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Another two years in the life of AI, ML, DL and Java
A bit of a background Many of you know of my first post on this topic Two years in the life of AI, ML, DL and Javathat was back in 2018/2019...
25-12-2020 02:41:28 java advent Advanced
Exceptions and Streams
Java 8 gave us Optional, a mighty weapon against the most frequent Exception in Java: NullPointerException. Unfortunately, Java 8 also broug...
24-12-2020 03:34:37 java advent Advanced
Merry Chistmas and Happy Fallback with MicroProfile
Christmas is coming! Like every year, Santa needs to schedule its presents delivery. Can you imagine? Millions of (good) children will recei...
23-12-2020 03:20:54 java advent Advanced
Confusing Java Strings
In this article, I would like to show you a couple of confusing things in connection with Java Strings and give you a few suggestions to avo...
22-12-2020 03:24:55 java advent Advanced
How to Inspire the Next Generation of Java Developers?
A Java in Education initiative for global Java User Group (JUG) Leaders. Java moves our world. Java helps you to stay safe, connected with y...
21-12-2020 10:13:23 java advent Advanced
Eclipse Collections is an open source Java Collections framework. In this blog I am going to demonstrate five lesser known features of the f...
20-12-2020 02:12:06 java advent Advanced
Light up your Christmas lights with Java and Raspberry Pi
Are you a serious Java-developer looking for a fun project? Or want to learn something completely new and use your Java-knowledge to control...
19-12-2020 01:09:18 java advent Advanced
Reactive OBSERVABLES and CREATING operators
Reactive is certainly not for the faint of heart. It can be broadly categorized into reactive programming, reactive systems, and the Reactiv...
18-12-2020 02:38:22 java advent Advanced
Impress your family during the Christmas dinner with JHipster magic
Christmas is coming soon, and you'll soon be at the family dinner again, even if this year it will be a Teams meeting as we're doing everyth...
17-12-2020 02:25:52 java advent Advanced
Seeing Escape Analysis Working
You may have heard of a compiler analysis phase called escape analysis. It informs an optimisation called scalar replacement of aggregates t...
16-12-2020 02:26:59 java advent Advanced

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