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New candidate JEP: 398: Deprecate the Applet API for Removal
Deprecate the Applet API for removal. It is essentially irrelevant since all web-browser vendors have either removed support for Java browse...
06-03-2021 14:05:22 Inside Java
Let me try and summarize all that has been said on the Guards topic. For `instanceof`, we don't need any sort of guard right now (with the p...
06-03-2021 07:25:25 Inside Java
When Records Met Serialization: A Happy Tale
Presented at DevNexus 2021 Additional resources: Java Object Serialization Specification Towards Better Serialization (Brian Goetz) JEP 395:...
05-03-2021 19:25:57 Inside Java
Faster Charset Decoding
Recently I was doing some minor OpenJDK improvements around how we turn byte[]s into Strings - including removing the StringCoding.Result st...
05-03-2021 06:02:10 Inside Java
Project Lanai Early Access Build 10
We have prepared an EA 10 build of Project Lanai for JEP 382 incorporating fixes to feed back during the ongoing code review
04-03-2021 23:26:33 Inside Java
Free Training and $25 Certification Exam
In 2020, the developer community worldwide celebrated 25 years of Java. As an extension of the celebration, Oracle University is offering a ...
04-03-2021 17:02:35 Inside Java
Code-First Unix Domain Socket Tutorial
Java's SocketChannel / ServerSocketChannel API provides blocking and multiplexed non-blocking access to sockets. Before Java 16, this was li...
04-03-2021 10:08:42 Inside Java
JMC 8.0.0 Early-Access Release
JDK Mission Control version 8.0.0 (JMC 8) is scheduled for release in Q1 of CY 2021. JMC 8 will deliver a new flame graph view, enhanced Rul...
29-01-2021 14:17:47 Inside Java
JEP proposed to target JDK 17: 356: Enhanced Pseudo-Random Number Generators
Provide new interface types and implementations for pseudorandom number generators (PRNGs), including jumpable PRNGs and an additional class...
29-01-2021 07:22:14 Inside Java

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