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Can DVC be used for Kaggle?
The more I am working with data science, the more need for organized process I see. It can be enforced be conventions, documentation, code r...
07-08-2022 20:51:00 Mikołaj Kania Advanced
I took part in Kaggle's NLP competition called Disaster Tweets. The goal was to predict if given tweet is about real catastrophe or not.
16-05-2021 00:07:58 Mikołaj Kania Advanced
How to run newer code on older Java?
If you ever had a situation when you were forced to stick with specific Java version due to dependant library version or (ekhem) licensing r...
13-04-2020 02:48:24 Mikołaj Kania Advanced
All you need to know about String performance in Java in 2019
Did you know that, according to Java implementators, about 25% of memory consumed by large-scale applications are Strings? And what if I tel...
07-01-2019 14:58:28 Mikołaj Kania Advanced
Genetic Ranker - genetic algorithms for search
Working as a search engineer myself I decided to develop a framework for finding optimal query weights for search engines like Elasticsearch...
15-06-2018 01:00:18 Mikołaj Kania Advanced
How to change Solr standard tokenizer rules?
Although Solr comes with standard tokenizer implementation, which is well prepared to tokenize most of the texts, there are cases when it is...
27-08-2017 23:04:14 Mikołaj Kania Advanced

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