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Article: Azure + Spring Boot = Serverless - Q&A with Julien Dubois
Microsoft seems to prove over and over again its focus on cloud and the Java ecosystem is the new normal. Even though Java is amongst the su...
16-09-2020 17:24:17 infoq java Advanced
SpringOne 2020 Conference: Running Persistent Data in a Multi-Cloud Architecture
Managing persistent data workloads in a multi-cloud architecture is critical for organizations hosting their apps on-premise and in public c...
15-09-2020 00:33:39 infoq java Advanced
Podcast: Akhilesh Gupta on the Architecture of LinkedIn's Real-Time Messaging Platform
Charles Humble talks to Akhilesh Gupta, the technical lead for LinkedIn's real-time delivery infrastructure, and also LinkedIn messaging. Th...
14-09-2020 18:05:44 infoq java Advanced
Presentation: Maximizing Applications Performance with GraalVM
Alina Yurenko talks about GraalVM, a high-performance virtual machine offering new optimizations for individual languages and seamless inter...
04-09-2020 16:32:53 infoq java Advanced
Snyk Releases Enhanced Vulnerability Prioritization Features
Snyk has announced the release of a number of new features to simplify prioritizing security vulnerabilities. This includes a new, proprieta...
31-08-2020 04:23:13 infoq java Advanced
New LiveRecorder for Java Enables Software Failure Replay
By Johan Janssen
29-08-2020 12:26:00 infoq java Advanced
Containerizing Java Applications with Jib
Jib, the open source tool for building optimized Docker images for Java applications, has been constantly adding new features to improve the...
24-08-2020 13:42:02 infoq java Advanced
Kotlin 1.4 Brings New Language Features, Improved Compilers and Tools
Kotlin 1.4 focuses on improving performance and tooling. It also contains a number of new language features, including single abstract metho...
21-08-2020 03:35:13 infoq java Advanced
Presentation: TornadoVM: Java for GPUs and FPGAs
Juan Fumero presents TornadoVM, a plugin for OpenJDK that allows Java programmers to automatically run on Heterogeneous Hardware such as mul...
20-08-2020 20:58:06 infoq java Advanced
Article: Running Axon Server in Docker and Kubernetes
Axon Server is an all-in-one solution for CQRS and ES applications written in Java for the Axon Framework. In Part 2 we continue by looking ...
20-08-2020 14:19:56 infoq java Advanced

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