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Experimenting with Java9 HTTP Client and Process API in JShell
This post continues my exploration of Java9 features from my My Top Java 9 Features blog post. Here we are experimenting with Java9 HTTP/2 C...
10-10-2017 22:23:44 Martin Farrell (glenware) Advanced
JShell in Five Minutes
This post builds on my My Top Java 9 Features post by looking more in depth at these features. Here we show you how you can learn jshell in ...
02-10-2017 00:24:13 Martin Farrell (glenware) Advanced
My Top Java 9 Features
I was busy last week and didnt have time to write a post on Java9, so have decided to do one now. The big story with Java 9 is the Jigsaw Ja...
27-09-2017 22:55:33 Martin Farrell (glenware) Advanced
Add EntityManager.refresh to all Spring Data Repositories
In my previous post Access the EntityManager from Spring Data JPA I showed how to extend a single Spring Data JPA repository to access the E...
18-09-2017 15:38:25 Martin Farrell (glenware) Advanced
When a blank isnt blank
I had a funny one this week when I needed to generate an error message when users entered a string of blank spaces. I've previously blogged ...
15-09-2017 17:40:43 Martin Farrell (glenware) Advanced
Spring Data Version From Spring Boot : The Hard Way
Spring Data Version From Spring Boot : The Hard Way, or how to find your Spring Data version from Spring Boot without an IDE. I recently nee...
11-09-2017 22:18:09 Martin Farrell (glenware) Advanced
Access the EntityManager from Spring Data JPA
Spring Data JPA allows you to rapidly develop your data access layer through the use of Repository interfaces. Occasionally you will need to...
04-09-2017 00:17:25 Martin Farrell (glenware) Advanced
Java 8 Streams Revisited
8 Streams Revisited revisits my Java 8 Streams post Java 8 Streams Cookbook Ive split the post into 3 sections Streams Cookbook Matching and...
24-08-2017 22:53:35 Martin Farrell (glenware) Advanced
Java 8 Revisited
A few months ago I posted a series of articles on Java 8 features Java 8 Streams Cookbook Java8 Methods in Interfaces Java8 Date and Time ex...
18-08-2017 00:33:27 Martin Farrell (glenware) Advanced
JPA Entity Lifecycle
The last blog post about the JPA EntityManager didn't cover the JPA Entity Lifecycle. This post builds on the original one by covering the J...
06-08-2017 22:09:37 Martin Farrell (glenware) Advanced

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