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A tale of two developers
Let me tell you about two developers who worked for the same company: Both were talented, gifted software developers and had many years of e...
02-07-2020 16:34:04 helper code Agile & Testing
Upcoming (online) conferences
I love speaking on conferences! What's not to like? you get to meet passionate developers, teach and speak about things you care about and t...
29-04-2020 11:26:57 helper code Agile & Testing
Using C# anonymous types to assert complex results in your unit tests
Does this sounds familiar to you: You come to work early(ish) in the morning ready to apply a new technology you've just learnt about just t...
25-06-2019 09:30:46 helper code Agile & Testing
5 commands to get you up and running with Docker
Docker has revolutionized the way software is being written and deployed throughout our industry. With the use of it's lightweight container...
03-04-2019 18:43:54 helper code Agile & Testing
How to count the number of event invocations using Rx
A while ago I've needed to count the number of events arriving from an external system and perform a specific task once a specific threshold...
06-03-2019 00:35:44 helper code Agile & Testing
Free AWS Workshops
Two weeks ago I've attended a workshop in the AWS offices. It was about EKS (Managed Kubernetes in AWS) and it was excellent! There were a b...
07-01-2019 15:07:10 helper code Agile & Testing
New Pluralsight course - AWS Developer: Lambda Deep Dive
My latest course AWS Developer: Lambda Deep Dive was published today! I've wanted to create a practical course on using FaaS (Functions as a...
03-07-2018 11:35:10 helper code Agile & Testing
Yes you can! develop on AWS using .NET
About a year ago I've started working with a client that had his several ASP.NET websites running in AWS, at the time it seemed like a wrong...
08-05-2018 12:31:58 helper code Agile & Testing
ConFoo Montreal - Here I come!
A few years ago I had to pleasure to speak at ConFoo Montreal and it was fun. This is why I'm excited to have the chance to come to Montreal...
22-02-2018 17:00:13 helper code Agile & Testing
Good news! we have .NET Core 2.0 Lambdas
As a .NET developer writing microservices and Lambda functions in AWS I found it increasingly frustrating that I could not upgrade my code t...
25-01-2018 19:06:23 helper code Agile & Testing

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