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Java 10 Could Bring Upgraded Lambdas
A new JEP proposes enhancements to lambda functionality, including better disambiguation, use of the underscore for unused parameters, and s...
17-01-2017 09:39:18 infoq java Advanced
Presentation: Lessons Learnt - Migrating from Spring XD to Spring Data Cloud Flow
Katie Mooney, Dillon Woods and Cahlen Humphreys point out key differences in Spring XD that have been resolved in Spring Cloud Data Flow. Th...
16-01-2017 16:20:23 infoq java Advanced
Presentation: The Node.js Ecosystem in Perspective
Node.js is rapidly transforming application development from an environment dominated by Java to one dominated by JavaScript. Many novel cho...
16-01-2017 10:13:52 infoq java Advanced
Presentation: Cloud Native Streaming and Event-driven Microservices
Marius Bogoevici demonstrates how to easily create complex data processing pipelines that bridge the world of big data and enterprise integr...
16-01-2017 03:59:43 infoq java Advanced
Presentation: A Brief History of Unicode
Alex Blewitt discusses the origins of Unicode, why UTF8 is important, how character sets have evolved over time and the role Unicode has had...
13-01-2017 19:10:47 infoq java Advanced
Presentation: Operationalizing Data Science Using Cloud Foundry
Lawrence Spracklen shows how a joint solution between Alpine's Chorus Platform and Cloud Foundry closes the gap between data science insight...
13-01-2017 09:22:33 infoq java Advanced
Presentation: Spring for Apache Kafka
Gary Russell takes a look at the features of the spring-kafka project created by the Spring Team as well as the new version (2.0) of spring-...
13-01-2017 03:05:53 infoq java Advanced
Java Enums to Be Enhanced with Sharper Type Support
Java enums will be enhanced with generics support and with the ability to add methods to individual items, new JEP shows. Both features can ...
10-01-2017 09:43:53 infoq java Advanced
Presentation: Secure & Dynamic App Config at GapTech with Spring Cloud, Vault and Consul
Nivesh Gopathi describes the use cases for dynamic configuration and application secrets management with some high level requirements, how G...
09-01-2017 23:57:01 infoq java Advanced
Presentation: Data Science-powered Apps for the Internet of Things
Chris Rawles describes approaches to addressing the concerns around any IoT project through a deep-dive into an interactive demo centered ar...
09-01-2017 17:50:50 infoq java Advanced

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