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Intro to JWT (JSON Web Token)
JWT tokens are commonly used in authentication and authorization processes to prove a user's identity or grant access to specific protected ...
25-03-2023 18:26:28 how to do in java Advanced
JPAstreamer – JPA Entities as Java Stream in Spring Boot
JPAstreamer helps in fetching and processing the JPA or hibernate entities in the same way as we process the POJOs using Java 8 Stream API. ...
16-03-2023 18:46:39 how to do in java Advanced
DynamoDB CRUD Example with Spring Boot 3
Learn to access DynamoDB from a Spring Boot application and perform CRUD operations on a locally deployed DynamoDB instance. The post Dynamo...
15-03-2023 22:38:15 how to do in java Advanced
[Solved] Java class file has wrong version 61.0
Learn to solve the Java compiler exception "Java class file has wrong version" while migrating an application to Spring 6 or Spring boot 3. ...
15-03-2023 14:13:02 how to do in java Advanced
Vue.js CRUD Application with Spring Boot
Learn to create an application from scratch using REST APIs created with Spring boot and the user interface created with Vue.js. We will bui...
13-03-2023 14:02:33 how to do in java Advanced
Configure Multiple DataSources in Spring Boot
In this post, we will learn how to configure and manage multiple datasources using properties configuration and defining custom beans using ...
10-03-2023 19:56:55 how to do in java Advanced
[Solved] Spring Boot H2 – Schema not found
Learn to solve the 'JdbcSQLSyntaxErrorExcept ion schema not found' error in a Spring boot app that uses the H2 database for CRUD operations....
10-03-2023 13:36:24 how to do in java Advanced
Deploying a Spring Boot App to Kubernetes (Minikube)
Deploying a Spring Boot application to Kubernetes can seem daunting at first, but with the right tools and knowledge, it can be a straightfo...
09-03-2023 08:06:18 how to do in java Advanced
Top 100 Python Interview Questions and Answers
Popular Python interview questions including keywords, syntax, datatypes, control flow, functions, object-oriented programming, and more. Th...
07-03-2023 16:50:07 how to do in java Advanced
Spring WebMVC – Creating a Custom Validation Annotation
Learn why we need a custom validation annotation and how to create, use and test such a custom validation annotation in Spring MVC. The post...
06-03-2023 13:45:19 how to do in java Advanced

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