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Friday Fun LI - Horizon Charts
Aloha, Another Friday and again time for some fun... :) Last week someone pointed me to so called horizon charts which are a really nice way...
17-11-2017 09:38:27 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
Friday Fun L - Smooth Charts
Aloha, If you ever worked with JavaFX charts you might know the need for smoothed line- and areacharts. If you search the web you will proba...
10-11-2017 11:00:34 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
Friday Fun XLIX SunburstChart
Aloha again, Last weekend I was looking for dashboards on the web and stumbled upon some nice charts that I found really interesting. These ...
03-11-2017 06:06:20 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
Friday Fun XLVIII - Calendar Heatmap
Aloha, This week I have another little fun component for you and I bet all of you know it...I released another version of my TilesFX library...
27-10-2017 12:38:14 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
Switch and Slide...
Aloha, Last week I've got a link from my friends over at PiDome where they pointed me to a video that show a prototype for a mobile client f...
24-10-2017 09:50:26 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
Simple countdown timer
Aloha, When I was searching the web I stumbled upon a countdown timer that looks like this... or this... When I saw that I thought this shou...
18-10-2017 11:07:43 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
Friday Fun XLVII - Back to life...
Back to life... after all that Serverside stuff in Singapore during the last months I'm finally back home and even more important back into ...
13-10-2017 09:58:36 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
TilesFX 1.4.4
Aloha, Just on time before my next visit to Singapore I was able to release a new version of TilesFX. Last weekend I finally found some time...
14-06-2017 10:31:03 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
Java Geek Bike Ride + BBQ
Aloha, Over the years it became some kind of tradition that the Java User Group M nster organizes a little community event...the Java BBQ at...
09-06-2017 10:42:33 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced
Another new TilesFX skin...
Aloha, Last time when I was sitting in Singapore skimming the web for some interesting stuff I've stumbled upon a dashboard where a gauge wa...
08-06-2017 11:25:30 Gerrit Grunwald Advanced

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