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Black Lives Matter: Our Thoughts, Actions, and Resources
It is never easy to know how to react, communicate, or at times, even feel, during something as heartbreaking and real as the struggles that...
30-06-2020 03:15:16 heroku Advanced
Building a GraphQL API in JavaScript
Over the last few years, GraphQL has emerged as a very popular API specification that focuses on making data fetching easier for clients, wh...
24-06-2020 18:11:53 heroku Advanced
Electric's Advice During Uncertain Times: Invest in Your Culture
Some say that the only constant in life is change. That may be true, but often what's more important than the change itself is how we react....
23-06-2020 18:15:54 heroku Advanced
From Project to Productionized with Python
We hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe from the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of its effect on large gatherings, PyCon 2020 ...
22-06-2020 18:17:31 heroku Advanced
Announcing New Review Apps: Expanded Options for Greater Control, Automation, and Easier Access
Faster application delivery with remote teams is the key to connect with your customers, now more than ever. A few years ago, we released Re...
16-06-2020 18:32:17 heroku Advanced
Heroku Shield Redis Is Now Generally Available
We are thrilled to announce that Heroku Shield Redis is now generally available and certified for handling PHI, PII, and HIPAA-compliant dat...
11-06-2020 17:50:35 heroku Advanced
161 Lives Saved (and Counting): Team Heroku Steps Up to Help Feed Malnourished Kids
Yesterday, I took my rusty old bike out of the basement and rode through Golden Gate Park to Ocean Beach and back. The 6+ mile ride may seem...
11-06-2020 03:20:25 heroku Advanced
Climbing Up The Walls: (Not) Remotely Business As Usual
We are living in unprecedented times, and many of us are grappling with a really similar set of complicated and, at times exhausting, emotio...
29-05-2020 19:01:39 heroku Advanced
Bring Your Own Key for Heroku Managed Data Services Is Now Generally Available
Security is always top of mind for Heroku customers; COVID-19 has further increased the urgency for enterprises and developers to deliver mo...
06-05-2020 18:38:50 heroku Advanced
A True Win-Win: How Being More Active Can Help Fight Malnutrition
The other day, I was sitting at my work desk feeling too sedentary, too isolated, and altogether too down about my restricted life during th...
01-05-2020 04:15:14 heroku Advanced

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