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Do You Qualify? And Other Questions Imposters Must Ask Themselves
A word of caution from a former AP Computer Science teacher who, with zero real-world programming experience, quit her dependable teaching g...
16-03-2020 20:33:22 heroku Advanced
Building with Web Components
In the early years of web development, there were three standard fundamentals upon which every website was built: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript....
04-03-2020 18:36:07 heroku Advanced
Bringing Mindfulness to Work
Meditation, like the foundations of software, is built on top of a binary state: an inhale and an exhale, a breath in and a breath out, a on...
20-02-2020 01:53:56 heroku Advanced
Join us for a Live Q&A Chat with Salesforce Product Managers
Wade Wegner is SVP of Product for Salesforce Platform. On a recent and all-too-short trip to London, I was humbled to have developers in the...
19-02-2020 19:36:39 heroku Advanced
Using Research Grants to Foster Innovation
As CEO of Disney, Michael Eisner had a policy that any employee could come to his office and pitch an idea. He believed that breaking down h...
12-02-2020 20:12:41 heroku Advanced
PostgreSQL 12 Generally Available on Heroku
After a successful evaluation period, PostgreSQL 12 is now the default version for new Heroku Postgres databases and an available upgrade fo...
04-02-2020 18:33:10 heroku Advanced
Chrome's Changes Could Break Your App: Prepare for SameSite Cookie Updates
In this post, we will cover changes coming to Chrome (and other browsers) that affect how third-party cookies are handled specifically SameS...
03-02-2020 23:34:21 heroku Advanced
Terrier: An Open-Source Tool for Identifying and Analyzing Container and Image Components
As part of our Blackhat Europe talk "Reverse Engineering and Exploiting Builds in the Cloud" we publicly released a new tool called Terrier....
14-01-2020 23:14:21 heroku Advanced
Ruby 2.7.0 Holiday Release
When Heroku launched in 2007 there was only a single Ruby version that could be used on the platform. In 2012 Heroku began to support multip...
25-12-2019 15:40:55 heroku Advanced
Know Your Database Types
This blog post is adapted from a lightning talk by Ben Fritsch at Ruby on Ice 2019. There can be a number of reasons why your application pe...
19-12-2019 03:04:01 heroku Advanced

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