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Create Java Streams
There are many ways to create Java Streams and for each of them we'll show examples. This flexibility is needed especially when combined wit...
21-05-2017 19:18:18 farenda (Java Programming Examples) Beginners
Floyd Cycle detection in Java
One of the best known algorithms to detect a cycle in a linked list is Floyd Cycle detection. Using Floyd's algorithm we can detect cycle, i...
13-05-2017 16:50:21 farenda (Java Programming Examples) Beginners
Initialize Spring bean after construction
Sometimes there is a need to initialize Spring bean after construction. Basically there are two ways to do that, which we will cover here. P...
06-05-2017 19:40:31 farenda (Java Programming Examples) Beginners
Palindrome detector in Java
Palindrome is a sequence of chars which reads the same backward and forward. Detecting palindrome is a common job interview task therefore w...
05-05-2017 22:35:53 farenda (Java Programming Examples) Beginners
Shuffle Algorithm in Java
Shuffling of arrays/lists sounds like a trivial task, but in reality it's full of subtle traps. Here we show how to implement Fisher-Yates S...
22-04-2017 19:05:42 farenda (Java Programming Examples) Beginners
MD5 hash in Java
To calculate MD5 hash in Java we can use pure Java approach or use libraries. In this post we're going to show how to calculate Message Dige...
21-04-2017 13:31:59 farenda (Java Programming Examples) Beginners
MongoDB join collections
For long time MongoDB didn't have any means to join collections, but since version 3.2 there is a way to do simple left outer join of two co...
14-04-2017 14:45:01 farenda (Java Programming Examples) Beginners
MongoDB JSON to Document/DBObject
MongoDB integrates with JSON very well, but how to convert JSON to Document/DBObject using MongoDB API? In this post we show two solutions. ...
13-04-2017 13:15:45 farenda (Java Programming Examples) Beginners
How to generate random test data in MongoDB
A common problem when starting with MongoDB is how to generate random test data in MongoDB. A large data set is especially needed for MongoD...
09-04-2017 22:27:15 farenda (Java Programming Examples) Beginners
Spring Locale from Request
Spring Framework is really great when it comes to i18n. It applies different strategies to get user's locale from request. In this post we'l...
07-04-2017 18:19:20 farenda (Java Programming Examples) Beginners

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