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Finalizing in JDK 16 - Pattern matching for instanceof
Whilst we don't have any major open issues for either of these features, I would like us to close them out. So I thought it would be useful ...
28-07-2020 01:21:32 Inside Java
New Project Loom Early-Access Builds
The builds at the Project Loom Early Access page [1] have been refreshed. The latest builds are based on jdk-16+6 (JDK 16 build 6). There ar...
27-07-2020 18:56:34 Inside Java
Standardizing JEP 343 with draft of new JEP - Packaging Tool
The jpackage tool described in JEP 343 was delivered as an incubating tool in JDK 14, and again in JDK 15 to allow more time for feedback. A...
21-07-2020 18:15:44 Inside Java
Rethinking the role of MemorySegment vs. MemoryAddress
Over the last few weeks, as we've been running more real-world benchmarks against the generated bindings, we've been looking again at the re...
20-07-2020 23:06:35 Inside Java
Serializable Records
While the concept of serialization is quite simple, it often gets complicated very quickly given the various customizations that can be appl...
20-07-2020 16:20:53 Inside Java
Is there any need to switch to modules when migrating past Java 8? No.
There has never been a need to switch to modules. Java 9 and later releases support traditional JAR files on the traditional class path, via...
17-07-2020 21:04:33 Inside Java
Loom Q&A
The publication of the 'State of Loom' has prompted some common questions. Here's my attempt at answering some of them
15-07-2020 16:14:38 Inside Java
New candidate JEP: 388: Windows/AArch64 Port
With the release of new consumer and server-class AArch64 (ARM64) hardware, Windows/AArch64 has become an important platform due to end-user...
14-07-2020 20:47:58 Inside Java
Asynchronous polyglot programming with Java and JavaScript on GraalVM
In this blog post we focus on the combination of Java and JavaScript in the context of asynchronous applications. Both languages have built-...
10-07-2020 17:44:02 Inside Java
New candidate - JEP387: Elastic Metaspace
Since its inception in JEP 122, metaspace has been somewhat notorious for high off-heap memory usage. Most normal applications don't have pr...
07-07-2020 19:50:55 Inside Java

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