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JEP proposed to target JDK 16: 387: Elastic Metaspace
Return unused HotSpot class-metadata (i.e., metaspace) memory to the operating system more promptly, reduce metaspace footprint, and simplif...
11-09-2020 08:40:23 Inside Java
'Type patterns in switch' document updated
This document describes a possible approach for the next phase of pattern matching -- adding type patterns to the switch statement. This bui...
09-09-2020 07:21:00 Inside Java
JDK 15 G1/Parallel GC changes
Next to the usual micro-optimizations here and there that in total account for a few percent of pause time improvements, there are a few int...
08-09-2020 12:22:24 Inside Java
jdk/jdk repository transition to Git, GitHub and Skara is done
The transition to Git, GitHub and Skara for the Mercurial jdk/jdk and jdk/sandbox is now done. The Git repositories jdk and jdk-sandbox are ...
05-09-2020 15:31:09 Inside Java
Early steps on the road to customization
To succeed with generics over inlines, we need to make progress on (what I call) the Loop Customization Problem, a grand challenge for our e...
27-08-2020 19:51:46 Inside Java
Finalizing in JDK 16 - Pattern matching for instanceof
I have been thinking about this and I have two refinements I would like to suggest for Pattern Matching in instanceof. Both have come out of...
27-08-2020 12:36:28 Inside Java
Java in 2020
As we celebrate its 25th birthday in 2020, Java continues to be the world's most popular programming language among developers. According to...
27-08-2020 06:17:48 Inside Java
Heap Snapshotting
In my master thesis at Oracle, I have investigated "Heap Snapshotting", which is an approach that could potentially reduce JVM startup time....
26-08-2020 22:33:54 Inside Java
JEP proposed to target JDK 16: 338: Vector API (Incubator)
The following JEP is proposed to target JDK 16: 338: Vector API (Incubator). Feedback on this proposal from JDK Project Committers and Revie...
21-08-2020 08:40:08 Inside Java
SHA-3 based digital signatures support
Support for SHA-3 based digital signatures is being added to the JDK...
19-08-2020 18:25:04 Inside Java

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