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Aloha,As some of you might know I've created the so called DiscoAPI for This api should help you to get an OpenJDK distribution o...
03-03-2022 19:18:31 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
Aloha,Two years ago I wrote an iOS app to monitor the diabetes of our son. This app (GlucoTracker) is written in Swift using SwiftUI and I s...
15-01-2022 16:26:45 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
Holiday fun...
Aloha and a happy new year...I took the first week of 2022 off and because I love coding I was looking for something that I might add to one...
05-01-2022 05:03:42 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
Aloha,When you create different libraries and components you find yourself writing the same code in different places over time. In principle...
31-12-2021 07:37:16 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
Aloha,Last week I needed some kind of a date picker which I can use to select ranges of dates. So I knew that I once created such a control ...
23-12-2021 09:00:53 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
A versus B
Aloha,last week I was searching the web for some comparison between an older iMac and an older Macbook Pro. And when I was skimming the web ...
12-12-2021 11:19:35 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
All things countries...
Aloha,As some of you might know I've created a JavaFX world map component a while back which I also integrated in my TilesFX and charts libr...
03-12-2021 11:05:41 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
TilesFX 17.0.11
Aloha,when working with dashboard using my TilesFX library I came across some missing things...first of all I needed a Tile that simply has ...
23-11-2021 16:39:59 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
Panel Barchart
Aloha,I'm currently working on a dashboard where I needed a way to visualize data in a specific way. Let's say we would like to compare the ...
16-11-2021 13:52:02 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
Mission Timer X
Aloha,Last week I've watched the live stream of SpaceX Mission "Inspiration4". When following the countdown on the screen I saw a nice contr...
20-09-2021 16:00:45 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced

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