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Book Review: The Effective Engineer
Last month we finished reading "The Effective Engineer" by Edmond Lau in the book club at work. It is a great book full of practical advice ...
15-01-2017 17:45:05 henrik warne Agile & Testing
Things Programmers Say
Recently @ThePracticalDev asked people on Twitter for typical things programmers say: Request what are some examples of funny idioms/phrases...
24-11-2016 23:04:18 henrik warne Agile & Testing
Developer Book Club
For several years now, we have been running a developer book club at work. We pick a book relevant to software development, and read a chapt...
08-11-2016 22:53:31 henrik warne Agile & Testing
Book Review: Release It!
In the book club at work, we recently finished reading Release It! by Michael T. Nygard. It is a book I have been meaning to read for a long...
27-10-2016 21:55:54 henrik warne Agile & Testing
18 Lessons From 13 Years of Tricky Bugs
In Learning From Your Bugs, I wrote about how I have been keeping track of the most interesting bugs I have come across. I recently reviewed...
16-06-2016 07:57:49 henrik warne Agile & Testing
Learning From Your Bugs
Bugs are great learning opportunities. So how do we make sure we learn as much as possible from the bugs we fix? A method I have used for mo...
28-04-2016 09:16:16 henrik warne Agile & Testing
More Good Programming Quotes
In my previous post, The Wisdom of Programming Quotes, I called out some quotes that look good on the surface, but turn out to promote the w...
17-04-2016 14:20:22 henrik warne Agile & Testing
The Wisdom of Programming Quotes
I love good programming quotes. The best ones say something true about the craft of programming, usually both concisely and humorously. Rece...
11-04-2016 08:15:40 henrik warne Agile & Testing
Ph.D. or Professional Programmer?
When I graduated from university with a degree in Computer Science, I wanted to continue and get a Ph.D. But I also wanted to work as a soft...
07-03-2016 09:42:12 henrik warne Agile & Testing
Social Engineering from Kevin Mitnick
I recently finished reading Ghost in the Wires by Kevin Mitnick. It is the story of Mitnick s hacking career, from the start in his teens, t...
27-12-2015 05:29:39 henrik warne Agile & Testing

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