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The state of our industry
Some weeks ago I fell down the stairs and broke my leg. This means I have plenty of time on my hands to read a lot of books and articles. La...
24-02-2017 01:27:28 InsaneProgramming (Lieven Doclo) Advanced
A couple of thoughts on Clean Architecture
Those who have been coding long enough, know how important good design is in a software system. It's something that isn't talked about a lot...
14-02-2017 20:33:02 InsaneProgramming (Lieven Doclo) Advanced
Stop calling yourself a DevOps engineer
So this is an article about something that's been bothering me for a very long time. It's about the guys that call themselves "DevOps engine...
27-01-2017 11:21:36 InsaneProgramming (Lieven Doclo) Advanced
The truth about Optional
In my previous article I highlighted a question I had regarding clean architecture and clean code, and how to apply it to REST endpoints usi...
08-01-2017 23:13:37 InsaneProgramming (Lieven Doclo) Advanced
Damn you, REST libraries
Recently I've been bitten by the clean architecture movement. It's just something that feels right and lives side-by-side with my existing r...
02-01-2017 02:54:23 InsaneProgramming (Lieven Doclo) Advanced
Java RPC dead in the REST age? Neh!
When you re writing webservices nowadays, you can be sure without a doubt that REST will be your first choice and probably your only choice....
07-10-2015 18:00:00 InsaneProgramming (Lieven Doclo) Advanced

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