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Presentation: A Love Letter to Clojure
Gene Kim discusses his endeavour as developer through Clojure. By Gene Kim
22-02-2021 15:26:48 infoq java Advanced
Java News Roundup - Week of Feb 15th, 2021
A roundup of smaller stories in the Java ecosystem from the week of February 15th, 2021. By Michael Redlich
22-02-2021 08:23:19 infoq java Advanced
Netflix Open Sources Their Domain Graph Service Framework: GraphQL for Spring Boot
Within a few months of implementing their Domain Graph Service Framework (DGS), Netflix has open-sourced DGS to the Java community. This fra...
17-02-2021 09:10:54 infoq java Advanced
Java News Roundup - Week of Feb 8th 2021
A roundup of the week's smaller stories in the Java ecosystem. By Ben Evans
16-02-2021 07:49:36 infoq java Advanced
GraalVM Inside Oracle Database
Oracle has added support for GraalVM-based stored procedures that run inside the database. The capability supports JavaScript functions thro...
12-02-2021 12:00:34 infoq java Advanced
Pinterest Describes an Architecture for Efficient Retrieval of Hierarchical Documents
In a recent blog post, Pinterest engineers describe how they implemented an efficient two-stage retrieval architecture to retrieve hierarchi...
08-02-2021 23:14:20 infoq java Advanced
JakartaOne Livestream 2020: Conference Summary
The second annual JakartaOne Livestream conference went live on December 8th, 2020 with the first of 12 one-hour sessions starting at 6:00am...
08-02-2021 10:30:57 infoq java Advanced
JFrog to shut down JCenter and Bintray
JFrog has announced that it is shutting down the Bintray asset hosting service, which includes the JCenter Java repository, often used by Gr...
05-02-2021 00:30:50 infoq java Advanced
Article: Virtual Panel: The MicroProfile Influence on Microservices Frameworks
In mid-2016, the MicroProfile initiative was created as a collaboration of vendors to deliver microservices for enterprise Java. InfoQ recen...
04-02-2021 16:22:37 infoq java Advanced
IntelliJ IDEA 2021.1 EAP 1 Supports Java 16
JetBrains released IntelliJ IDEA 2021.1 EAP 1 featuring full support for Java 16. Other noteworthy features include support for Windows Subs...
03-02-2021 09:10:36 infoq java Advanced

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