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Oracle Donates NetBeans Code to Apache
Oracle has released the full NetBeans source-code to the Apache Incubator. By Matt Raible
19-09-2017 15:53:15 infoq java Advanced
Long Awaited Java 9.0 Releasing This Week
The long awaited Java SE 9.0 is releasing on September 21, 2017, and with it come some major changes, notably Java Platform Modules. By Amit...
18-09-2017 09:13:07 infoq java Advanced
Eclipse Foundation Renews the Eclipse Public License
The Eclipse Foundation has released a new version of their license, the Eclipse Public License (or EPLv2 for short). The EPL was changed mai...
16-09-2017 11:23:32 infoq java Advanced
Struts Flaw Behind Equifax Breach Disclosed and Patched in March
Reports have appeared in the press and online that the hackers who breached the Equifax credit report company systems exploited a security f...
13-09-2017 22:21:47 infoq java Advanced
Java Community Process Reacts to Release Cycle Announcement
The overall reaction of the Java Community Process to Oracle's Java release cycle announcement seems to be relatively positive. Some leading...
13-09-2017 16:04:03 infoq java Advanced
NGINX Release Microservices Platform, OpenShift Ingress Controller, and Service Mesh Preview
NGINX Inc have released the NGINX Application Platform which aim to be a "one stop shop" for microservice developers; a Kubernetes Ingress C...
12-09-2017 18:36:18 infoq java Advanced
Yarn 1.0 Adds Workspaces, Auto-merge and Selective Version Resolution
Almost a year ago we published the news Facebook Open Sources Yarn, a JavaScript Package Manager, introducing Yarn and the motivation behind...
08-09-2017 18:08:37 infoq java Advanced
The Ceylon Language Is Now Eclipse Ceylon
The Ceylon Language, the JVM and JavaScript language created by Red Hat, joined the Eclipse Foundation to become Eclipse Ceylon on 21st Augu...
08-09-2017 10:43:01 infoq java Advanced
Java EE Security API (JSR-375) Approved
The Java EE Security API, JSR 375, was approved in early August. All members of the JCP Executive Committee voted "Yes", with zero "No" vote...
07-09-2017 15:55:07 infoq java Advanced
Java to Move to 6-Monthly Release Cadence
Oracle are proposing that Java switch to a 6-month cadence for releases, rather than the current 2-year model. They are also announcing a mo...
06-09-2017 17:47:23 infoq java Advanced

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