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Free AWS Workshops
Two weeks ago I've attended a workshop in the AWS offices. It was about EKS (Managed Kubernetes in AWS) and it was excellent! There were a b...
07-01-2019 15:07:10 helper code Agile & Testing
New Pluralsight course - AWS Developer: Lambda Deep Dive
My latest course AWS Developer: Lambda Deep Dive was published today! I've wanted to create a practical course on using FaaS (Functions as a...
03-07-2018 11:35:10 helper code Agile & Testing
Yes you can! develop on AWS using .NET
About a year ago I've started working with a client that had his several ASP.NET websites running in AWS, at the time it seemed like a wrong...
08-05-2018 12:31:58 helper code Agile & Testing
ConFoo Montreal - Here I come!
A few years ago I had to pleasure to speak at ConFoo Montreal and it was fun. This is why I'm excited to have the chance to come to Montreal...
22-02-2018 17:00:13 helper code Agile & Testing
Good news! we have .NET Core 2.0 Lambdas
As a .NET developer writing microservices and Lambda functions in AWS I found it increasingly frustrating that I could not upgrade my code t...
25-01-2018 19:06:23 helper code Agile & Testing
When would we get .NET Core 2.0 AWS Lambdas?
The short answer is Soon During AWS re:invent I've hoped to finally hear about .NET Core 2.0 Lambda functions, and I did, but it was not wha...
31-12-2017 16:19:33 helper code Agile & Testing
Exciting news from AWS re:invent
I didn't go to re:invent this year but it does not mean I can use the internet to stay in sync with AWS latest and greatest and today there ...
29-11-2017 23:18:20 helper code Agile & Testing
Assert.AreEqual in MSTest - done right
Every unit testing framework out there comes with a plethora of assertion methods this is not necessarily a good thing. Instead of writing s...
06-11-2017 21:55:41 helper code Agile & Testing
Develop (and test) a dockerized, PostgreSQL backed, ASP.NET Core microservice in less than an hour
These days a .NET developer can create, test and deploy powerful software without breaking sweat. Writing a scalable, easily deployable perf...
26-09-2017 21:22:29 helper code Agile & Testing
Speaking engagements: October 2017
Next month is going to be a busy month for me I'm starting it with .NET developer days in Warsaw where I'm going to give three talks in two ...
06-09-2017 23:06:28 helper code Agile & Testing

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