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ACRUMEN: What is "software quality" anyway?!
Dave Aronson's definition of software quality, tips to achieve it, and discussion of why we need a new one. More info at . The post ACRUMEN:...
25-12-2022 06:01:18 java advent Advanced
Using Postgres as a Message Queue
This article looks into Postgres' lightweight notification mechanism & discusses how it can be leveraged to implement a simple, but effectiv...
24-12-2022 05:27:02 java advent Advanced
WebAssembly for the Java Geek
When many Java developers hear the word WebAssembly, the first thing they think is "browser technology". The second thing: "it's the JVM all...
23-12-2022 05:25:40 java advent Advanced
JVM Hello World
Writing a "Hello World" program is often a rite of passage for a software engineer when learning a new language. If you're a Java developer,...
22-12-2022 04:22:12 java advent Advanced
Elasticsearch Internals
Elasticsearch is as one of the leading solutions for Enterprise search (and not only). As such it is worth understanding how does it work in...
21-12-2022 03:14:18 java advent Advanced
How to Tackle the Pyramid of Quality in the Real World
Quality matters As software engineers, we all agree, that quality is an important part of systems that we build. In the end, what is the poi...
20-12-2022 04:33:28 java advent Advanced
Securing Java for the Community
Eclipse Adoptium is securing Java for the community. This post covers our motivation at Eclipse Adoptium and shares the steps we have taken ...
19-12-2022 03:13:12 java advent Advanced
Asynchronous Functional Web Server in Kotlin
In the vast majority of use cases, asynchronously handling web requests doesn't bring any advantage. This may require an explanation, since ...
18-12-2022 04:06:31 java advent Advanced
Groovy and Data Science
We examine several common data science and machine learning tasks and see how to perform them using Groovy and JVM libraries. The post Groov...
17-12-2022 04:37:08 java advent Advanced
The Power of Two Rings – Another View onto Developer Productivity
Developer productivity seems to be front and center again these days. While projects like Backstage draw a lot of interest and we also see a...
16-12-2022 05:16:40 java advent Advanced

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