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357 blogs updated: 38 min. ago Announces Service Mesh Hub and Chaos Engineering Tool, a cloud native software company, launched the first industry service mesh hub. The hub provides resources to help users adopt servi...
20-06-2019 17:04:27 infoq microservices Agile & Testing
Experience Building Distributed Systems and Microservices — Jeppe Cramon at Micro CPH
We must understand the business domain we are working in, identify the bounded contexts and the business capabilities, and design our servic...
20-06-2019 10:44:30 infoq microservices Agile & Testing
Presentation: What Lies Between: The Challenges of Operationalizing Microservices
Colin Breck presents practical approaches to take microservices into production or increase the value provided by existing systems. Breck ex...
16-06-2019 18:39:59 infoq microservices Agile & Testing
Presentation: Powering Flexible Payments in the Cloud with Kubernetes
Ana Calin covers the technical and security challenges Paybase faced and the lessons they learned along the way as they built their cloud-na...
01-06-2019 15:19:14 infoq microservices Agile & Testing
Experiences Going from Event-Driven to Event Sourcing: Fangel and Ingerslev at MicroCPH
At MicroCPH 2019, Thomas B gh Fangel and Emil Krog Ingerslev, both at Lunar Way, a fintech company, described how after building a monolithi...
31-05-2019 23:00:28 infoq microservices Agile & Testing
Mini book: The InfoQ eMag: Operationalizing Microservices
Over the past few years, microservices have evolved from an innovator-only architecture to a practice used to some degree at most companies....
31-05-2019 15:32:39 infoq microservices Agile & Testing
Allegro Launches Hermes 1.0, a REST-based Message Broker Built on Top of Kafka
Allegro has launched version 1.0 of Hermes, a rest API based message broker built on top of Apache Kafka. Whilst not containing any new feat...
27-05-2019 18:25:39 infoq microservices Agile & Testing
HashiCorp Releases Consul 1.5.0 with Layer 7 Observability and Centralized Configuration
Hashicorp released version 1.5.0 of Consul, their service mesh application and key-value store. These are the first features released on the...
27-05-2019 11:49:54 infoq microservices Agile & Testing
Presentation: Scaling for the Known Unknown
Suhail Patel explains how Monzo prepared for the recent crowdfunding (run entirely through its app, using the very same platform that runs t...
22-05-2019 05:09:14 infoq microservices Agile & Testing
Article: Towards a Unified, Standard API for Consolidating Service Meshes
Service mesh architectures enable a control and observability loop. At the moment, service mesh implementations vary in regard to API and te...
20-05-2019 23:23:02 infoq microservices Agile & Testing

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