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Refining the Gradle issue tracker
One of the biggest success factors of Gradle is its community. There is no day that goes by without users suggesting new features, finding a...
09-06-2020 13:41:06 gradle Beginners
Introducing file-system watching
This is the first part of a series of blog posts about incremental development, the part of the software development process where the devel...
29-05-2020 17:34:56 gradle Beginners
Smarter dependency downgrades
One of the biggest challenges when dealing with transitive dependencies is to keep their versions under control. Popular libraries will show...
16-03-2020 16:40:40 gradle Beginners
Placeholder for plugin portal update
This is a placeholder.
13-03-2020 01:24:55 gradle Beginners
Verifying Gradle Wrappers with GitHub Actions
We are proud to announce the release of the new Gradle Wrapper Validation GitHub Action. Gradle Wrapper in Open Source The gradle-wrapper.ja...
06-02-2020 21:44:34 gradle Beginners
Why libraries like Guava need more than POMs
More than 10 years ago, a new Java collections library was released by Google. This library, now known as Google Guava, would gain a lot of ...
22-01-2020 18:53:54 gradle Beginners
Introducing flaky test mitigation tools for Gradle
This post introduces a new Gradle plugin and build scans improvements aimed at mitigating your flaky tests. Flaky tests disrupt software dev...
12-01-2020 01:03:18 gradle Beginners
Optional dependencies are not optional
In a previous blog post, we demonstrated how capabilities could be used to elegantly solve the problem of having multiple logging frameworks...
07-01-2020 12:25:38 gradle Beginners
Addressing the complexity of the Java logging ecosystem with capabilities
Gradle 6.0 comes with a number of improvements around dependency management that we present in a series of blog posts. In this post we explo...
17-12-2019 18:12:38 gradle Beginners
Automatically align Dependencies with Platforms and Gradle Module Metadata
In the previous post about dependency management with Gradle 6, we saw that growing builds can quickly end up in dependency hell. Unexpected...
27-11-2019 17:43:12 gradle Beginners

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