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Presentation: Decoding Distributed Systems
Maria Ntalla, Zoe Vance discuss some of the components and designs of distributed systems, explaining common jargon and best practice tips f...
15-01-2019 20:25:28 infoq java Advanced
Presentation: Modern Software Delivering Business Value at Startup Speed to Transform Immigration and Refugee Asylum
Thomas Baird, Matthew Dosberg discuss how United States Citizenship and Immigration Services adopted Pivotal technologies and practices like...
11-01-2019 10:32:32 infoq java Advanced
Presentation: Geode is Not a Cache, it's an Analytics Engine
Evan Benoit, Sharif Ghazzawi discuss Geode's architecture built on probabilistic data structures (Yahoo Theta Sketches). By Evan Benoit, Sha...
10-01-2019 15:59:54 infoq java Advanced
Presentation: Implementing PII Encryption with PDX Serialization
Gideon Low, Niranjan Sarvi describe an implementation of PII encryption for Geode applications via use of custom PDX Serialization. By Gideo...
10-01-2019 09:25:14 infoq java Advanced
Presentation: Building Data Environments for Production Microservices with Geode
Ryan Hunt discusses HCSC's approach to support rapid development and continuous deployment of a high-performance data environment that backs...
10-01-2019 02:53:03 infoq java Advanced
Article: Headless Selenium Browsers
Selenium is a well-known, powerful tool for automated testing in web browsers. While Selenium Web driver supports all the major browsers, yo...
09-01-2019 19:01:58 infoq java Advanced
Article: Book Review: Optimizing Java
InfoQ reviewed the book Optimizing Java, a comprehensive in-depth look at performance tuning in the Java programming language written by Jav...
09-01-2019 12:30:09 infoq java Advanced
Java in 2019 - Some Predictions
Some predictions for what will happen in the Java / JVM ecosystem for 2019. By Ben Evans
09-01-2019 06:00:09 infoq java Advanced
Micronaut for Spring Allows Spring Boot Apps to Run as Micronaut Apps
In conjunction with the minor release of Micronaut 1.0.1, Object Computing, Inc. (OCI) also released Micronaut for Spring 1.0 M1. Using Ahea...
08-01-2019 23:32:25 infoq java Advanced
Presentation: Migrating from Big Data Architecture to Spring Cloud
Lenny Jaramillo discusses how Northern Trust migrated to PCF, highlighting how this helped them accelerate the delivery of functionality to ...
08-01-2019 16:58:16 infoq java Advanced

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