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Rolling the Heroku Redis Fleet
Over the past few weeks, Heroku proactively updated our entire Redis fleet with a version of Redis not vulnerable to CVE-2018-3760. This was...
27-06-2018 17:27:08 heroku Advanced
Announcing General Availability of Heroku Shield Connect
Today we are pleased to announce general availability of Heroku Shield Connect, the latest addition to our lineup of Heroku Shield services....
21-06-2018 18:36:34 heroku Advanced
Auto Cert Management and More TLS Options for Private Spaces
Today we're announcing two exciting TLS improvements for apps running in Private Spaces Heroku's runtime optimized for security-sensitive wo...
20-06-2018 01:18:21 heroku Advanced
Rails Asset Pipeline Directory Traversal Vulnerability (CVE-2018-3760)
All previously released versions of Sprockets, the software that powers the Rails asset pipeline, contain a directory traversal vulnerabilit...
19-06-2018 19:05:05 heroku Advanced
An Update on Redis Vulnerabilities and Patching
On May 10, 2018, we received notice about two critical vulnerabilities in Redis, both embargoed until this morning. Upon this notice, our Da...
13-06-2018 21:05:46 heroku Advanced
Heroku CLI: Completing Autocomplete
The CLI Team at Heroku strives to create a CLI user experience that is intuitive and productive. We had "build CLI autocomplete" in the iceb...
12-06-2018 18:19:23 heroku Advanced
MJIT: A Method Based Just-in-time Compiler for Ruby
I sat down with some Ruby friends in Hiroshima last year to have a conversation about just-in-time compilation for Ruby, specifically the ne...
12-06-2018 00:14:02 heroku Advanced
Heroku Webhooks: Easier Accessibility, More Options
Heroku Webhooks let you create powerful real-time integrations and drive custom operations workflows whenever your Heroku app changes. Today...
11-06-2018 18:09:51 heroku Advanced
Rails 5.2 Active Storage: Previews, Poppler, and Solving Licensing Pitfalls
Rails 5.2 was just released last month with a major new feature: Active Storage. Active Storage provides file uploads and attachments for Ac...
11-06-2018 12:08:53 heroku Advanced
A Rock Solid, Modern Web Stack—Rails 5 API + ActiveAdmin + Create React App on Heroku
How to blend a rock-solid CMS and API with the absolute best in front-end tooling, built as a single project and hosted seamlessly on Heroku...
11-06-2018 06:06:59 heroku Advanced

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