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Using Groovy to Quickly Analyze Terracotta HealthCheck Properties
One of the considerations when configuring Terracotta servers with tc-config.xml is the specification of health check properties between Ter...
26-03-2017 03:47:25 inspired by actua ... (Dustin Marx) Beginners
Project Amber: Smaller, Productivity-Oriented Java Language Features
Brian Goetz's recent message Welcome to Amber! introduces Project Amber (part of OpenJDK and proposed originally in January). Goetz opens th...
22-03-2017 06:44:41 inspired by actua ... (Dustin Marx) Beginners
Deprecating Java's Finalizer
JDK-8165641 ("Deprecate Object.finalize") has been opened to "deprecate Object.finalize()" because "finalizers are inherently problematic an...
14-03-2017 17:16:38 inspired by actua ... (Dustin Marx) Beginners
Java's Finalizer is Still There
When I was first learning Java and transitioning from C++ to Java, I remember being told repeatedly and frequently reading that one should n...
02-03-2017 21:30:40 inspired by actua ... (Dustin Marx) Beginners
JDK 9 is the End of the Road for Some Features
It was announced a few days ago that JDK 9 is Feature Complete! Many of the "features" that made the cut are additions, but some are removal...
23-01-2017 19:09:48 inspired by actua ... (Dustin Marx) Beginners
JDK 9 is Feature Complete!
Today's Mark Reinhold message JDK 9 is Feature Complete -- now it's time to ramp down announces that JDK 9's "overall feature set is, at thi...
20-01-2017 08:14:37 inspired by actua ... (Dustin Marx) Beginners
Significant Software Development Developments of 2016
This post is my personal and opinionated assessment of some of the most significant developers related to software development in 2016. This...
01-01-2017 08:38:08 inspired by actua ... (Dustin Marx) Beginners
Compare Exactly in Java Equals Methods
As I've worked with legacy Java code over the years, I've run into subtle logic and performance issues that could be traced back to improper...
09-12-2016 17:31:20 inspired by actua ... (Dustin Marx) Beginners
Bash on Windows 10
Because I work with Linux and Windows based machines for development, I often find myself wishing that I had some of the handy command-line ...
23-11-2016 17:15:23 inspired by actua ... (Dustin Marx) Beginners
Inheriting Javadoc Method Comments
Although the JDK Tools and Utilities pages for the javadoc tool describe the rules of Javadoc method comment reuse by implementing and inher...
21-11-2016 18:49:40 inspired by actua ... (Dustin Marx) Beginners

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