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Why and how do to do technical interviews?
It is a personal blog. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author. They do not represent people, institutions,...
22-09-2021 17:49:21 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
Creating a JUnit 5 ExecutionCondition
Introduction JUnit 5 has a lot of underutilized features. Developers have learned how to use JUnit 4, and they utilize the same feature set ...
04-05-2021 13:59:51 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
Automate Technical Documentation using Jamal
Introduction Writing good technical documentation is an art. An art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination...
17-02-2021 17:08:15 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
Unit testing private methods
Introduction In this article, I will contemplate the testing of private methods in unit tests. After that, I will propose a way or pattern t...
10-02-2021 17:27:08 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
Start a Java app without installing it
This article describes how you can use JShell to download and execute a Java application. It will eliminate the need for the installation of...
24-10-2020 00:31:59 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
All you wanted to know about Throwable
This article is a tutorial about exceptions. But not the usual one. There are many of those that tell you what exceptions are for, how you c...
13-05-2020 17:33:16 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
JDK14 instanceof EA issue
Tagir Valeev recently had a tweet about the preview feature of the soon coming JDK14 release of Java: #Java14 pattern matching brings name s...
01-01-2020 16:14:27 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
Repeated code
Introduction It is usually not good to have copy/paste code in our Java application but sometimes it is unavoidable. For example the project...
27-11-2019 16:22:41 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
Supporting Java 8
Although Java has version 13 released as for now, there are a lot of production installations running with Java 8. As a professional, I deve...
06-11-2019 17:20:20 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
Creating a Video Tutorial
I usually write technical articles here. This article is an exception. I do not know if this is a checked exception or not though. I do not ...
30-10-2019 15:44:37 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing

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