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Java Language Futures: Late 2021 Edition
Take a whirlwind tour of some of the language features that are coming to Java, starting with JDK 17, as well as updates planned for the com...
21-09-2021 10:49:21 Inside Java
The javac Tree API
20-09-2021 08:31:30 Inside Java
The Arrival of Java 17!
Oracle is proud to announce the general availability of JDK 17. This release is the eighth Feature Release delivered on time through the six...
19-09-2021 22:36:23 Inside Java
Moving the JDK to a Two Year LTS Cadence
The release of JDK 17 is a perfect time to reflect on the release cadence introduced several years ago and make any course corrections for t...
19-09-2021 15:13:07 Inside Java
Introducing the Free Java License
In September 2017, Oracle announced plans to distribute the JDK under the GPL as "Oracle OpenJDK" and also as the Oracle JDK under an Oracle...
19-09-2021 08:03:24 Inside Java
Java 17 / JDK 17: General Availability
JDK 17, the reference implementation of Java 17, is now Generally Available. We shipped build 35 as the first Release Candidate of JDK 17 on...
19-09-2021 01:12:54 Inside Java
JDK 17 Security Enhancements
JDK 17 was released on September 14, 2021! As with my previous blogs, I have compiled a list of what I think are the most interesting and us...
18-09-2021 18:59:58 Inside Java
Faster LTS and free JDK with Java 17 - Inside Java Newscast #12
Java 17 comes with more than just new features. A faster LTS cadence and free Oracle JDK make this the best-supported modern release ever.
18-09-2021 12:03:26 Inside Java
Finalizing the Foreign APIs
Now that the Foreign Memory Access API and the Foreign Linker API have been around for some time, it is time to take a more holistic look at...
18-09-2021 04:52:24 Inside Java
G1 GC & Parallel GC Improvements in JDK 17
A few days ago JDK 17 went GA. For this reason it is time for another post that attempts to summarize most significant changes in Hotspot s ...
17-09-2021 21:51:31 Inside Java

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