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A Better Way to Use Gradle With Github Actions
Running Gradle builds on GitHub Actions GitHub Actions provides a convenient and powerful CI platform for projects hosted on GitHub. To enha...
14-09-2022 16:40:17 gradle Beginners
Plugin Portal potential data exposure
On 16th August 2022, Gradle Plugin Portal and the Gradle Discourse forums were impacted by a security incident that could have led to exposu...
24-08-2022 20:22:17 gradle Beginners
Simplifying the Plugin-Publish Plugin
Configuring the publication of Gradle plugins to the Portal happens with the help of the Plugin-Publish plugin. The recently released versio...
18-07-2022 17:16:30 gradle Beginners
Remote and Distributed Build Patterns
A frequently-requested feature for the Gradle Build Tool is the ability to perform remote or distributed builds. But what exactly does this ...
13-07-2022 06:38:42 gradle Beginners
General Build Distribution: A Game-Changer or a Gimmick?
The Remote and Distributed Build Patterns article explains the differences between remote and distributed builds and variations on each. Spe...
12-07-2022 23:08:48 gradle Beginners
Mentoring Program Announcement
The lack of diversity in the technical world is a chronic, pervasive issue. For example, a 2021 global software developer survey showed that...
22-06-2022 22:36:54 gradle Beginners
Gradle Public Roadmap
We are excited to announce that the Gradle Build Tool roadmap is now public. See the roadmap board and the associated readme. Motivation The...
20-06-2022 14:12:51 gradle Beginners
Gradle Plugin resolution outage postmortem
On January 12th 2022, Gradle users were experiencing issues resolving plugins from the Gradle Plugin Portal because of the outage of JCenter...
20-01-2022 11:29:36 gradle Beginners
Dealing with the critical Log4j vulnerability
A critical remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability has been identified in the popular Apache Log4j logging library that affects versions 2...
14-12-2021 01:39:50 gradle Beginners
Automatic Feedback on Plugin Publication
New Gradle plugins undergo a manual inspection before they get approved to be published in the Plugin Portal. Most of the performed checks a...
04-11-2021 13:52:39 gradle Beginners

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