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Moving Java Forward with Java 19
An Oracle Developer Live - Java Innovations Keynote. In this special Developer Live episode, experts from Oracle's Java Platform Group share...
02-10-2022 03:11:26 Inside Java
G1/Parallel/Serial GC improvements in JDK 19
JDK 19 is here! Let me summarize changes and in particular improvements in Hotspot s stop-the-world garbage collectors in that release - G1 ...
01-10-2022 19:21:27 Inside Java
JDK 19 Security Enhancements
JDK 19 was released on September 20, 2022! As with my previous blogs, I have compiled a list of what I think are the most interesting and us...
01-10-2022 11:32:01 Inside Java
Virtual Threads: New Foundations for High-Scale Java Applications
Java 19 brings the first preview of virtual threads to the Java platform; this is the main deliverable of OpenJDKs Project Loom. This is one...
01-10-2022 03:40:11 Inside Java
Quality Outreach Heads-up - JDK 19 - Double.toString() and Float.toString() changes
This Heads-Up is part of the regular communication sent to the projects involved, it covers a behaviour change related to Double.toString() ...
30-09-2022 19:49:32 Inside Java
AppCDS Autogenerate - Sip of Java
Learn about how the new autogenerate feature simplifies creating shared archives in AppCDS.
30-09-2022 11:55:19 Inside Java
Quality Outreach Heads-up - JDK 20 - Support for 1.7 source and target removed from javac
This Heads-Up is part of the regular communication sent to the projects involved, it covers a change in javac in JDK 20
30-09-2022 04:01:09 Inside Java
Loom in the Java Ecosystem - Inside Java Newscast #34
Project Loom's core features, virtual threads and structured concurrency, were released as previews/incubators in JDK 19 and the ecosystem i...
29-09-2022 20:05:27 Inside Java
JavaOne Update Series: Run of Show
JavaOne is nearly upon us and we've been working hard to fill out the list of final activities. Here is a high-level Run of Show to give you...
29-09-2022 12:13:02 Inside Java
Paving the on-ramp
At various points, we've explored the question of which program elements are most and least helpful for students first learning Java. After ...
29-09-2022 06:12:22 Inside Java

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