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Behavioral change regarding training after becoming independent
Training has been a mainstay during the last 10 years my career. I've only missed 2 Devoxx Belgium editions and probably followed over 3 doz...
20-04-2018 23:32:18 InsaneProgramming (Lieven Doclo) Advanced
JSON-RPC over WebSockets? Why not?
A lot of people have a personal pet project that has a simple domain and which allows them do play around with new technologies and try out ...
20-04-2018 16:11:25 InsaneProgramming (Lieven Doclo) Advanced
Tackling Restbucks with Clean Architecture, episode 3
In the previous 2 episodes we built the application and domain layer, and built the infrastructure layer for exposing a couple of REST endpo...
05-03-2018 21:18:17 InsaneProgramming (Lieven Doclo) Advanced
Tackling Restbucks with Clean Architecture, episode 2
In the first part we tackled creating the necessary use cases and the REST interface for the Restbucks application. In this episode we're go...
05-03-2018 00:14:06 InsaneProgramming (Lieven Doclo) Advanced
Kotlin TOTD: externally immutable, internally mutable collections
Consider the following constraints:
28-02-2018 22:15:16 InsaneProgramming (Lieven Doclo) Advanced
Tacking Restbucks with Clean Architecture, episode 1
As the concept of clean architecture tends to be about how to design software, it's sometimes hard to see the entire picture and truly appre...
26-02-2018 10:57:25 InsaneProgramming (Lieven Doclo) Advanced
Decoupling security in a clean architecture
Security is a cross-cutting concern in most applications, and there's a plethora of options for you to choose from. However, most options te...
19-02-2018 17:03:28 InsaneProgramming (Lieven Doclo) Advanced
Spring Data Projections
Recently I've learned a nice feature in Spring Data: the ability to make projections based on interfaces.
15-02-2018 00:18:31 InsaneProgramming (Lieven Doclo) Advanced
On Spring Data and REST
Sometimes innocent tweets can transform into interesting discussion and so did this little piece of code Josh Long (@starbuxman):
13-02-2018 22:18:37 InsaneProgramming (Lieven Doclo) Advanced
Hello Gluon. Bye Gluon.
Embracing the software crafter mindset, I love to explore new technologies and find new ways to develop software. Creating mobile applicatio...
12-02-2018 12:46:31 InsaneProgramming (Lieven Doclo) Advanced

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