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Heroku is Hiring!
While it is a little unusual for us to share a hiring post on our product blog, I've been asked about our investment in Heroku repeatedly, s...
05-10-2022 18:52:36 heroku Advanced
Heroku Partners with GitHub to Offer Student Developer Program
One of the things I value about being a Salesforce employee is our commitment to community. We support education through giving, mentoring, ...
29-09-2022 20:06:08 heroku Advanced
Introducing Our New Low-Cost Plans
When we announced Heroku's Next Chapter last month, we received a lot of feedback from our customers. One of the things that stood out was i...
26-09-2022 23:11:43 heroku Advanced
Heroku's Next Chapter
Back in May, I wrote about my enthusiasm to be part of the Heroku story, and I remain just as passionate today about helping write the next ...
25-08-2022 19:07:48 heroku Advanced
Sunsetting Deploy Hooks
Webhooks are a more secure, reliable, and powerful alternative to Deploy Hooks, and five years ago, we made app webhooks Generally Available...
17-08-2022 20:38:29 heroku Advanced
April 2022 Incident Review
We have concluded our investigation and want to provide our customers with an overview of the threat actor's actions, direct mitigations we ...
14-06-2022 19:43:40 heroku Advanced
Plans to Re-enable the GitHub Integration
We know you are waiting for us to re-enable our integration with GitHub, and we've committed to you that we would only do so following a sec...
19-05-2022 16:32:33 heroku Advanced
We've Heard Your Feedback
I started as Heroku GM a few weeks ago with intense enthusiasm to be a part of such a storied team. As you might expect, the last few weeks ...
07-05-2022 04:09:08 heroku Advanced
Heroku Data in Salesforce Functions
We launched Salesforce Functions last fall and the response so far has been terrific. While the most obvious use cases for functions are sta...
23-03-2022 18:17:23 heroku Advanced
Improving User Experience with Long-Lived Dashboard Sessions
At Salesforce, we strive to balance the security of your data and apps with an efficient and enjoyable user experience. Last year, we shorte...
14-03-2022 18:08:26 heroku Advanced

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