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Extending abstract classes with abstract classes in Java
The example issue When I was creating the Java::Geci abstract class AbstractFieldsGenerator and AbstractFilteredFieldsGen erator I faced a n...
12-06-2019 17:30:13 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
Reflection selector expression
Java::Geci is a code generator that runs during unit test time. If the generated code fits the actual version of the source code then the te...
05-06-2019 17:26:43 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
Generating setters and getters using Java::Geci
In the article , we created very simple hello-world generators to introduce the framework and how to generate generators generally. In this ...
29-05-2019 18:32:11 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
Box old objects to be autoclosable
Since Java 7 we can use try-with-resources and have any object automatically closed that implements the Autocloseable interface. If the reso...
22-05-2019 17:19:54 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
Lazy assignment in Java
Programmers are inherently lazy and similis simili gaudet also like when the programs are lazy. Have you ever heard lazy loading? Or lazy si...
15-05-2019 16:32:42 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
Creating a Java::Geci generator
A few days back I wrote about Java::Geci architecture, code generation philosophy and the possible different ways to generate Java source co...
08-05-2019 17:55:55 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
Handling exceptions functional style
Java supports checked exceptions from the very start. With Java 8 the language element lambda and the RT library modifications supporting st...
01-05-2019 17:43:42 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
How to generate source code?
In this article, I will talk about the different phases of software development where the source code can be generated programmatically and ...
24-04-2019 18:07:47 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
Get rid of pom XML… almost
Introduction POM files are XML formatted files that declaratively describe the build structure of a Java project to be built using Maven. Ma...
13-03-2019 17:22:36 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
var and language design
What is var in Java The var predefined type introduced in Java 10 lets you declared local variables without specifying the type of the varia...
06-03-2019 16:59:15 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing

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