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Java News Roundup: Roadmap for Spring 6.0 and Spring Boot 3.0, OpenJDK and Quarkus Updates
This week's Java roundup for August 30th, 2021, features news from SpringOne in which the roadmap of Spring Framework 6.0 and Spring Boot 3....
06-09-2021 07:54:25 infoq java Advanced
Microsoft Open-Sources GCToolkit to Tap Into JVM GC Logs
By open sourcing GCToolkit, Microsoft promises to tap into the rich information stored within the JVM's GC logs. The tool promises to provid...
01-09-2021 08:35:29 infoq java Advanced
Java News Roundup: Generational GZC, Kotlin 1.5.30, Jakarta EE 10 Release Plan, SpringOne Conference
It was relatively quiet in this week's Java roundup for August 23rd, 2021. Featured news includes JEP 413 having been promoted to Proposed t...
30-08-2021 09:01:53 infoq java Advanced
Java News Roundup: Micronaut 3.0, Open Liberty Starter, Spring Boot, GraalVM, and JEP 400
This week's Java roundup for August 16th, 2021, features news from Micronaut 3.0, OpenJDK, JDK 18, updates to Spring Boot and Spring Tools, ...
23-08-2021 08:33:58 infoq java Advanced
Eclipse IDE Working Group Established to Ensure Continued Sustainability
After 17 years, the Eclipse IDE established a working group to ensure its "continued sustainability, integrity, evolution and adoption". Acc...
18-08-2021 07:56:45 infoq java Advanced
Java News Roundup: Project Loom, JDK Mission Control, Spring Data, Kotlin 1.5.30, Micronaut 3.0-RC1
This week's Java roundup for August 9th, 2021, features news from Project Loom, OpenJDK, JDK 18, JDK Mission Control, Spring Data, Quarkus 2...
17-08-2021 08:56:56 infoq java Advanced
Introducing JDKMon: A New Tool to Detect and Update JDKs
JDKMon, a new tool to monitor and update installed JDKs, provides an alternative to existing tools such as SDKMAN. With the many available J...
11-08-2021 07:48:03 infoq java Advanced
Uber Re-Architected Its Foundational Fulfilment Service
Uber recently shared how it re-architected its fulfilment service, one of Uber's foundational platform services. Following a two-year-long e...
10-08-2021 15:51:05 infoq java Advanced
Java News Roundup: JDK 17 Initial RC, OpenJDK, Updates to Open Liberty, Hibernate ORM, Spring Cloud
This week's Java roundup for August 2nd, 2021, features news from OpenJDK, JDK 17 initial release candidate, JDK 18, Spring Cloud 2021.0.0-M...
09-08-2021 08:38:19 infoq java Advanced
Article: What's New in Java 16
Java 16 was released in March of 2021 as a GA build meant to be used in production. And Java 17, the next LTS build, is scheduled to be rele...
06-08-2021 15:11:13 infoq java Advanced

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