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Introducing flaky test mitigation tools for Gradle
This post introduces a new Gradle plugin and build scans improvements aimed at mitigating your flaky tests. Flaky tests disrupt software dev...
12-01-2020 01:03:18 gradle Beginners
Optional dependencies are not optional
In a previous blog post, we demonstrated how capabilities could be used to elegantly solve the problem of having multiple logging frameworks...
07-01-2020 12:25:38 gradle Beginners
Addressing the complexity of the Java logging ecosystem with capabilities
Gradle 6.0 comes with a number of improvements around dependency management that we present in a series of blog posts. In this post we explo...
17-12-2019 18:12:38 gradle Beginners
Automatically align Dependencies with Platforms and Gradle Module Metadata
In the previous post about dependency management with Gradle 6, we saw that growing builds can quickly end up in dependency hell. Unexpected...
27-11-2019 17:43:12 gradle Beginners
Avoiding dependency hell with Gradle 6
Dependency hell is a big problem for many teams. The larger the project and its dependency graph, the harder it is to maintain it. The solut...
11-11-2019 10:52:10 gradle Beginners
Decommissioning HTTP for Gradle Services
Starting in January 2020, Gradle services will only serve requests made with HTTPS. From that point on, all requests made with HTTP will be ...
18-10-2019 00:52:07 gradle Beginners
Introducing the Swift plugins
This post introduces some new native plugins that we've been working on that can build Swift libraries and applications. They work on both m...
05-09-2019 18:16:36 gradle Beginners
Update on the new C++ plugins
As the new C++ plugins are getting more attention from early adopters, we want to update everyone on their progress since our previous Intro...
11-07-2019 18:25:10 gradle Beginners
Automatic task execution in Buildship
If you work with Eclipse you are probably familiar with Buildship, the Eclipse plugins for Gradle. The Buildship 3.1 release allows you to r...
02-05-2019 14:59:31 gradle Beginners
Introducing Gradle Module Metadata
Gradle Module Metadata reaches 1.0 in Gradle 5.3 and here we explain why you should be as excited as we are! Gradle Module Metadata was crea...
08-03-2019 00:59:36 gradle Beginners

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