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Medusa Morphing Clock
Aloha, During my vacation in Greece I've saw a nice video on youtube about a DIY morphing led matrix clock. There is a nice instruction on h...
26-08-2018 08:00:59 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
Rolling Gradient
Aloha, Last week I've stumbled upon an old blogpost from 2011 where I implemented an animated progressbar in Java Swing. At that time I was ...
22-07-2018 05:12:36 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
Anchor Selector control
Aloha, Another control that I saw in Adobe Fireworks and other drawing programs is a control that is used to select an anchor. One can use i...
17-07-2018 09:45:43 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
GradientPicker reloaded...
Aloha, Because I worked a lot with Adobe Fireworks over the last 10 years I was using it's gradient tool very often. It is a handy tool to c...
14-07-2018 15:26:37 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
Tiles 1.6.4
Aloha, During the last days and nights I've found some time to add some stuff to TilesFX. First of all I've modified the calculation of the ...
06-07-2018 15:44:13 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
TilesFX colors...
Aloha, When working on my little dashboard at home I've figured out that I needed more colors to visualize some data. Because I've added alr...
05-07-2018 16:45:22 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
Some updates to TilesFX
Aloha, Last week I've spend some time on TilesFX again. After skimming the web for dashboards I saw that it might be interesting to be able ...
29-06-2018 13:34:12 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
A status skin for TilesFX
Aloha, Last week I've stumbled upon a new idea for a TilesFX skin and found some time to implement it. It can be used to visualize 3 values ...
22-06-2018 09:07:56 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
Time for something new...iOS FX
Aloha, Well after I did my last blog post about the iOS style switch control some people mentioned it might be nice to have more than one iO...
30-05-2018 18:44:07 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
Monday fun component... ;)
Aloha, I know it was a long time without a new blog post but I was busy with a project that took all my time. But last week I've decided to ...
29-05-2018 16:00:41 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced

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