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Assert.AreEqual in MSTest - done right
Every unit testing framework out there comes with a plethora of assertion methods this is not necessarily a good thing. Instead of writing s...
06-11-2017 21:55:41 helper code Agile & Testing
Develop (and test) a dockerized, PostgreSQL backed, ASP.NET Core microservice in less than an hour
These days a .NET developer can create, test and deploy powerful software without breaking sweat. Writing a scalable, easily deployable perf...
26-09-2017 21:22:29 helper code Agile & Testing
Speaking engagements: October 2017
Next month is going to be a busy month for me I'm starting it with .NET developer days in Warsaw where I'm going to give three talks in two ...
06-09-2017 23:06:28 helper code Agile & Testing
Getting started with C++ unit testing
I have been "living" in the C++ world since the very beginning (of my career). But lately I've noticed a rising interest in C++ unit testing...
10-08-2017 23:09:16 helper code Agile & Testing
Using nDepend to understand, and improve legacy codebases
One of the issues when dealing with legacy code is missing information. Unlike newly developed code which has up to date documentation or at...
26-06-2017 22:37:46 helper code Agile & Testing
New Pluralsight course: Advanced C++ Mocking Using Google Mock
My latest course: Advanced C++ Mocking Using Google Mock was published during the weekend. After finishing my very first Pluralsight course ...
23-05-2017 15:00:57 helper code Agile & Testing
Programming AWS using Visual Studio 2017
Amazon Web Services (AWS) was always supportive of Java, Node.js and Python. But with the lately C# support has been added as well. For the ...
06-04-2017 14:03:09 helper code Agile & Testing
Certified! Why & How I've Became an AWS Solution Architect
Yesterday I went into a class inside a big building and came out 80 minutes later a certified AWS Solution Architect (associate). It was a h...
30-03-2017 21:29:42 helper code Agile & Testing
What to do when Visual Studio 2017 debugger won't attach to Docker
We've been developing .NET Core micro-services for a few months. Obviously we've decided to use Docker for Windows for deployment. Don't get...
09-03-2017 16:44:17 helper code Agile & Testing
March 2017 podcast list update
I've been listening to podcast for a long, long time. I've started like many other to listen to podcasts on my commute to/from work and stil...
05-03-2017 13:27:29 helper code Agile & Testing

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