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Book Review: Designing Data-Intensive Applications
What a great book Designing Data-Intensive Applications is! It covers databases and distributed systems in clear language, great detail and ...
27-07-2019 20:32:14 henrik warne Agile & Testing
Nordic Testing Days Tallinn 2019
At the end of May I attended Nordic Testing Days in Tallinn, Estonia. It was the first time I spoke at a conference outside of Sweden, and I...
15-06-2019 23:13:59 henrik warne Agile & Testing
Book review: Accelerate
The book Accelerate details the findings of four years of research on how DevOps affects various outcomes, such as software delivery tempo a...
26-05-2019 15:23:23 henrik warne Agile & Testing
More Good Programming Quotes, Part 3
I like good programming quotes. Here are some new ones I have found since my last posts. Complexity "Why do people find DNS so difficult? It...
03-04-2019 21:29:19 henrik warne Agile & Testing
Programming: Math or Writing?
Is programming like math, or is it like writing? I think there are elements of both in it, even though programming is a discipline of its ow...
30-03-2019 20:39:49 henrik warne Agile & Testing
Developer On Call
For the system at work, I am on call one week every seven weeks. For most of the past ten years, I have been on organized on call rotations ...
03-12-2018 07:11:43 henrik warne Agile & Testing
My Favorite Command-Line Shortcuts
I use a shell every day. Almost always, I want to repeat a previous command, or repeat it after a slight modification. A very convenient way...
11-08-2018 14:48:30 henrik warne Agile & Testing
6 Git Aha Moments
When I switched jobs four years ago, I went from using subversion (svn) to using git as the version control system. Even though I am a prett...
25-06-2018 08:38:46 henrik warne Agile & Testing
Is Manual Testing Needed?
For the past few years, I have heard many people advocating using only automatic tests. For example, if all the automatic tests pass, then t...
01-05-2018 19:57:22 henrik warne Agile & Testing
Exercises in Programming Style
In the book club at work, we recently finished reading Exercises in Programming Style by Cristina Videira Lopes. The book consists of a simp...
13-03-2018 21:29:47 henrik warne Agile & Testing

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