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Article: Deterministic Execution on the JVM
For many use cases (for example cryptocurrency ledgers) we need to ensure that any action will execute deterministically and terminate. In t...
21-02-2017 18:35:19 infoq java Advanced
Java 9 Will Adjust Memory Limits if Running with Docker
A first experimental change has been added to Java 9 so the JVM can understand that it is running within a container and adjust memory limit...
21-02-2017 10:09:12 infoq java Advanced
Mini book: The InfoQ eMag: Reactive Programming with Java
For this Reactive Java emag, InfoQ has curated a series of articles to help developers hit the ground running with a comprehensive introduct...
15-02-2017 01:03:14 infoq java Advanced
Data Geekery Releases Version 3.9.0 of jOOQ, a Java ORM Tool for Building Type Safe Queries
Data Geekery released version 3.9.0 of jOOQ, their object-relational mapping (ORM) Java toolkit, featuring an experimental parser, additiona...
14-02-2017 19:00:35 infoq java Advanced
Date and Time Formatting in Java 9 Will Get Closer to Unicode Locale Standards
Several parsing and formatting changes have been incorporated to bring the functionality closer to Unicode Locale Data Markup Language (LDML...
14-02-2017 09:41:25 infoq java Advanced
Article: RXJava2 by Example
In the ongoing evolution of paradigms for simplifying concurrency under load, the most promising addition is reactive programming, a specifi...
13-02-2017 20:21:33 infoq java Advanced
Presentation: Java SE 9: Continuing to Thrive in the Cloud!
Bernard Traversat discusses JVM enhancements addressing cloud deployment requirements such as G1 GC, segmented code cache, contended locking...
11-02-2017 10:16:54 infoq java Advanced
Presentation: Java Puzzlers NG S02: Down the Rabbit Hole
Baruch Sadogursky and Viktor Gamov talk about Java puzzlers - streams, lambdas, monads, Optionals and CompletableFutures. By Baruch Sadogurs...
11-02-2017 03:05:24 infoq java Advanced
Hazelcast release Jet, open-source stream processing engine
Hazelcast, previously known for the open-source caching and in-memory data grid technologies, have announced a major release of their new st...
08-02-2017 20:40:15 infoq java Advanced
Oracle Reminds Java Developers that Soon They Won't Have a Browser to Run Applets
Oracle has recently published a new post in the series "Moving to a Plugin-Free Web," advising developers to find replacement solutions if t...
07-02-2017 17:53:43 infoq java Advanced

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