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Java 9 at a glance
To many Java 9 may seem to be a maintenance release that pushes forward project Jigsaw that couldn't make it in Java 8. But along with the n...
27-12-2017 07:32:41 java advent Advanced
When it comes to any community driven open source project, funding is always the limiting factor. There is no cheap way to get machines host...
25-12-2017 18:56:14 java advent Advanced
Testing Java: Let Me Count the Ways
For years now, I have been testing Java and if there is a single statement to make about that activity, it is that there are many, many, man...
25-12-2017 12:51:31 java advent Advanced
Java Unshackled - A cataclysmic 2017!
This post comes from my sickbed and is therefore shorter than what I'd like given the importance of 2017! 2017 is the year where Java the la...
24-12-2017 11:04:37 java advent Advanced
20 Years Of Java…
Twenty years ago in a Zurich apartment two momentous things happened. My daughter took her first steps and a young post doctoral researcher ...
23-12-2017 02:00:39 java advent Advanced
Power Up Your Data Model With Projections
Introduction Data models can be tricky. Modelling can be even harder. Sometimes information that should go into a database table isn't neces...
22-12-2017 02:53:26 java advent Advanced
JavaParser to generate, analyze and modify Java code
As developers we frequently look in contempt to people doing repetitive work manually. They should automate that, we think. Still, we do all...
21-12-2017 08:54:50 java advent Advanced
Automatic-Module-Name: Calling all Java Library Maintainers
With the Java 9 release, developers can use the new module system to create modular applications. However, in order to modularize applicatio...
20-12-2017 14:31:44 java advent Advanced
Using Kotlin on the SAP Hybris platform
Since I discovered Kotlin, I use it in all my personal projects. I've become quite fond of the language, and with good reason. However, ther...
20-12-2017 08:27:46 java advent Advanced
Gentle intro to GraphQL in Java World
A lot of people think that GraphQL is for Front End and JavaScript only, that it doesn't have the place with Backend technologies like Java,...
20-12-2017 02:15:16 java advent Advanced

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