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Datacenter Operators: Bumpy Ride Running Containers on Infrastructure Built for VMs
Specialized container technology company Diamanti was named a "cool vendor" by Gartner for their hyperconverged container platform. Mark Bal...
23-05-2017 14:58:34 infoq java Advanced
Article: Under The Hood With the JVM's Automatic Resource Management
The deprecation of Object::finalize is an unusual step for the Java ecosystem. We dive deep into the Hotspot JVM to see how it works. We als...
20-05-2017 15:22:48 infoq java Advanced
Podcast: Martijn Verburg on the JCP EC "No" Vote for the Java Platform Module System
Wesley Reisz talks to Martijn Verburg, co-founder of the London Java Community and CEO of jClarity, about the JCP EC "no" vote on the Java P...
20-05-2017 02:09:16 infoq java Advanced
Kotlin Is Now a Supported Android Language
Announced during Google I/O 2017, Android Studio 3.0 adds full support for Kotlin which is to be moved from JetBrains to an independent non-...
18-05-2017 18:22:50 infoq java Advanced
JCP EC Votes Against the Java Platform Module System
Today, the results of the JCP Executive Committee vote on JSR-376 (Java Platform Module System, commonly known as Jigsaw), was published on ...
09-05-2017 15:53:12 infoq java Advanced
Reinhold Publishes Open Letter to JCP Pleading That JPMS (Jigsaw) Is Approved
Mark Reinhold has published an open letter to the JCP Executive Committee. In the letter he expresses surprise that IBM has decided to vote ...
09-05-2017 00:04:08 infoq java Advanced
Spring Vault GA 1.0 Released
Pivotal have announced the general availability of Spring Vault 1.0. It is a Java library which offers client-side abstractions around Hashi...
08-05-2017 18:01:37 infoq java Advanced
Podcast: Rossen Stoyanchev on Reactive Programming with Spring 5 and Spring WebFlux
Rossen Stoyanchev talks to Wesley Reisz about blocking and non-blocking architectures, upcoming changes in Spring including Spring WebFlux, ...
05-05-2017 23:48:35 infoq java Advanced
Mark Reinhold Confirms JPMS (Jigsaw) Will Be Submitted for Public Review, Despite Community Concerns
Mark Reinhold, chief architect of the Java Platform Group at Oracle, has confirmed that Jigsaw will be submitted for public review, despite ...
04-05-2017 20:35:34 infoq java Advanced
Being a Polyglot Programmer
Every programmer knows a langage or two. Being a polyglot programmer is a different mindset, fitting with the "Engineering yourself" princip...
03-05-2017 11:47:29 infoq java Advanced

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