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Designing for Accessibility: Contrast Ratio
This is the second post in a two-part series about accessibility. The first post shares why designing for accessibility is important to us a...
21-08-2019 18:18:28 heroku Advanced
Equality Through Accessibility
This is the first post in a two-part series about accessibility. Part two will share our design and development process addressing one aspec...
15-08-2019 18:28:03 heroku Advanced
Why Frequent Maintenances Are Essential for Secure Heroku Data Services
There are many reasons to choose Heroku Data services, but keeping the services you use secure and up-to-date rank near the top. This founda...
23-07-2019 17:39:32 heroku Advanced
Dataclips Power Insights at Heroku
Every organization needs to be data-driven in order to be successful. Whether you're tracking an application's performance, incoming support...
15-07-2019 20:33:18 heroku Advanced
Puma 4: Hammering Out H13s—A Debugging Story
For quite some time we've received reports from our larger customers about a mysterious H13 - Connection closed error showing up for Ruby ap...
12-07-2019 15:33:14 heroku Advanced
How Heroku Operates its Multi-Tenant Apache Kafka Services
This blog post is adapted from a talk given by Ali Hamidi at Data Council SF '19 titled "Operating Multi-Tenant Kafka Services for Developer...
11-07-2019 14:37:35 heroku Advanced
Samurai Duke and the Legend of OpenJDK
What is Duke? No one knows his species or genus. People say he's a Java Bean or a Software Agent, but all we know for sure is that he remind...
09-07-2019 15:46:11 heroku Advanced
Pride Runs Deep
Pride is a word with many meanings. It can mean a job well done. It can mean satisfaction in who you are or what you stand for. For me, it i...
02-07-2019 02:08:43 heroku Advanced
Six Strategies for Deploying to Heroku
There are many ways of deploying your applications to Heroku so many, in fact, that we would like to offer some advice on which to choose. E...
19-06-2019 18:58:54 heroku Advanced
Heroku Postgres via PrivateLink Is Now Generally Available
Today, we're thrilled to announce Heroku Postgres via PrivateLink, a new integration that enables customers to seamlessly and securely conne...
22-05-2019 19:52:10 heroku Advanced

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