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Moving this blog site to MkDocs and GitHub
I moved this blog site from WordPress to MkDocs and GitHub at Most recent posts have been migrated to the new blog site. The oldest ones wil...
04-09-2022 16:26:55 gualtiero testa Agile & Testing
Book review: Get your hands dirty on clean architecture
Author: Tom Hombergs (@TomHombergs)Title: Get your hands dirty on clean architectureEditors: LeanPub (@leanpub) and PacktPub (@PacktPub)Year...
03-01-2021 16:22:18 gualtiero testa Agile & Testing
POJO and JavaBean testing using Bean-matchers
Last update: Jun 02, 2020 Project repo: The first reaction to the question "Should I unit test a data class?" is usually a big NO because th...
02-06-2020 12:03:35 gualtiero testa Agile & Testing
It's time to move to a new blog site
I decided to create a new blog site: As you can see this site is hosted by GitHub. New posts will be added to the new site so I suggest you ...
01-12-2018 19:15:21 gualtiero testa Agile & Testing
Review: Go Programming Blueprints – Solving Development Challenges with Golang
Go Programming Blueprints Solving Development Challenges with Golang by Mat Ryer My rating: 4 of 5 stars Real world solutions in GO This boo...
09-04-2017 21:01:56 gualtiero testa Agile & Testing
Review: Learning IBM Bluemix
Learning IBM Bluemix by Sreelatha Sankaranarayanan My rating: 3 of 5 stars Interesting introduction to the Bluemix worldThis book is a showc...
11-01-2017 20:21:17 gualtiero testa Agile & Testing
Unit testing Java data classes immutability with the Mutability Detector
In all our project, we use data classes which, by definition, contain data (fields) but no (business) logic. According to the best coding pr...
01-01-2017 20:52:08 gualtiero testa Agile & Testing
Vaadin dependencies in Maven projects
The Vaadin framework has several dependencies but not all of them should be included in our war/ear artifacts. The following table shows all...
18-12-2016 20:21:25 gualtiero testa Agile & Testing
Java EE schedulers
Java EE application servers have native scheduling support and, in most of the applications, there is no need to include external dependenci...
02-10-2016 21:01:17 gualtiero testa Agile & Testing
Review: Groovy in Action
Groovy in Action by Dierk K nig My rating: 5 of 5 stars A must have for any serious Groovy developers. Groovy in Action (Second Edition) is,...
22-05-2016 10:27:56 gualtiero testa Agile & Testing

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