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Java EE schedulers
Java EE application servers have native scheduling support and, in most of the applications, there is no need to include external dependenci...
02-10-2016 21:01:17 gualtiero testa Agile & Testing
Review: Groovy in Action
Groovy in Action by Dierk K nig My rating: 5 of 5 stars A must have for any serious Groovy developers. Groovy in Action (Second Edition) is,...
22-05-2016 10:27:56 gualtiero testa Agile & Testing
Tutorial: Correct SLF4J logging usage and how to check it
SLF4J is a very popular logging facade but, like all libraries we use, there is a chance that we use it in a wrong or at least in a not opti...
27-02-2016 20:31:59 gualtiero testa Agile & Testing
The 5 Java logging rules
Logging is a critical factor that should be always kept into account during the software development. When something bad happens in producti...
29-11-2015 14:00:55 gualtiero testa Agile & Testing
Tutorial: logging during tests
Logging is a popular solution to show what the software is doing while it is running. But what happens to the logging when we are unit testi...
01-11-2015 14:00:12 gualtiero testa Agile & Testing
October 2015 Java releases
Java 9 (next) New Java version is under development. Preliminary JDK versions and information can be found at Java 9 general availability is...
23-10-2015 16:13:49 gualtiero testa Agile & Testing
NetBeans project groups
I’m involved on several projects and during my working day it can happen that I need to switch from one project to another. In NetBeans I us...
06-09-2015 15:00:34 gualtiero testa Agile & Testing
Java: how to check jar version at runtime
Class loading issues can happen in complex execution environments. Situation gets worst when there are different versions of the same librar...
05-07-2015 06:00:28 gualtiero testa Agile & Testing
Tutorial: using FindBugs with Maven
FindBugs can be executed using Maven in two different modes: as stand-alone command or as part of the Maven site command. These two modes re...
14-06-2015 06:00:52 gualtiero testa Agile & Testing
FindBugs plugins
FindBugs is a key code quality tool for Java based projects. It includes several dozens of bug patterns which are used by FindBugs to identi...
07-06-2015 06:00:00 gualtiero testa Agile & Testing

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