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Mission Timer X
Aloha,Last week I've watched the live stream of SpaceX Mission "Inspiration4". When following the countdown on the screen I saw a nice contr...
20-09-2021 16:00:45 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
Aloha,I finally found some time to continue working on TilesFX. There was an issue in the TilesFX repo over at github that I would like to d...
07-07-2021 17:11:07 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
Aloha,Last week I was playing around with some data and could not find the right chart to visualize it.To give you an idea about the data, l...
02-07-2021 10:52:58 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
Fun Selector
Aloha,Time flies, it's already mid of June so it's time for another little blogpost about a fun control I've created last week.It's a select...
16-06-2021 13:03:39 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
Friday Fun LXIII - JDKMon
Aloha,I've took some days off this week and continued working on a little tool I wrote, JDKMon. Because I have a couple of JDK's on my machi...
09-04-2021 13:09:42 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
"Poor man's" dark mode detection
Aloha,I recently read a lot about how to detect the dark mode on MacOS or Windows from Java which is really interesting when you develop des...
06-02-2021 10:19:50 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
Neumorphism...just for the fun of it...
Aloha,First of all happy new year to all of you. I took this week off which gave me some time to play around with new stuff and as you can a...
06-01-2021 08:45:28 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
JavaFX monitor component
Aloha,There was always something I would like to do but never found the time to do it...a control that looks more or less like a heart rate ...
27-12-2020 08:00:16 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
Worldmap connections...
Aloha,Everytime I'm sitting on an airplane I'm taking out the magazine where it shows the flight connections of the airline on a worldmap. S...
04-12-2020 15:44:17 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
Arc charts...
Aloha,I really need to post more often, it's already November...When I was looking for some interesting charts that I might add to my JavaFX...
21-11-2020 14:31:27 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced

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