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Article: Project Helidon Tutorial: Building Microservices with Oracle's Lightweight Java Framework
Oracle introduced its new open-source framework, Helidon, in September 2018. Originally named Java for Cloud, Helidon is a collection of Jav...
24-06-2020 14:57:57 infoq microservices Agile & Testing
Apollo Data Graph Platform: A GraphQL Middleware Layer for the Enterprise
In a recent InfoQ podcast, Matt Debergalis, founder and CTO at Apollo, discussed the motivations for GraphQL and the Apollo Data Graph platf...
17-06-2020 13:09:15 infoq microservices Agile & Testing
New Report Shows "Overwhelming" Cloud Usage
The new Cloud Adoption in 2020 report from O'Reilly Media paints a picture of "overwhelming" usage of cloud computing. The survey results al...
15-06-2020 17:23:00 infoq microservices Agile & Testing
Istio 1.5: Lin Sun and Neeraj Poddar Discuss istiod, Wasm, and Multi-Cluster Support
In a recent InfoQ podcast, Lin Sun and Neeraj Poddar discussed the release of Istio 1.5 and explored the future of service mesh space. Topic...
14-06-2020 19:20:51 infoq microservices Agile & Testing
HashiCorp Consul: 1.8 Release and New Kubernetes Tutorials
Closely following the launch of Consul 1.8, the HashiCorp team has released a set of new hands-on tutorials for deploying and using the Hash...
14-06-2020 12:44:06 infoq microservices Agile & Testing
Ambassador Edge Stack Seeks Shortening of the Inner Development Loop
Datawire, provider of Kubernetes-native API gateway, Ambassador, has released a new version of Ambassador Edge Stack designed to accelerate ...
29-05-2020 13:42:07 infoq microservices Agile & Testing
Article: Adoption of Cloud Native Architecture, Part 2: Stabilization Gaps and Anti-patterns
In this second part of cloud native adoption article series, authors discuss the anti-patterns to watch out for when using microservices arc...
28-05-2020 13:08:08 infoq microservices Agile & Testing
Presentation: To Microservices and Back Again
Alexandra Noonan talks about what microservice antipatterns to avoid, the tradeoffs between microservices and a monolith, how to identify wh...
26-05-2020 18:40:12 infoq microservices Agile & Testing
Podcast: Sam Newman: Monolith to Microservices
Wes Reisz talks with Sam Newman about techniques and patterns that Sam writes about in his latest book. Topics covered in the podcast includ...
25-05-2020 16:19:56 infoq microservices Agile & Testing
Article: The Past, Present, and Future of API Gateways
The edge has evolved from simple hardware load balancers to a full stack of hardware and software proxies that comprise API Gateways, conten...
14-05-2020 15:01:01 infoq microservices Agile & Testing

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