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An apology
I'm deeply, truly sorry everyone. I let you all down. I promised you all a great JVM advent, and not only did I fail to write my own article...
23-12-2016 08:18:41 java advent Advanced
Java Advent 2015 wrap-up
It seems that doing the wrap-up with almost a year delay is becoming a tradition on the JVM advent blog. I'm really hoping to do better this...
03-11-2016 00:52:23 java advent Advanced
It's that time of the year again…
Hello everyone! We're gearing up for an other great Java advent season. Feel free to browse the archives for 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012. Also...
02-11-2016 18:47:29 java advent Advanced
Decorator Design Pattern using lambdas
With the advent of lambdas in Java we now have a new tool to better design our code. Of course the first step is using streams, method refer...
24-12-2015 13:38:22 java advent Advanced
Java in 2015 – Major happenings
2015 was the year where Java the language, platform, ecosystem and community continue to dominate the software landscape, with only Javascri...
23-12-2015 19:46:05 java advent Advanced
Adopt OpenJDK & Java community: how can you help Java !
Introduction I want to take the opportunity to show what we have been doing in last year and also what we have done so far as members of the...
23-12-2015 02:51:23 java advent Advanced
Effective UI tests with Selenide
Waiting for miracles Christmas is a time for miracles. On the eve of the new year we all build plans for the next. And we hope that all prob...
22-12-2015 20:11:16 java advent Advanced
Java regular expression library benchmarks – 2015
While trying to get Java to #1 in the regexdna challenge for The Computer Language Benchmarks Game I was researching the performance of regu...
21-12-2015 20:56:46 java advent Advanced
Kotlin for Android Developers
We Android Developers have a difficult situation regarding our language limitation. As you may know, current Android development only suppor...
20-12-2015 20:37:50 java advent Advanced
The state of strings in Java 2015
This is an update of an article I ve written almost two years ago (The state of String in Java February, 2014). There have been some changes...
19-12-2015 20:16:26 java advent Advanced

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