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Meet Simon Martinelli and QLRM (Query Language Result Mapper)
In this post, I'd like you to meet Simon Martinelli, who, among many other things, is teaching Java EE and JPA at the University of Applied ...
30-11-2016 16:03:37 hibernate Advanced
Hibernate Search 5.6.0.Beta4 and 5.7.0.Beta1 are out!
Today we are releasing two new versions of Hibernate Search: 5.6.0.Beta4 and 5.7.0.Beta1! Version 5.6.0.Beta4 brings the latest bugfixes and...
29-11-2016 14:26:43 hibernate Advanced
Fifth bug-fix release for ORM 5.2
The Fifth bug-fix release for Hibernate ORM 5.2 has just been published. It is tagged at The complete list of changes can be found here (or ...
24-11-2016 18:17:32 hibernate Advanced
Meet Christian Beikov and Blaze Persistence
In this post, I'd like you to meet Christian Beikov, who is one of the most active Hibernate contributors. Hi, Christian. Would you like to ...
24-11-2016 11:39:31 hibernate Advanced
Hibernate ORM 5.1.3.Final
Hibernate ORM 5.1.3.Final has just been tagged and published. The complete list of changes can be found here (or here for people without a H...
24-11-2016 05:25:42 hibernate Advanced
Hibernate Validator 5.3.3.Final is out
A bugfix version for modular environments Disclaimer: if you are not using a modular environment such as WildFly or OSGi, this release will ...
22-11-2016 22:00:59 hibernate Advanced
Hibernate Community Newsletter 23/2016
Welcome to the Hibernate community newsletter in which we share blog posts, forum, and StackOverflow questions that are especially relevant ...
22-11-2016 15:28:35 hibernate Advanced
Meet Rafael Winterhalter and Byte Buddy
In this post, I'd like you to meet Rafael Winterhalter, Java Champion, JavaZone conference organizer, and Team Leader of Byte Buddy. Rafael ...
18-11-2016 13:53:39 hibernate Advanced
Meet Julien Dubois and JHipster
In this post, I'd like you to meet Julien Dubois, the Team Leader of JHipster. Hi, Julien. Would you like to introduce yourself and tell us ...
15-11-2016 13:50:18 hibernate Advanced
Hibernate Validator 5.3.2.Final is out
So, today is my birthday which is in no way related to this blog post but is definitely worth knowing! This special day for me seems to be a...
10-11-2016 18:42:12 hibernate Advanced

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