07-04-2016 18:23:10 Gerard Davison Advanced
Lambda of Lambda, if/else from an Optional
So I got frustrated with two limitations of the Optional interface in JDK 8. The first problem is that there is no obvious way to perform an...
10-03-2016 11:34:39 Gerard Davison Advanced
Getting hold of an un-used port when writing a test
A really quick post today, I was writing a unit test that needed to put up a temporary JAX-RS resource in order to test something very speci...
02-03-2016 18:23:21 Gerard Davison Advanced
Removing multiple items from a JavaScript array, no for loops
So I was reviewing some code today that was using two for loops to remove elements from a JavaScript array, I won't relate the code here but...
20-01-2016 17:03:56 Gerard Davison Advanced
Beware of slightly different behaviour between ConcurrentMap and ConcurrentHashMap for computeIfAbsent
So I was refactoring some code to use non-locking collection classes and I noticed the this significant different between ConcurrentMap.comp...
12-01-2016 16:24:20 Gerard Davison Advanced
A very simple implementation of Suite to make it easy to run across a bunch of test machines at the same time.
So I was presented with a large suite that I need to distribute amongst an arbitrary number of Hudson slaves. Now my first guess would be to...
25-11-2015 10:54:00 Gerard Davison Advanced

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