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Gradle Plugin resolution outage postmortem
On January 12th 2022, Gradle users were experiencing issues resolving plugins from the Gradle Plugin Portal because of the outage of JCenter...
20-01-2022 11:29:36 gradle Beginners
Dealing with the critical Log4j vulnerability
A critical remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability has been identified in the popular Apache Log4j logging library that affects versions 2...
14-12-2021 01:39:50 gradle Beginners
Automatic Feedback on Plugin Publication
New Gradle plugins undergo a manual inspection before they get approved to be published in the Plugin Portal. Most of the performed checks a...
04-11-2021 13:52:39 gradle Beginners
JCenter shutdown impact on Gradle builds
On February 3 2021, JFrog announced that they will be shutting down Bintray and JCenter. A complete shutdown is planned for February 2022. T...
23-02-2021 00:58:35 gradle Beginners
Introducing the Gradle Fellowship Program
Community is instrumental to the success of every open-source project. At Gradle, we are very fortunate to serve and collaborate with an ama...
10-02-2021 17:30:09 gradle Beginners
Introducing Java toolchains
Building a Java project and running Gradle both require the installation of a JDK. Most Gradle users conveniently use the Java installation ...
31-10-2020 00:49:12 gradle Beginners
Introducing Configuration Caching
This is the second installment in a series of blog posts about incremental development the part of the software development process where yo...
11-08-2020 01:09:35 gradle Beginners
Gradle vs Bazel for JVM Projects
Introduction Gradle has emerged as the build tool of choice for projects within the JVM ecosystem, including Kotlin. It is the most popular ...
30-06-2020 17:38:30 gradle Beginners
Refining the Gradle issue tracker
One of the biggest success factors of Gradle is its community. There is no day that goes by without users suggesting new features, finding a...
09-06-2020 13:41:06 gradle Beginners
Introducing file-system watching
This is the first part of a series of blog posts about incremental development, the part of the software development process where the devel...
29-05-2020 17:34:56 gradle Beginners

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