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Future Java - Prepare Your Codebase Now! - Inside Java Newscast #41
What do the security manager, applet API, finalization, and primitive wrapper constructors have in common? What about CMS, Nashorn, RMI acti...
02-02-2023 08:56:03 Inside Java
Java Modules in Real Life
Get advice on why, when, when not, and how to use Java modules in real life for your Java projects.
29-01-2023 20:24:18 Inside Java
Informational JEP: Preview Features: A Look Back, and A Look Ahead
It's been over four years since we introduced the idea of preview features in JEP 12, so it's a good time to review how they've worked out, ...
29-01-2023 12:38:11 Inside Java
Java 20 - An Almost Infinite Memory Segment Allocator
Wouldn't it be cool if you could allocate an infinite amount of memory? In this article, we will learn how memory-mapped files can be levera...
29-01-2023 04:51:28 Inside Java
Java's Plans for 2023 - Inside Java Newscast #40
A summary of what happened in 2022 and what will probably happen in 2023 for Projects Amber (pattern matching, relaxed `main` and `super()` ...
28-01-2023 22:49:57 Inside Java
Lifetimes in the Foreign Function & Memory API
The Foreign Function & Memory API (FFM in short) in centered around the idea of explicit lifetime management. That is, memory segments alloc...
28-01-2023 14:57:47 Inside Java
On Markdown in (Java) documentation
As some folk have already noticed, we are investigating the possibility of supporting Markdown in Java documentation comments. Why are we do...
28-01-2023 07:01:44 Inside Java
ZGC - The Future of Low-Latency Garbage Collection Is Here
The Z Garbage Collector (ZGC) is a scalable low-latency garbage collector providing sub-millisecond max pause times. Get an overview of the ...
27-01-2023 23:13:44 Inside Java
Tutorial - The Java I/O API
Java I/O is a set of classes that give access to external resources including file systems and the network. This tutorial will guide you thr...
27-01-2023 15:11:38 Inside Java
Quality Outreach Heads-up - JDK 21: JMX Subject Delegation & Fine-grained Security Deprecation
This Heads-Up is part of the regular communication sent to the projects involved, it covers some deprecation related to JMX.
27-01-2023 07:27:48 Inside Java

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