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Evolution of the Heroku CLI: 2008-2017
Over the past decade, millions of developers have interacted with the Heroku CLI. In those 10 years, the CLI has gone through many changes. ...
15-08-2017 18:20:37 heroku Advanced
Heroku Postgres Update: Configuration, Credentials, and CI
At the core of Heroku's data services sits Postgres, and today, we are making it even easier to bend Heroku Postgres to the very unique need...
08-08-2017 17:52:27 heroku Advanced
Announcing Heroku ChatOps for Slack
Today we're making our Slack integration generally available to all Heroku customers through the release of Heroku ChatOps. ChatOps is trans...
25-07-2017 18:28:13 heroku Advanced
Using Heroku's Expensive Query Dashboard to Speed up your App
I recently demonstrated how you can use Rack Mini Profiler to find and fix slow queries. It's a valuable tool for well-trafficked pages, but...
11-07-2017 18:40:51 heroku Advanced
On the Rise of Kotlin
It's rare when a highly structured language with fairly strict syntax sparks emotions of joy and delight. But Kotlin, which is statically ty...
20-06-2017 18:32:45 heroku Advanced
Habits of a Happy Node Hacker 2017
It's been a little over a year since our last Happy Node Hackers post, and even in such a short time much has changed and some powerful new ...
14-06-2017 18:19:23 heroku Advanced
Announcing Release Phase: Automatically Run Tasks Before a New Release is Deployed
You're using a continuous delivery pipeline because it takes the manual steps out of code deployment. But when a release includes updates to...
08-06-2017 17:41:12 heroku Advanced
Introducing Heroku Shield: Continuous Delivery for High Compliance Apps
Today we are happy to announce Heroku Shield, a new addition to our Heroku Enterprise line of products. Heroku Shield introduces new capabil...
06-06-2017 15:27:07 heroku Advanced
Announcing DNS Service Discovery for Heroku Private Spaces: Microservices Communication, Made Easy
Today, we are excited to announce DNS Service Discovery for Heroku Private Spaces, an easy way to find and coordinate services for microserv...
31-05-2017 17:58:33 heroku Advanced
Announcing Platform API for Partners
Heroku has always made it easy for you to extend your apps with add-ons. Starting today, partners can access the Platform API to build a mor...
25-05-2017 17:51:51 heroku Advanced

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