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Java 9 by Example, My New Book
Sometime during the summer, I decided to write a book on Java programming after being suggested to do so by Packt. Java is a market leader a...
19-10-2016 10:56:33 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
Final volatile
I was writing my book over the weekend and I was looking for some simple example that could demonstrate the real need of volatile modifier i...
21-09-2016 18:30:33 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
Microbenchmarking comes to Java 9
I have not written article here for a few months and this will also continue with this exception. I plan to return writing around next year ...
11-09-2016 16:36:37 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
Try and Catch in Golang
Golang as opposed to Java does not have exceptions, try/catch/finally blocks. It has strict error handling, functions called panic and recov...
25-05-2016 11:26:07 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
Do not (only) meet the budget
In a previous article I wrote The actual decision (of a software architect) should lead to a solution that meets availability, performance, ...
13-05-2016 12:01:54 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
Architects Don't Decide
As pointed out in the article A Little Architecture from Robert C. Martin the job of the architect is not to lead a team and make all the im...
04-05-2016 16:34:56 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
Code Naked
I can not merge your pull request on our Git. Why? There is only one file modified. That is because we modified only one Java class. That is...
02-05-2016 00:58:34 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
Comparing Golang with Java
First of all I would like to make a disclaimer. I am not an expert in Go. I started to study it a few weeks ago, thus the statements here ar...
27-04-2016 17:07:32 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
I was working five years in telecom industry where service availability was God. We had to reach five nines, that is 99.999% percent of the ...
20-04-2016 17:32:28 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
Random Ideas about Code Style
Some of the sentences of this article are ironic. Others are to be taken serious. It is up to the reader to separate them. Start with these ...
13-04-2016 17:24:00 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing

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