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Terrier: An Open-Source Tool for Identifying and Analyzing Container and Image Components
As part of our Blackhat Europe talk "Reverse Engineering and Exploiting Builds in the Cloud" we publicly released a new tool called Terrier....
14-01-2020 23:14:21 heroku Advanced
Ruby 2.7.0 Holiday Release
When Heroku launched in 2007 there was only a single Ruby version that could be used on the platform. In 2012 Heroku began to support multip...
25-12-2019 15:40:55 heroku Advanced
Know Your Database Types
This blog post is adapted from a lightning talk by Ben Fritsch at Ruby on Ice 2019. There can be a number of reasons why your application pe...
19-12-2019 03:04:01 heroku Advanced
The Curious Case of the Table-Locking UPDATE Query
I maintain an internal-facing service at Heroku that does metadata processing. It's not real-time, so there's plenty of slack for when thing...
18-12-2019 20:13:09 heroku Advanced
Let it Crash: Best Practices for Handling Node.js Errors on Shutdown
This blog post is adapted from a talk given by Juli n Duque at NodeConf EU 2019 titled "Let it crash!." Before coming to Heroku, I did some ...
17-12-2019 19:32:58 heroku Advanced
Improving the Lives of People with Diabetes
Today, many people with diabetes are choosing to manage their condition using devices called continuous glucose monitors (CGMs). Not only do...
15-11-2019 13:32:43 heroku Advanced
Announcing Heroku Data Services Integrations Using mutual TLS and PrivateLink
Today, we're thrilled to announce four new trusted data integrations that allow data to flow seamlessly and securely between Heroku and exte...
07-11-2019 18:08:09 heroku Advanced
Static Typing in Ruby with a Side of Sorbet
As an experiment to see how static typing could help improve our team's Ruby experience, we introduced Sorbet into a greenfield codebase wit...
31-10-2019 19:26:04 heroku Advanced
Automated Continuous Deployment at Heroku
Over the past four years, the Heroku Runtime team has transitioned from occasional, manual deployments to continuous, automated deployments....
23-10-2019 00:38:24 heroku Advanced
Overcoming My Fear of Failure
As part of my MBA at Carnegie Mellon University, I enrolled in a Leadership development certificate program. I was given the opportunity to ...
22-10-2019 17:56:51 heroku Advanced

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