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Spring Batch with Java Config
In a real life application we are building for one of our customers, we needed some form of batch operations with transaction management. Wi...
14-03-2016 10:50:01 iPROFS Agile & Testing
Back&: The ultimate backend service for Angular applications
Backand is a feature rich backend as a service for Angular that takes care of all the yucky server side stuff. While surfing the Internet in...
06-10-2015 08:51:14 iPROFS Agile & Testing
Get your Hippo content via a REST-API
If you’ve already built a few Hippo sites, you know how to build an HST-2 (Hippo Site Toolkit) website to deliver your content to the visito...
15-05-2015 01:42:40 iPROFS Agile & Testing
How we scrum
For the last one-and-a-half year I have been working in a scrum-project in the role of member of the development team and later on also in t...
14-04-2015 07:44:02 iPROFS Agile & Testing

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