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Hibernate Search 6.0.7.Final, 5.11.10.Final and 5.10.12.Final released
We just published three maintenance releases for Hibernate Search: 6.0.7.Final, 5.11.10.Final and 5.10.12.Final. These releases mainly upgra...
19-10-2021 11:40:10 hibernate Advanced
Hibernate ORM 5.6.0.Final released
The Hibernate team is pleased to announce availability of version 5.6.0.Final of our flagship ORM library. Compared to previous candidate re...
14-10-2021 00:16:34 hibernate Advanced
Hibernate Reactive 1.0.0.CR10 released
Hibernate Reactive 1.0.0.CR10 is now available! This release adds support for automatic schema validation and update for MySQL, Db2 and MS S...
13-10-2021 17:10:39 hibernate Advanced
Hibernate ORM 6.0.0.Beta1 released
The first Beta of Hibernate ORM 6.0 has just been released. We had a few main focuses for this Beta: Migrate to Jakarta Persistence Jakarta ...
12-10-2021 01:13:46 hibernate Advanced
Hibernate ORM 5.3.23.Final released
Today, we published a new maintenance release of Hibernate ORM 5.3: 5.3.23.Final. What's new This release fixes a few more bugs and deprecat...
30-09-2021 01:34:19 hibernate Advanced
Hibernate ORM 5.6.0.CR1 released
The main branch of Hibernate ORM, which will soon be promoted as our 5.6 release, is looking good and stable; we're happy to announce tag 5....
29-09-2021 18:35:51 hibernate Advanced
Hibernate ORM 5.6.0.Beta2 released
Hibernate ORM 5.6.0.Beta2 was released today. Changelog While the 5.6 series was planned to be light on user facing features, as I previousl...
21-09-2021 18:35:06 hibernate Advanced
Hibernate: all systems go for Java 17
Today OpenJDK 17 was released, and we're very excited about it! Congratulations to Mark Reinhold and all fantastic OpenJDK contributors for ...
14-09-2021 19:47:32 hibernate Advanced
Hibernate Search 6.0.0.Alpha1 is out, now with asynchronous, distributed automatic indexing!
We just published Hibernate Search 6.1.0.Alpha1, an alpha release of the next minor version of Hibernate Search. The main feature of this ne...
10-09-2021 11:56:56 hibernate Advanced
Hibernate ORM 5.6.0.Beta1 released
We just released Hibernate ORM 5.6.0.Beta1; the 5.6.x series will be rather light on features as all stronger improvements are now reserved ...
27-08-2021 16:45:42 hibernate Advanced

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