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Presentation: Are Teams Main Problem when Adopting LeSS?
Wolfgang Steffens discusses what it takes to adopt LeSS and what is the role of the Scrum Master and of the management in this process. By W...
02-11-2019 13:47:35 infoq java Advanced
NetBeans Celebrates 20 Years of Guidance
NetBeans recently celebrates their 20th year since the company was acquired by Sun Micrososystems. Former members gathered to celebrate the ...
02-11-2019 07:09:52 infoq java Advanced
High-Performance Data Processing with Spring Cloud Data Flow and Geode
Cahlen Humphreys and Tiffany Chang spoke recently at the SpringOne Platform 2019 Conference about data processing with Spring Cloud Data Flo...
01-11-2019 19:21:50 infoq java Advanced
Article: Java Feature Spotlight: Local Variable Type Inference
In Java Futures at QCon New York, Java Language Architect Brian Goetz took us on a whirlwind tour of some recent and future features in the ...
01-11-2019 12:46:22 infoq java Advanced
Article: Velocity and Better Metrics: Q&A with Doc Norton
Velocity is not good for predictions or diagnostics, argued Doc Norton at Experience Agile 2019. It's a lagging indicator of a complex syste...
17-10-2019 19:38:04 infoq java Advanced
Article: A First Look at Inline Classes
Java currently supports only two types of value: primitives and object references. Project Valhalla extends this by introducing inline class...
17-10-2019 13:07:49 infoq java Advanced
Article: Q&A on the Book Real-World Bug Hunting
The book Real-World Bug Hunting by Peter Yaworski is a field guide to finding software vulnerabilities. It explains what ethical hacking is,...
16-10-2019 05:24:49 infoq java Advanced
Facebook Releases AI Code Search Datasets
Facebook AI released a dataset containing coding questions paired with code-snippet answers, intended for evaluating AI-based natural-langua...
15-10-2019 22:51:30 infoq java Advanced
Introducing Jakarta NoSQL
Recently approved as an EE4J project, Jakarta NoSQL is a specification in Jakarta EE to help developers create enterprise-grade applications...
15-10-2019 16:12:48 infoq java Advanced
Release of Open Liberty Completes Support of MicroProfile Standalone Reactive Streams APIs
In keeping with IBM's commitment to their four-week release cycle of Open Liberty, version was recently made available. Open Libert...
09-10-2019 11:16:19 infoq java Advanced

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