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Stop rerunning your tests
Tests are usually the longest running operation in your development process. Running them unnecessarily is the ultimate time waster. Gradle ...
10-09-2018 19:50:54 gradle Beginners
Get ready for Kotlin DSL 1.0
Gradle Kotlin DSL 1.0 release candidate is generally available, included in Gradle 4.10. The Kotlin DSL is nearly ready for widespread use. ...
27-08-2018 21:08:16 gradle Beginners
Evolving the Gradle API to reduce configuration time
This post introduces a new API for declaring and configuring Gradle Tasks in build scripts and plugins. We intend for this new API to eventu...
16-07-2018 15:18:19 gradle Beginners
Fixing Gradle dependency resolution when TLS v1.1 and v1.0 support is discontinued
Maven Central and Bintray have announced that they will discontinue support for TLS v1.1 and below. Here's what you need to know to correct ...
21-06-2018 23:27:17 gradle Beginners
Using Gradle build cache with Kotlin
A build cache allows Gradle to reuse task output from any previous invocation, including those from other machines. Kotlin 1.2.21 allows Kot...
06-02-2018 17:49:15 gradle Beginners
Introducing the new C++ plugins
This post introduces some new plugins for C++ that we've been working on. These plugins can build C++ libraries and applications. They work ...
10-01-2018 16:50:17 gradle Beginners
Multi-release JARs - Good or bad idea?
With Java 9 came a new feature of the Java runtime called multi-release jars. For us at Gradle, it's probably one of the most controversial ...
19-12-2017 16:16:23 gradle Beginners
State of Gradle Java 9 Support
This post provides an overview of Gradle's Java 9 support, touching on runtime, cross-compilation, MRJARs, and Jigsaw modules support. We've...
17-10-2017 17:52:25 gradle Beginners
Join Gradle at KotlinConf 2017
Kotlin is the #1 rising Gradle "related topic" according to Google Trends. We want to improve user experience developing Kotlin applications...
10-10-2017 19:50:45 gradle Beginners
State and future of the Gradle Software Model
We've received many inquiries about the status and direction of Gradle's Software Model, especially from users building native libraries and...
24-08-2017 17:30:19 gradle Beginners

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