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Presentation: Fresh Async with Kotlin
Roman Elizarov talks about various approaches to asynchronous programming, their evolution, differences and similarities. He discusses the t...
19-01-2018 02:53:07 infoq java Advanced
No JCP for Java EE
Oracle does not support or recommend the use of the JCP (Java Community Process) for future Java EE enhancements. "Oracle recommends and sup...
17-01-2018 09:36:51 infoq java Advanced
Presentation: Performance Beyond Throughput: An OpenJ9 Case Study
Marius Pirvu talks about the new advancements in the area of JVM performance using the latest open source JVM technology at Eclipse OpenJ9 r...
17-01-2018 03:27:30 infoq java Advanced
Handy Improvements in JPA 2.2
Oracle have released version 2.2 of the Java Persistence standard (JPA). This release updates Java EE 8 to use all the benefits of Java 8. B...
13-01-2018 15:12:16 infoq java Advanced
restQL, a Microservices Query Language, Released on GitHub
restQL, a query language for microservices, is now available as an open-source project on GitHub. The restQL language is intended to simplif...
11-01-2018 14:14:12 infoq java Advanced
Hazelcast Joins the Eclipse Foundation
Hazelcast, a provider in open source In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG), recently joined the Eclipse Foundation to work with the other members of th...
09-01-2018 15:30:59 infoq java Advanced
Visual Studio Code Announces JUnit Support
The team at Microsoft who support Visual Studio Code (better known as VS Code) has announced the release of an extension to run and debug Ja...
09-01-2018 08:00:39 infoq java Advanced
Facebook Open-Sources RacerD - Java Race Condition Detector
Facebook's open-source static analysis tool, Infer, now ships with support for detecting race conditions in Java code via RacerD. By Kesha W...
08-01-2018 15:46:27 infoq java Advanced
Oracle Announce New Java Champions
Oracle have published a roundup of all new Java Champions accepted in 2017. By Ben Evans
08-01-2018 08:18:01 infoq java Advanced
Looking Forward to Java in 2018
A look forward at the 2 new releases of Java that are expected in 2018. By Ben Evans
30-12-2017 19:00:15 infoq java Advanced

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