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We've Heard Your Feedback
I started as Heroku GM a few weeks ago with intense enthusiasm to be a part of such a storied team. As you might expect, the last few weeks ...
07-05-2022 04:09:08 heroku Advanced
Heroku Data in Salesforce Functions
We launched Salesforce Functions last fall and the response so far has been terrific. While the most obvious use cases for functions are sta...
23-03-2022 18:17:23 heroku Advanced
Improving User Experience with Long-Lived Dashboard Sessions
At Salesforce, we strive to balance the security of your data and apps with an efficient and enjoyable user experience. Last year, we shorte...
14-03-2022 18:08:26 heroku Advanced
The Adventures of Rendezvous in Heroku's New Architecture
This article was originally authored by Srinath Ananthakrishnan, an engineer on the Heroku Runtime Networking Team Summary This following st...
19-01-2022 18:43:40 heroku Advanced
How Copado Uses Coralogix for Log Management on Heroku
Ryan Basayne of Coralogix sits down with Morgan Shultz of Copado to discuss his experience leveraging Coralogix on the Heroku Platform. Copa...
13-01-2022 10:20:55 heroku Advanced
Faster Dynos For All
Since April 2021, the Heroku Runtime team has been working to deploy upgrades to the infrastructure powering Common Runtime apps, and we're ...
05-10-2021 18:14:29 heroku Advanced
Salesforce Integration: Xplenty and Heroku Connect
Here at Xplenty, we have a number of customers who use Xplenty's Heroku Add-on with Heroku Connect to enable Salesforce integration at their...
21-07-2021 23:24:15 heroku Advanced
How a Shark Tank Pitch Led Zoobean's Founders in an Unexpected Direction
Every entrepreneur wonders: "Will my startup sink or swim?" When Felix Brandon and his wife Jordan Lloyd Bookey launched Zoobean, a startup ...
14-04-2021 20:54:33 heroku Advanced
Enhancing Security - MFA with More Options, Now Available for All Heroku Customers
Customer Trust is our highest priority at Salesforce and Heroku. It's more important than ever to implement stronger security measures in li...
12-04-2021 18:54:52 heroku Advanced
Announcing Heroku Postgres Enhancements: 40x Faster Backups
Today, we're thrilled to announce backups of Heroku Postgres are now 40x faster by leveraging Snapshots in place of base backups. We've been...
27-01-2021 20:47:23 heroku Advanced

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