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Is it still worth getting a BSc or MSc in IT?
Those who have read a bit about Silicon Valley know that having a college or university degree is no longer a requisite for having a success...
02-05-2017 07:47:44 InsaneProgramming (Lieven Doclo) Advanced
Spring Data and Clean Architecture
So recently I've ventured off my familiar back-end track and starting doing some basic front-end stuff again. Not the fancy SPA with Angular...
02-05-2017 00:33:37 InsaneProgramming (Lieven Doclo) Advanced
Togglz aspect with Spring Boot
Despite what you might think when reading my last articles, this boy still writes code. Today I'm looking at Togglz, a Java framework for ad...
17-04-2017 18:48:25 InsaneProgramming (Lieven Doclo) Advanced
Any given sunday for a software craftsman
There are a couple of movie scenes that stay with you for the rest of your life. They transcend the screen and bury themselves inside your s...
16-04-2017 12:36:48 InsaneProgramming (Lieven Doclo) Advanced
Deferring the Java EE or Spring choice
The last article on this blog stirred up quite some dust in the Java EE and Spring communities. It's encouraging to see that both parties re...
09-04-2017 12:14:13 InsaneProgramming (Lieven Doclo) Advanced
Here goes the Java EE vs Spring debate again
For years now there has been a lot of animosity between the Spring community and the Java EE community. This goes back to the beginning year...
07-04-2017 13:00:22 InsaneProgramming (Lieven Doclo) Advanced
Spring Boot and hypermedia, part 1: HAL
So must of us have already encountered hypermedia when dealing with REST API. Hypermedia is actually a bunch of metadata that allows you to ...
15-03-2017 00:44:04 InsaneProgramming (Lieven Doclo) Advanced
Easy RSA signatures and encryption with JWK
Sometimes when you send data, it's required that you prove that you actually sent the data and not some malicious third party. That's when y...
04-03-2017 22:37:26 InsaneProgramming (Lieven Doclo) Advanced
A couple of knowledge gems for developers
It's been over 10 years since I've started my career in IT as a developer. It seems so long ago and looking back, I can only be proud of mys...
24-02-2017 07:28:05 InsaneProgramming (Lieven Doclo) Advanced
The state of our industry
Some weeks ago I fell down the stairs and broke my leg. This means I have plenty of time on my hands to read a lot of books and articles. La...
24-02-2017 01:27:28 InsaneProgramming (Lieven Doclo) Advanced

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