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Java Custom Serialization using ReadObject and WriteObject
You may need custom serialization in java in may cases. For example, you have legacy java classes which you are not willing to modify for an...
24-05-2017 11:41:44 how to do in java Advanced
RxJava 2.0 Tutorial
RxJava 2.0 is open source extension to java for asynchronous programming by NetFlix. It is much closer to functional programming as seen in ...
22-05-2017 12:26:10 how to do in java Advanced
Maven – Parent and Child POM Example
Maven parent POM (or super POM) is used to structure the project to avoid redundancies or duplicate configurations using inheritance between...
11-05-2017 11:25:54 how to do in java Advanced
Maven – Local, Remote and Central Repositories
Maven repositories are physical directories which contain packaged JAR files along with extra meta data about these jar files. This meta dat...
10-05-2017 22:08:11 how to do in java Advanced
Maven – Dependency Scopes
Maven scope attribute is used to specify the visibility of a dependency, relative to the different lifecycle phases (build, test, runtime et...
10-05-2017 16:03:26 how to do in java Advanced
Maven – Dependency Management
In Maven, dependency is another archive JAR, ZIP, and so on which your current project needs in order to compile, build, test, and/or to run...
10-05-2017 10:00:55 how to do in java Advanced
Maven – POM Files
POM (Project Object Model) is an XML file that contains information about the project and configuration details used by Maven to build the p...
08-05-2017 19:17:11 how to do in java Advanced
Maven – Settings File
Maven settings.xml file contains configurations that are not specific to a project, but are global in nature. It also contains information t...
04-05-2017 15:47:40 how to do in java Advanced
JUnit 5 vs JUnit 4
JUnit 5 aims to adapt java 8 style of coding and to be more robust and flexible than JUnit 4. In this post, JUnit 5 vs JUnit 4, we will focu...
03-05-2017 10:36:50 how to do in java Advanced
JUnit 5 Maven Dependency [pom.xml] Example
Learn to configure junit 5 with maven, its jupiter and platform different modules and how to use them to create and execute tests. The post ...
03-05-2017 02:12:34 how to do in java Advanced

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