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Apache Zeppelin: stairway to notes* haven!
*notes is for notebooks in Zeppelin lingo Introduction Continuing from the previous post, Two years in the life of AI, ML, DL and Java, wher...
07-01-2019 15:05:59 java advent Advanced
Java Is Still Free
I traditionally write up a retrospective on the year from the perspective of the Java Ecosystem. But this year there were some major announc...
24-12-2018 12:52:39 java advent Advanced
Two years in the life of AI, ML, DL and Java
Citation All the images in the post are owned by the respective owners / creators / authors. Introduction AI, ML and DL are acronyms for Art...
24-12-2018 01:38:17 java advent Advanced
Hidden Treasures of Eclipse Collections
Eclipse Collections is an open source Java Collections framework. Please refer to the resources at the end of the blog for more information ...
23-12-2018 07:05:27 java advent Advanced
Batch Updates in Java Persistence Technologies
Relational data access often needs to insert or update multiple rows in a database as part of a single operation. In such scenarios, it is a...
22-12-2018 07:50:21 java advent Advanced
WTF Connection pools
Let's talk about connection pools. I claim that: Default settings of most popular connection pools are poor! For you, it means: Go review yo...
21-12-2018 09:46:46 java advent Advanced
Default methods in Java 8, and what it changes in API design
Java 8 introduced default method s in interfaces. This post describes what they are, and how they can change the design of APIs. A nominal d...
20-12-2018 10:21:52 java advent Advanced
19 Lessons in a Kata
We learn best by doing In this blog, I will show you how to get started coding the Eclipse Collections Pet kata. If you want to become profi...
19-12-2018 07:18:33 java advent Advanced
Security Enhancements in JDK 9, 10 and 11
One of reasons for shorter release cycles of the JDK is possibility to rollout faster security bugfixes and enhancements. In this article we...
18-12-2018 07:25:49 java advent Advanced
Java Security Animated
Overview Java security has been inherently a complex topic ever since the introduction of the security sandbox model in JDK 1.2 and the evol...
17-12-2018 08:00:19 java advent Advanced

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