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Back to basics: Using interface vs. abstract class
While teaching a course on design patterns I was asked by one of the participants when would I use an interface and when to use an abstract ...
31-01-2017 23:22:42 helper code Agile & Testing
The 5 D's of creating software
Warning: Do not take the following post too seriouslyThe software development world is governed by many forces beyond our control. There's s...
12-12-2016 21:57:46 helper code Agile & Testing
Upcoming speaking engagements: Vancouver here I come!
At the beginning of December I'm going to speak at ConFoo Vancouver.I spoke at ConFoo Montreal in the past and I look forward to speaking at...
14-11-2016 14:50:55 helper code Agile & Testing
Using conditional breakpoints to filter exceptions during debugging
With every new version the C# language has grown and improved. The last version so a.k.a C# 6 has brought some of my favorite features. And ...
09-11-2016 17:02:54 helper code Agile & Testing
Faking DateTime using Microsoft Fakes seems to be broken
It seems as if causing DateTime.Now to return another value has become the demo to show when demoing an unconstrained Mocking framework. It'...
08-11-2016 16:51:10 helper code Agile & Testing
I'm a PluralSight author!
Last week my very first PluralSight course went live!My course on unit testing in C++ using CATCH is ready for your viewing pleasure. It's a...
01-11-2016 10:52:45 helper code Agile & Testing
An open letter to conference's organizers
I got my first international speaking opportunity in 2012. After sending countless proposals and getting just as many rejects I got an email...
23-10-2016 22:48:38 helper code Agile & Testing
MSTest V2 - First impressions
It's been a while since I've tried a new Unit Testing framework. It seemed that between NUnit, XUnit & MSTest I had enough to choose from. I...
11-08-2016 00:34:48 helper code Agile & Testing
Implementing Soundex using LINQ (with help from OzCode)
A while ago I came across the very interesting Soundex algorithm. It's a way to find similarity between words based on how they sound - I'll...
08-06-2016 10:56:15 helper code Agile & Testing
The real difference between NUnit and XUnit
I've just started yet another pet project and wanted to pick a unit testing framework (.NET). On a soon-to-regret whim I'm tried googling "N...
31-05-2016 11:52:01 helper code Agile & Testing

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