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Learn How to Hack an App Video Series
Our friends at Arxan,  a company that specializes in mobile payment security and application protection, have shared a list of videos on how...
24-06-2015 18:54:12 informatech Beginners
Java Basics II
2.     Working With Java data types 2.1. Primitive Variables Simplest data type in a programming language . In Java there are eight primitiv...
09-06-2015 11:08:48 informatech Beginners
Java Basics
1.1   The structure of a Java class and source code file   1.1.1       Structure of a Java class A class can define multiple components for ...
29-04-2015 14:19:59 informatech Beginners
Java 8 Streams and JPA
Since the definition of the JPA Standard predates the release of Java 8 it is not surprising that the JPA API is only based on collections. ...
18-12-2014 02:59:38 informatech Beginners

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