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Presentation: Java Futures, 2019 Edition
Java Language Architect Brian Goetz gives a tour of some of the features coming to Java next. By Brian Goetz
18-07-2019 20:00:29 infoq java Advanced
Spring Boot Project-Creation-Tool, Spring Initializr, Gets Several New Updates
Spring Initializr received several updates and additions including the addition of a highly requested feature, a project explorer. They also...
18-07-2019 09:49:14 infoq java Advanced
MicroProfile 3.0: Updated Rest Client + Metrics 2.0 and Health Check 2.0
Eclipse MicroProfile 3.0 was recently released with updates to its Rest Client, Metrics, and Health Check APIs. MicroProfile 3.0 leverages J...
17-07-2019 16:18:46 infoq java Advanced
Article: Java InfoQ Trends Report - July 2019
The InfoQ Java trend report provides an overview of technology adoption and commentary on how we see the Java and JVM-related space evolving...
16-07-2019 14:11:06 infoq java Advanced
Java EE Specifications Renamed to Jakarta EE
Java EE specifications have been renamed to Jakarta EE, changing branding and clarifying the names of each document. By Erik Costlow
04-07-2019 08:23:25 infoq java Advanced
Payara Tour of Japan 2019
Payara recently completed a one-week tour of Japan in which they visited prominent Java Users Groups. Featured speakers were Kenji Hasunuma,...
26-06-2019 10:29:42 infoq java Advanced
Presentation: Why Continuations are Coming to Java
Ron Pressler discusses and compares the various techniques of dealing with concurrency and IO in both pure functional (monads, affine types)...
21-06-2019 04:51:51 infoq java Advanced
Azul Systems Discuss Java's Present and Future
InfoQ caught up with Simon Ritter, deputy CTO of Azul Systems to talk about their JVM products and the current status and future of Java. By...
18-06-2019 13:49:24 infoq java Advanced
OpenJDK Docker Image Served Mis-Labeled Vulnerable JDK
The official Docker Image for OpenJDK contained a mis-attributed version number, indicating that the JRE contained security patches that wer...
18-06-2019 05:57:12 infoq java Advanced
Java 13 Enters Feature Freeze and Rampdown
The final feature list for Java 13 (due in September) has been confirmed, as the project enters testing and rampdown. No major new features ...
17-06-2019 22:05:09 infoq java Advanced

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