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Protecting Project Integrity
Our recent security report shows that supply chain attacks targeting the build process through the Gradle Wrapper exist in the wild. This bl...
25-01-2023 19:53:24 gradle Beginners
Gradle Wrapper Attack Report
On January 11th 2023, we were contacted by MinecraftOnline about two unusual and suspicious Gradle wrapper JARs found in some of their repos...
25-01-2023 11:58:38 gradle Beginners
How Gradle Works (1) - Startup
This is the first blog of a series How Gradle Works, which includes the following topics: How Gradle starts up. How many JVMs are involved i...
18-01-2023 04:10:28 gradle Beginners
Introducing Public Design Specs
Gradle Build Tool is an open source project, but a lot of the design work has not been as visible as it could be. Internally, we use design ...
07-12-2022 18:20:29 gradle Beginners
Compilation Avoidance
We've recently noticed some community chatter about speeding up Gradle compilation on the JVM by ignoring changes not affecting the ABIs of ...
28-11-2022 17:45:34 gradle Beginners
Introducing Test Suites
As projects grow in size and complexity and otherwise mature, they tend to accumulate a large collection of automated tests. Testing your so...
15-11-2022 15:31:35 gradle Beginners
How We Handle Flaky Tests in Gradle
Test flakiness is one of the main challenges of automated testing. Even though Gradle's focus is increasing developer productivity, the deve...
14-11-2022 09:12:59 gradle Beginners
A Better Way to Use Gradle With Github Actions
Running Gradle builds on GitHub Actions GitHub Actions provides a convenient and powerful CI platform for projects hosted on GitHub. To enha...
14-09-2022 16:40:17 gradle Beginners
Plugin Portal potential data exposure
On 16th August 2022, Gradle Plugin Portal and the Gradle Discourse forums were impacted by a security incident that could have led to exposu...
24-08-2022 20:22:17 gradle Beginners
Simplifying the Plugin-Publish Plugin
Configuring the publication of Gradle plugins to the Portal happens with the help of the Plugin-Publish plugin. The recently released versio...
18-07-2022 17:16:30 gradle Beginners

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