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Getting started with GraalVM
Recently at a conference, I was approached by someone asking whether it's true that GraalVM breaks reflection? Which of course it doesn't. A...
24-12-2019 05:37:48 java advent Advanced
Exploring NLP concepts using Apache OpenNLP inside a Java-enabled Jupyter notebook
Introduction I have been exploring and playing around with the Apache OpenNLP library after a bit of convincing. For those who are not aware...
23-12-2019 10:34:11 java advent Advanced
Mutation Testing
Testing is an important and intrinsic component of software. Tests are required to ensure quality and maintainability of code. Consider the ...
22-12-2019 09:49:17 java advent Advanced
R2DBC - Reactive relational database connectivity
R2DBC R2DBC is a specification designed for reactive programming /stream oriented access to SQL databases. It is fully non-blocking. The mai...
22-12-2019 02:53:53 java advent Advanced
Exploring NLP concepts using Apache OpenNLP
Introduction After looking at a lot of Java/JVM based NLP libraries listed on Awesome AI/ML/DL I decided to pick the Apache OpenNLP library....
21-12-2019 02:12:57 java advent Advanced
Intro to Micronaut
Why Micronaut Java was created in world different from the one today, at that time long running applications were common way and preferred w...
20-12-2019 02:44:28 java advent Advanced
A beginner's guide to Java agents
While Java beginners quickly learn typing public static void main to run their applications, even seasoned developers often do not know abou...
19-12-2019 03:11:46 java advent Advanced
Applying NLP in Java, all from the command-line
Introduction We are all aware of Machine Learning tools and cloud services that work via the browser and give us an interface we can use to ...
18-12-2019 09:21:57 java advent Advanced
OpenJDK 11, tools of the trade
In my talk about the Security Manager, I demo a hack that takes advantage of the Attach API. The later requires to know about the PID of the...
18-12-2019 02:31:25 java advent Advanced
Elasticsearch SQL
The Elasticsearch engine Elasticsearch is one of the most widely search engines being used in a number of production deployments today. It i...
17-12-2019 03:16:32 java advent Advanced

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