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New Panama/Foreign Early Access Build
We made binary snapshots for the panama/foreign repository [1] available. As usual, there are builds for Linux, Mac and Windows - all 64bits...
03-10-2020 06:12:16 Inside Java
GitHub Welcomes the OpenJDK Project!
Earlier this month we were thrilled to welcome the OpenJDK Community to GitHub. The communities migration effort, codenamed Project 'Skara',...
01-10-2020 05:56:48 Inside Java
New candidate JEP: 393: Foreign-Memory Access API (3rd Incubator)
The Foreign-Memory Access API was first proposed by JEP 370 and targeted to Java 14 in late 2019 as an incubating API, and later re-incubate...
30-09-2020 03:37:07 Inside Java
New candidate JEP: 390: Warnings for Value-Based Classes
Define a @ValueBased annotation, apply it to classes in the Java Platform API that may become inline classes in a future release, and provid...
29-09-2020 07:10:42 Inside Java
JEP proposed to target JDK 16: 376: ZGC: Concurrent Thread-Stack Processing
Move ZGC thread-stack processing from safepoints to a concurrent phase. he ZGC garbage collector (GC) aims to make GC pauses and scalability...
28-09-2020 11:06:33 Inside Java
New candidate JEP: 392: Packaging Tool
Provide a tool for packaging self-contained Java applications. The jpackage tool was introduced as an incubating tool in JDK 14 by JEP 343. ...
27-09-2020 14:46:57 Inside Java
New candidate JEP: 391: macOS/AArch64 Port
Port the JDK to macOS/AArch64. Apple has announced a long-term plan to transition their line of Macintosh computers from x64 to AArch64. We ...
26-09-2020 18:13:40 Inside Java
Java Language Futures - Mid 2020 Edition
Since last ETE, we've seen two more major versions of the JDK! What's changed in the last year, and what's coming down the road? Join Gavin ...
25-09-2020 20:13:48 Inside Java
Venkat Subramaniam: Java is changing in a responsible manner
As part of the Moved by Java initiative, Java Magazine caught up with Dr. Venkat Subramaniam a few days before the official Java 15 launch. ...
24-09-2020 23:23:20 Inside Java
Incompatibilities with JDK 15 CharSequence.isEmpty
A new default method CharSequence.isEmpty() was added in the just-released JDK 15. This broke the Eclipse Collections project. Fortunately, ...
24-09-2020 03:16:32 Inside Java

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