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Presentation: Bootiful Development with Spring Boot and React
Matt Raible shows how to develop with Java 8, Spring Boot, React, and TypeScript. By Matt Raible
23-04-2018 01:35:09 infoq java Advanced
Article: Get Ready for Cloud Native, Service-meshed Java Enterprise
Java EE can be easily combined with Cloud-native technologies such as Kubernetes and Istio to produce a modern service-driven application. B...
22-04-2018 14:34:36 infoq java Advanced
Presentation: Top Ways to Deliver Your Spring Code to the Cloud
Brian Benz shows how Java developers can deliver Spring code to Azure based on Spring Music as an example, using Linux command line tools, o...
21-04-2018 15:28:06 infoq java Advanced
Oracle Kills JavaOne
Oracle have announced the end of their flagship Java developer conference, JavaOne. In its place Oracle plan to run a broader developer-focu...
20-04-2018 16:17:03 infoq java Advanced
Proposed Schedule for JDK 11
Mark Reinhold, chief architect at Oracle, recently proposed the schedule for the JDK 11 GA release in September 2018. One of the new feature...
19-04-2018 11:49:01 infoq java Advanced
Presentation: Modular Java Development in Action
Sander Mak explores the benefits of a modular codebase using Java 9 modules. After reviewing the basic concepts of modules, he looks at what...
19-04-2018 05:43:28 infoq java Advanced
Jakarta EE Working Group Established
Future versions of the Java EE technology will be branded as Jakarta EE and it's currently under active development at the Eclipse Foundatio...
16-04-2018 20:14:45 infoq java Advanced
Presentation: SpringOne 2017 Keynote 1
This is the first SpringOne 2017 keynote. By Onsi Fakhouri
16-04-2018 06:42:32 infoq java Advanced
Java EE Guardians Moving Forward with Jakarta EE
Shortly after Java EE was rebranded to Jakarta EE, well-known Java EE evangelist, Reza Rahman recently closed the petition to dec...
11-04-2018 09:39:30 infoq java Advanced
Presentation: SpringOne 2017 Keynote 2
This is the second SpringOne 2017 keynote. By Chip Childers
10-04-2018 01:44:10 infoq java Advanced

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