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Eco and Mini Plans Now Generally Available
In September, we announced our new low-cost Eco dynos plan and Mini plans for Heroku Postgres and Heroku Data for Redis . The time has come!...
07-11-2022 20:08:21 heroku Advanced
Announcing Heroku Data Labs CLI
Today, we're announcing heroku data:labs, an extension of the Heroku Data client plugin. This plugin allows you to make configuration change...
04-11-2022 00:53:18 heroku Advanced
Heroku is Hiring!
While it is a little unusual for us to share a hiring post on our product blog, I've been asked about our investment in Heroku repeatedly, s...
05-10-2022 18:52:36 heroku Advanced
Heroku Partners with GitHub to Offer Student Developer Program
One of the things I value about being a Salesforce employee is our commitment to community. We support education through giving, mentoring, ...
29-09-2022 20:06:08 heroku Advanced
Introducing Our New Low-Cost Plans
When we announced Heroku's Next Chapter last month, we received a lot of feedback from our customers. One of the things that stood out was i...
26-09-2022 23:11:43 heroku Advanced
Heroku's Next Chapter
Back in May, I wrote about my enthusiasm to be part of the Heroku story, and I remain just as passionate today about helping write the next ...
25-08-2022 19:07:48 heroku Advanced
Sunsetting Deploy Hooks
Webhooks are a more secure, reliable, and powerful alternative to Deploy Hooks, and five years ago, we made app webhooks Generally Available...
17-08-2022 20:38:29 heroku Advanced
April 2022 Incident Review
We have concluded our investigation and want to provide our customers with an overview of the threat actor's actions, direct mitigations we ...
14-06-2022 19:43:40 heroku Advanced
Plans to Re-enable the GitHub Integration
We know you are waiting for us to re-enable our integration with GitHub, and we've committed to you that we would only do so following a sec...
19-05-2022 16:32:33 heroku Advanced
We've Heard Your Feedback
I started as Heroku GM a few weeks ago with intense enthusiasm to be a part of such a storied team. As you might expect, the last few weeks ...
07-05-2022 04:09:08 heroku Advanced

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