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Introducing the Swift plugins
This post introduces some new native plugins that we've been working on that can build Swift libraries and applications. They work on both m...
05-09-2019 18:16:36 gradle Beginners
Update on the new C++ plugins
As the new C++ plugins are getting more attention from early adopters, we want to update everyone on their progress since our previous Intro...
11-07-2019 18:25:10 gradle Beginners
Automatic task execution in Buildship
If you work with Eclipse you are probably familiar with Buildship, the Eclipse plugins for Gradle. The Buildship 3.1 release allows you to r...
02-05-2019 14:59:31 gradle Beginners
Introducing Gradle Module Metadata
Gradle Module Metadata reaches 1.0 in Gradle 5.3 and here we explain why you should be as excited as we are! Gradle Module Metadata was crea...
08-03-2019 00:59:36 gradle Beginners
Developer Productivity Day 2019, Munich
This post is in German, announcing the Developer Productivity Day in Munich. Gradle Inc. und TNG Technology Consulting GmbH laden Sie herzli...
04-02-2019 18:53:03 gradle Beginners
Using build scan tags for ad-hoc root cause analysis
Recently I was helping an Android team investigate a hard-to-reproduce issue that manifested as very-long-running compilation and annotation...
16-01-2019 01:46:05 gradle Beginners
Gradle Kotlin DSL 1.0
The recently released Gradle 5.0 includes the Gradle Kotlin DSL v1.0 which is now ready for widespread use. We want you to enjoy a build aut...
10-12-2018 20:02:24 gradle Beginners
Gradle Plugin Portal Approval Policy Update
Gradle is updating the plugin approval policy for plugins submitted to the Gradle Plugin Portal, effective today, to begin adding stronger s...
18-10-2018 22:36:58 gradle Beginners
How to show Groovy and Kotlin DSL samples side-by-side
Gradle build script samples now have Kotlin DSL snippets alongside the Groovy snippets in Gradle 5.0 docs and many Gradle guides. We want yo...
11-10-2018 19:43:28 gradle Beginners
Introducing Exemplar for Automated Samples Testing
This post introduces a new library called Exemplar. The goal of Exemplar is to ensure that users get outputs that you expect them to see. It...
09-10-2018 18:46:12 gradle Beginners

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