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Tools to keep JavaDoc up-to-date
There are many projects where the documentation is not up-to-date. It is easy to forget to change the documentation after the code was chang...
04-09-2019 17:37:12 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
ValueTypes video, must see for juniors
JAX-TV uploaded the recording of my talk I presented this year in Mainz at W-JAX The topic is Java ValueTypes. The talk, however, starts wit...
22-08-2019 23:38:04 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
Java Projects: Book Review
This article is about the book Java Projects Second Edition, by Peter Verhas that I wrote last year. The aim of such an article is usually t...
21-08-2019 18:18:55 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
Annotation Handling and JPMS
Instead of annotation.getClass().get Method("value") call annotation.annotationType ().getMethod("value"). (If you do not know what JPMS is,...
31-07-2019 18:13:00 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
Java hexadecimal floating point literal
How I met hexadecimal floating point numbers I was developing a new functionality into Java::Geci to make it less prone to code reformatting...
03-07-2019 19:01:02 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
Inject-able only in test?
This article is about some thoughts of test design and testability. Some questions that we discussed with my son, who is a junior Java devel...
26-06-2019 18:15:31 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
Converting objects to Map and back
In large enterprise applications sometimes we need to convert data objects to and from Map. Usually, it is an intermediate step to a special...
19-06-2019 17:16:47 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
Extending abstract classes with abstract classes in Java
The example issue When I was creating the Java::Geci abstract class AbstractFieldsGenerator and AbstractFilteredFieldsGen erator I faced a n...
12-06-2019 17:30:13 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
Reflection selector expression
Java::Geci is a code generator that runs during unit test time. If the generated code fits the actual version of the source code then the te...
05-06-2019 17:26:43 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing
Generating setters and getters using Java::Geci
In the article , we created very simple hello-world generators to introduce the framework and how to generate generators generally. In this ...
29-05-2019 18:32:11 java deep (Peter Verhas) Agile & Testing

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