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Webinar: Customizing Build Scan Data
For those of you who can't make our Bay Area meetup on November 15th, we're putting on a webinar a couple of days later that covers the same...
02-11-2016 16:18:05 gradle Beginners
The Road to Gradle Script Kotlin 1.0
Five months ago we announced the first pre-release of Gradle Script Kotlin, and we thought now would be a good time to review the progress w...
26-10-2016 17:35:54 gradle Beginners
Now Open: GitHub Issues for Gradle
Gradle has been an open-source project since its inception, but as a team we haven't always lived up to the spirit of modern open-source col...
20-10-2016 01:39:47 gradle Beginners
Introducing Composite Builds
It's not every day that we get to announce a feature that revolutionizes several software engineering workflows, but today is that day. Comp...
12-10-2016 17:29:55 gradle Beginners
Introducing Build Scans
A few months ago at this year's Gradle Summit conference, we announced a new part of the Gradle platform called Gradle Cloud Services. In th...
07-10-2016 00:47:45 gradle Beginners
Hello, Again
Welcome to the new Gradle blog. On behalf of the whole team, it's my pleasure to write this first post and share a bit about what we're up t...
26-09-2016 18:39:05 gradle Beginners
Introduction to Gradle Workshop
Getting Started The quickest way to get up and running with Gradle is to: Download the latest Gradle release; then Follow the installation t...
17-08-2016 02:56:09 gradle Beginners
LinkedIn introduces {py}gradle, an open source Python plugin for Gradle
Introduction written by Gradle CMO Miko Matsumura, Blog post reposted from LinkedIn. LinkedIn is redefining developer productivity and the c...
16-08-2016 19:46:23 gradle Beginners
3 ways to learn Gradle for Android
The Google Android Developer Tools team had a lot of reasons to include Gradle into Android Studio as THE build system for Android. Read mor...
02-08-2016 19:01:15 gradle Beginners
New Gradle Android Ebook for Free
Free O'Reilly's book: Gradle Recipes for Android We are happy to announce that the eBook version of Ken Kousen's book 'Gradle Recipes for An...
30-07-2016 00:07:18 gradle Beginners

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