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Presentation: Are We Really Cloud-native?
Bert Ertman goes beyond the hype of being Cloud-native and focuses instead on what being Cloud-native actually requires in terms of skills a...
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Article: Q&A on the Book "Continuous Delivery in Java"
The book "Continuous Delivery in Java" by Daniel Bryant and Abraham Marin-Perez was released nearly ten years after the original "Continuous...
15-09-2019 17:34:20 infoq java Advanced
Eclipse Proposes Vulnerability Assessment Tool
The Eclipse Foundation is evaluating a proposal to incorporate a Vulnerability Assessment Tool, that would help identify libraries with know...
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ApacheCon 2019 Keynote: James Gosling's Journey to Open Source
At the recent ApacheCon North America 2019 in Las Vegas, James Gosling delivered a keynote talk on his personal journey to open-source. Gosl...
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Presentation: Quarkus and GraalVM: Booting Hibernate at Supersonic Speed, Subatomic Size
Sanne Grinovero discusses how Quarkus was created, how it works and how it's able to get complex libraries such as Hibernate ORM compatible ...
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Article: Using Java to Orchestrate Robot Swarms
Ocado Technology uses state-of-the-art robotics to power highly automated fulfillment centres. To orchestrate the robot swarms and maximise ...
11-09-2019 16:15:03 infoq java Advanced
Spring Cloud App Broker V1 Eases Development of Managed Services
Spring Cloud has introduced a new framework called Spring Cloud App Broker which eases the development of Spring Boot applications that impl...
07-09-2019 23:42:40 infoq java Advanced
Java on iOS and Android via Gluon
Gluon has released beta support for Java applications running natively on iOS. The result is one application and one codebase running across...
02-09-2019 19:08:50 infoq java Advanced
Twitter Open Sources Its Telemetry Tool Rezolus for Detection of Short-Lived Anomalies
Twitter Engineering open sourced their telemetry tool called Rezolus, which can detect anomalies in system performance metrics by sampling t...
28-08-2019 15:15:26 infoq java Advanced

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