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Presentation: Six Simple Steps to Service Level Objectives (SLOs)
Marie Cosgrove-Davies covers a user-focused approach to SLOs and some common pitfalls that teams encounter when they're first trying to adop...
23-03-2019 10:16:14 infoq java Advanced
Presentation: Path to Production: Value Stream Mapping in a DevOps World
Ben Kamysz, Jamie O'Meara discuss the ideas and concepts of value stream mapping and how it's been applied to software delivery and DevOps. ...
23-03-2019 03:28:20 infoq java Advanced
Presentation: Heavyweights: Tipping the Scales with Very Large Foundations
Jim Basler provides an update on the Very Large Cloud Foundry Environment (VLCFE) user group and capabilities for tackling the challenges of...
22-03-2019 20:31:09 infoq java Advanced
Presentation: Event-driven Architectures with Apache Geode and Spring Integration
Charlie Black deploys Spring Integration pipelines to react to changes of the data stored in Apache Geode. By Charlie Black
22-03-2019 13:30:19 infoq java Advanced
OpenLiberty Moves to Four-Week Releases
OpenLiberty begins offering a new release every four weeks, speeding up feature availability. By Erik Costlow
22-03-2019 06:45:27 infoq java Advanced
JUnit Project Moves to Azure Pipelines for Builds
JUnit, a unit testing framework for Java, is one of the most popular libraries used by Java developers. The JUnit team recently announced th...
21-03-2019 23:44:14 infoq java Advanced
Java 12 Released with Experimental Switch Expressions and Shenandoah GC
March 19th marks the release date of Java 12, the latest feature release of Java. With it comes a number of new and noteworthy features and ...
19-03-2019 20:17:56 infoq java Advanced
Microsoft Survey to Study the JavaEE to Cloud Migration: A Call to the Java Community to Participate
The Microsoft Azure engineering team is calling on the Java community to participate in a special survey to understand the challenges of mig...
19-03-2019 09:04:06 infoq java Advanced
2018 JCP Election Results Introduces BNY Mellon as a First-Time Member
The Fall 2018 Java Community Process (JCP) election slate featured eight ratified seats, three elected seats, and one associate seat. The Ba...
18-03-2019 08:05:45 infoq java Advanced
Presentation: Developer Secure Containers for the Cyberspace Battlefield
Chris Saunders, Jason Scanga discuss issues with container security in a multi-tenant setting, the need to encrypt communications with conta...
15-03-2019 21:53:20 infoq java Advanced

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