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Java 8 Date Time concepts
In Java 8 Date and Time went another remodeling resulting in much better API and concepts better reflecting developer's needs. Here we'll go...
02-10-2017 22:35:00 farenda (Java Programming Examples) Beginners
Maven dependency to local JAR
Did you ever need to configure Maven dependency to local JAR? It's rarely needed, but when it is, it's good to know how to do that correctly...
03-08-2017 22:10:48 farenda (Java Programming Examples) Beginners
Caesar cipher in Java
One of the simplest cryptographic algorithms is Caesar cipher. It's not really secure, but sometimes you may encounter it in some exercises ...
21-07-2017 22:36:09 farenda (Java Programming Examples) Beginners
Java casting trick
Recently I've rediscovered Class.cast(object) that can be used to cast objects to a type. In Java 8 streams the method allows to do a nice J...
02-07-2017 14:33:56 farenda (Java Programming Examples) Beginners
Java 8 flatMap practical example
In this post we'll show a practical example of processing tree-like structure using streams and Java 8 flatMap. As a tree-like structure let...
18-06-2017 21:25:06 farenda (Java Programming Examples) Beginners
Linked List – remove element
As many other algorithms in Linked List remove element from given position runs in linear time. Here we are going to implement it to better ...
15-06-2017 14:44:28 farenda (Java Programming Examples) Beginners
Linked List – insert element at position
In this post we'll implement another algorithm for Linked List insert element at position. The algorithm works in linear time in the worst c...
10-06-2017 18:29:35 farenda (Java Programming Examples) Beginners
Linked List add element at the end
Linked List is a simple data structure. Implementing it from scratch helps to understand its properties. We'll implement Linked List add, si...
28-05-2017 21:02:35 farenda (Java Programming Examples) Beginners
Create Java Streams
There are many ways to create Java Streams and for each of them we'll show examples. This flexibility is needed especially when combined wit...
21-05-2017 19:18:18 farenda (Java Programming Examples) Beginners
Floyd Cycle detection in Java
One of the best known algorithms to detect a cycle in a linked list is Floyd Cycle detection. Using Floyd's algorithm we can detect cycle, i...
13-05-2017 16:50:21 farenda (Java Programming Examples) Beginners

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