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Java Stream – Get Object with Max Date From a List
Learn to get an object with the latest date (max date) from a Stream of custom objects. We will use a custom Comparator for comparing the da...
21-09-2021 00:53:25 how to do in java Advanced
Java 8 – Adding items to Stream
Learn to add items to a Java Stream. Remember that a Stream is not a data structure that can store values. So for adding items to the Stream...
20-09-2021 18:44:09 how to do in java Advanced
Java 8 – Check if Date or LocalDate is Weekend
Learn to check if a given date is a weekend in Java. We will learn to check using java.util.Date as well as java.time.LocalDate classes. In ...
05-08-2021 03:00:51 how to do in java Advanced
Spring WebClient vs RestTemplate
Spring 5 documentation suggests that WebClient is now the preferred way to make HTTP requests. WebClient is part of Spring WebFlux and is in...
22-07-2021 21:10:44 how to do in java Advanced
Eclipse with Java 16 Support
Learn to setup the development environment in your machine with Eclipse IDE and Java 16. Note that Eclipse provides Java 16 support out of t...
11-07-2021 11:20:06 how to do in java Advanced
Python String capitalize()
In Python, the capitalize() method capitalizes a string i.e. upper case the very first letter in the given string and lowercases all other c...
11-07-2021 04:45:53 how to do in java Advanced
Python String count()
In Python, string.count() is used to count the occurrences of a character or a substring in the given input string. Program Output. 1. Strin...
10-07-2021 21:56:58 how to do in java Advanced
Python hashlib
Learn to calculate the Hash of a file in Python, with examples. It is also called the file checksum or digest. A checksum hash is an encrypt...
10-07-2021 15:06:41 how to do in java Advanced
Python bcrypt – Hash a Password with bcrypt
Learn to use Python bcrypt module for hashing a plain text password into encrypted String. Also learn to match the supplied password with al...
10-07-2021 08:15:14 how to do in java Advanced
Python JSON – Read a JSON file
Learn to read a JSON file in Python with the help of json.load() method which reads the data into a Python object. For quick reference, belo...
10-07-2021 01:25:28 how to do in java Advanced

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