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Blazing Fast Android Builds
At Google I/O today, the Android Studio team released the first preview version of the Android Gradle plugin 3.0, based on Gradle 4.0 M2. It...
17-05-2017 23:07:12 gradle Beginners
Introducing Gradle Build Cache Beta
The Gradle build cache is a new feature being introduced in Gradle 3.5 to reduce build time. What does it do? The new Gradle build cache reu...
10-04-2017 21:43:08 gradle Beginners
Announcing Gradle Enterprise 2017.1
We are excited to announce the release of Gradle Enterprise 2017.1. This release includes many new features and bug fixes, further expanding...
08-03-2017 16:09:49 gradle Beginners
Incremental Compilation, the Java Library Plugin, and other performance features in Gradle 3.4
We are very proud to announce that the newly released Gradle 3.4 has significantly improved support for building Java applications, for all ...
25-02-2017 22:23:28 gradle Beginners
Announcing Buildship 2.0
We are pleased to announce that version 2.0 of Buildship our official Gradle support for Eclipse is now available via the Eclipse Marketplac...
11-01-2017 15:15:44 gradle Beginners
Custom Data in Build Scans
Build scans are a great way to easily share data about your build, but what if your team wants to add their own data to those build scans? T...
04-01-2017 17:35:36 gradle Beginners
Save the Date: Free Gradle Training in January
Getting started with a new technology can be daunting. Learning the basics by reading manuals and blog posts and searching forums can be tim...
08-12-2016 16:48:53 gradle Beginners
November 15th Bay Area Gradle Users Meetup: Recap and Videos
We'd like to thank everyone that came along to our Bay Area Gradle Users meetup last week, and we'd like to thank LinkedIn once again for ho...
22-11-2016 17:49:31 gradle Beginners
November 15th Bay Area Gradle Users Meetup
Everyone has an opportunity to engage with the Gradle team online through a variety of channels, but nothing beats meeting people face to fa...
02-11-2016 22:23:36 gradle Beginners
Webinar: Customizing Build Scan Data
For those of you who can't make our Bay Area meetup on November 15th, we're putting on a webinar a couple of days later that covers the same...
02-11-2016 16:18:05 gradle Beginners

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