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Java Text Blocks
In the 13 May 2019 post "RFR: Multi-line String Literal (Preview) JEP [EG Draft]" on the OpenJDK amber-spec-experts mailing list, Jim Laskey...
15-05-2019 08:09:16 inspired by actua ... (Dustin Marx) Beginners
A New Era for Determining Equivalence in Java?
Liam Miller-Cushon has published a document simply called "Equivalence" in which he proposes "to create a library solution to help produce r...
29-04-2019 17:28:19 inspired by actua ... (Dustin Marx) Beginners
Two JEPs Proposed for JDK 13: Enhancing AppCDS and ZGC
Two JDK Enhancement Proposals (JEPs) were proposed for JDK 13 this week on the OpenJDK jdk-dev mailing list. Mark Reinhold posted these prop...
28-04-2019 07:30:26 inspired by actua ... (Dustin Marx) Beginners
OpenJDK on GitHub
Project Skara was created "to ... investigate alternative SCM and code review options for the JDK source code, including options based upon ...
23-04-2019 08:29:17 inspired by actua ... (Dustin Marx) Beginners
April 2019 Update on Java Records
After Project Valhalla's "Value Types/Objects", the language feature I am perhaps the most excited to see come to Java is Project Amber's "D...
15-04-2019 16:50:00 inspired by actua ... (Dustin Marx) Beginners
Viewing TLS Configuration with JDK 13
JDK 13 Early Access Build 16 is now available and one of the interesting additions it brings is the ability to have the keytool command-line...
13-04-2019 15:35:08 inspired by actua ... (Dustin Marx) Beginners
New Valhalla Developments: Forwarders and Poxes
In the post "Updated VM-bridges document" on the valhalla-spec-experts OpenJDK mailing list, Brian Goetz provides, "an updated doc on forwar...
05-04-2019 06:49:22 inspired by actua ... (Dustin Marx) Beginners
Better Default NullPointerException Messages Coming to Java?
I have recently been interested in a February 2019 into March 2019 discussion on the OpenJDK core-libs-dev mailing list regarding addressing...
24-03-2019 22:07:21 inspired by actua ... (Dustin Marx) Beginners
Java 12 General Availability
Mark Reinhold announced today that "JDK 12, the reference implementation of Java 12, is now Generally Available." In that announcement, Rein...
20-03-2019 07:08:24 inspired by actua ... (Dustin Marx) Beginners
Stashing Previously Set psql Variables
The command-line based "PostgreSQL interactive terminal" known as psql is handy for manipulating and accessing data in a PostgreSQL database...
20-02-2019 06:30:32 inspired by actua ... (Dustin Marx) Beginners

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