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Presentation: Point-to-Point Messaging Architecture - The Reactive Endgame
Ryland Degnan, Stephane Maldini explore the current state of messaging architecture and provide an R&D perspective on the future of distribu...
09-02-2019 07:53:22 infoq java Advanced
Presentation: Cloud-native Streaming Platform: Running Apache Kafka on PKS
Viktor Gamov, Prasad Radhakrishnan cover the challenges and lessons learned from the development of Confluent Operator for Kubernetes as wel...
09-02-2019 01:02:58 infoq java Advanced
Article: Adopting CI/CD in Your Java Project with the Gitflow Branching Model
Gitflow is a collaborative branching model that exploits the power, speed and simplicity of Git branching. But documentation for Gitflow in ...
08-02-2019 14:39:23 infoq java Advanced
Presentation: Metrics for the Masses
Udo Kohlmeyer shows how to collect information about an application's health and performance with Apache Geode and Micrometer. By Udo Kohlme...
04-02-2019 12:50:21 infoq java Advanced
Presentation: Mastering Spring Boot's Actuator
Madhura Bhave, Andy Wilkinson discuss in detail the Actuator, focusing on the new features including the new endpoint infrastructure that in...
04-02-2019 05:21:14 infoq java Advanced
Article: The Complete Guide to the Java SE 12 Extended Switch Statement/Expression
A complete guide to Java SE 12 extended switch statement/expression. This article contains details on the proposed extension to the Java swi...
01-02-2019 15:31:23 infoq java Advanced
Presentation: PCF Data Collection for TBM
Chris Busch and Raj Sivaraj overview the foundation data collection needs of Mastercard, and how data is collected and provided back to prod...
30-01-2019 09:37:20 infoq java Advanced
Presentation: Rethinking Legacy and Monolithic Systems
Vaughn Vernon discusses removing entanglement in legacy and monolithic systems. By Vaughn Vernon
30-01-2019 02:19:04 infoq java Advanced
Presentation: P to V to C: The Value of Bringing "Everything" to Containers
Cornelia Davis, Mukesh Gadiya examine the benefits of containerization, the role of infrastructure virtualization, discussing containers, po...
29-01-2019 19:12:18 infoq java Advanced
Presentation: All You Need to Know to Deploy Applications on Kubernetes
Eric Johnson and Oleksandr Slynko discuss various Kubernetes primitives to achieve high availability, and some of the problems that could be...
29-01-2019 12:03:10 infoq java Advanced

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