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Using FreeCodeCamp as an experienced developer
I am an experienced Full stack Developer specializing in Java, Javascript and React. This is a broad skill set, and you quickly become aware...
21-02-2020 11:32:16 Martin Farrell (glenware) Advanced
Back To Blogging
At the start of the year I planned on writing one blog post a week but things don't always go to plan and I got busy Hands-On Enterprise App...
09-09-2018 23:30:39 Martin Farrell (glenware) Advanced
Maven, Eclipse and Java 9
Anyone that uses the M2E(maven-to-eclipse) plugin in eclipse knows the issue where you have run a build, then update maven on your project o...
08-03-2018 13:24:39 Martin Farrell (glenware) Advanced
Would you use JSF for your next project?
There was an excellent stackoverflow blog post last week about the "Brutal Lifecycle of Javascript Frameworks". The article was about the sp...
16-01-2018 15:03:30 Martin Farrell (glenware) Advanced
2018 Aims
I haven't looked at my blog for 2 weeks as I was taking a break for Christmas and New Year. It has been really refreshing not to think about...
04-01-2018 14:52:58 Martin Farrell (glenware) Advanced
Java 9 on Java EE 8 Using Eclipse and Open Liberty
I wrote a post a few weeks ago titled Which IDE's and Server's support Java EE 8 and Java9 which looked at the current state of play between...
12-12-2017 23:25:46 Martin Farrell (glenware) Advanced
Spring Boot as a Windows Service in 5 minutes
I recently had to deploy a Spring Boot application as a windows service and am surprised how easy it was using winsw. I'd previously written...
06-12-2017 15:10:39 Martin Farrell (glenware) Advanced
Which IDE's and Server's support JEE8 and Java9
Ive been wanting to experiment with JEE8 and Java9 as a continuation of my posts on Java 9. Seems simple enough, but its actually quite hard...
17-11-2017 13:25:42 Martin Farrell (glenware) Advanced
Java 9 Streams API using JShell
This post looks at the Java 9 Streams API using JShell. The Streams API changes build on the success of Streams in Java 8, and introduce a n...
05-11-2017 22:41:32 Martin Farrell (glenware) Advanced
Java9 JShell Examples : Collections Static Factory Methods
This post continues my exploration of Java9 features from my My Top Java 9 Features blog post. Here we are experimenting with Java9 Collecti...
23-10-2017 23:57:06 Martin Farrell (glenware) Advanced

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