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Mock Static Methods with Mockito
Learn to mock the static methods (in and outside the scope) using Mockito in unit testing in Java using MockedStatic class. The post Mock St...
29-06-2022 22:11:05 how to do in java Advanced
Complete Guide to Mocking with JMockit
Learn to create and inject mocks, record expectations, verifications, and argument matching using the JMockit in JUnit tests with examples. ...
26-06-2022 21:54:29 how to do in java Advanced
Getting Started with EasyMock and JUnit
Learn to use EasyMock with JUnit 4 and 5 to create test mocks, record and replay the expectations and verify method invocations on mocks. Th...
25-06-2022 14:43:13 how to do in java Advanced
Mock APIs with MockWebServer and JUnit
Learn to use MockWebServer to mock APIs, later consume these API in JUnit tests using WebClient, verifying responses and servers stats. The ...
21-06-2022 22:09:05 how to do in java Advanced
Configuring Properties with Spring Boot
Learn to use @PropertySource, @Value and @ConfigurationProperties annotations to register property files and inject configuration properties...
21-06-2022 02:38:52 how to do in java Advanced
Guide to Spring Boot Profiles
Learn about Spring profiles, @Profile, profile-specific beans and properties, profile groups and activating a certain profile during startup...
20-06-2022 18:51:11 how to do in java Advanced
WireMock – Integration Testing with Mock APIs
The microservices architecture allows us to develop, test and deploy different components of an application independently. Though such a com...
20-06-2022 12:18:54 how to do in java Advanced
Enable Debug Logging for Spring Security
Learn to enable DEBUG and TRACE level logging for spring security configuration, request processing and filter chain proxy using simple swit...
17-06-2022 01:13:31 how to do in java Advanced
Disable Spring Security in Spring Boot
Learn to partially or fully disable the Spring security in Spring boot applications based on selected runtime @Profile or using properties. ...
16-06-2022 17:26:52 how to do in java Advanced
OAuth2 Login with Spring Boot Security
Learn to configure OAuth2 authorization-based login security in a Spring boot and spring security application with custom handlers. The post...
16-06-2022 09:40:33 how to do in java Advanced

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