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java.lang.InterruptedExcep tion is thrown when a Thread blocked in Object.wait(), Thread.join(), or Thread.sleep() is interrupted. Here we'l...
14-01-2017 10:01:22 farenda (Java Programming Examples) Beginners
Java IllegalMonitorStateException
java.lang.IllegalMonitorSt ateException form Object's notify/wait methods indicates basic synchronization issue. In this post we'll show the...
12-01-2017 23:30:18 farenda (Java Programming Examples) Beginners
Single Responsibility Principle explained
Single Responsibility Principle (SRP) is the most important of SOLID software design principles. In this post we explain it and show how to ...
07-01-2017 22:55:04 farenda (Java Programming Examples) Beginners
GCD in Clojure using Euclidean algorithm
In this post we're going to implement calculation of Greatest Common Divisor GCD in Clojure using Euclidean algorithm for two and more numbe...
01-01-2017 23:18:51 farenda (Java Programming Examples) Beginners
GCD in Java using Euclidean Algorithm
In this post we show how to implement GCD in Java using Euclidean Algorithm. GCD is known as Greatest Common Divisor/Factor/Measure, Highest...
30-12-2016 19:08:11 farenda (Java Programming Examples) Beginners
Remove duplicates from List in Java
We show how to remove duplicates from List in Java. Choose implementation depending on circumstances and with expected performance. Remove d...
22-12-2016 07:39:41 farenda (Java Programming Examples) Beginners
Clojure transients – fast mutations in persistent world
Clojure transients is a great way to optimize performance sensitive code without leaving familiar Clojure world. In this post we show how to...
21-12-2016 08:16:49 farenda (Java Programming Examples) Beginners
Generate random numbers concurrently – ThreadLocalRandom
Until Java 7 there was no simple and effective way to generate random numbers concurrently. Here we show ThreadLocalRandom to generate rando...
20-12-2016 13:57:28 farenda (Java Programming Examples) Beginners
Insertion Sort in Clojure
Insertion sort in Clojure can be implemented in different ways. In this post we compare implementations with and without Clojure transients....
18-12-2016 17:57:50 farenda (Java Programming Examples) Beginners
Quicksort in Java
Quicksort is one of the fastest sorting algorithms. In this article we implement Quicksort in Java, describe how it works and its properties...
16-12-2016 13:08:25 farenda (Java Programming Examples) Beginners

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