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Heroku Postgres PGX: Bigger Databases, Improved Infrastructure, Same Price
Today, we're excited to announce a major update to Heroku Postgres with a new lineup of production plans. These plans are the first componen...
17-01-2018 19:44:30 heroku Advanced
The 2017 Heroku Retrospective: Advancing Developer Experience, Data, and Trust
2017 was a great year for Heroku and our users. We want to thank each of you for your feedback, beta participation, and spirit of innovation...
12-01-2018 20:20:51 heroku Advanced
Announcing the New Heroku Partner Portal for Add-ons
We are excited to announce that the new Heroku Partner Portal for Add-ons is now generally available. The new portal offers an improved part...
11-01-2018 18:04:17 heroku Advanced
Meltdown and Spectre Security Update
Yesterday, researchers disclosed a security vulnerability affecting side-channel analysis of speculative execution on modern computer proces...
04-01-2018 22:24:18 heroku Advanced
Kafka Streams on Heroku
Designing scalable, fault tolerant, and maintainable stream processing systems is not trivial. The Kafka Streams Java library paired with an...
19-12-2017 18:50:50 heroku Advanced
PostgreSQL 10 Generally Available on Heroku
Today, we're happy to announce full support for PostgreSQL 10, opening our managed Postgres solution to the full slate of features released ...
14-12-2017 18:58:57 heroku Advanced
Jekyll on Heroku
Jekyll, the static website generator written in Ruby and popularized by GitHub, is a great candidate for being run on Heroku. Originally bui...
13-12-2017 19:23:33 heroku Advanced
Announcing PCI Compliance for Heroku Shield
In June we announced Heroku Shield with new high compliance features for Heroku Private Spaces. Heroku Shield enables businesses like AlignT...
02-11-2017 17:45:34 heroku Advanced
Announcing Heroku Private Space Peering for AWS
Two years ago, we introduced Heroku Private Spaces as a new platform abstraction that combines powerful network isolation features with the ...
01-11-2017 17:06:41 heroku Advanced
Heroku Connect Update: Fast Writes, Global Deployment, and a Guided Management Experience
Today we are pleased to announce a significant update to Heroku Connect, one that is a culmination of two years of work to improve every asp...
26-10-2017 18:20:45 heroku Advanced

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