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Python *args and **kwargs – Pass multiple arguments to a function
In this article, let's learn about Python *args and **kwargs and its functionality. *args and **kwargs are often used as parameters in funct...
29-06-2020 02:40:59 Java Interview Point Beginners
Python Comments – Single Line and Multi Line Comments
Comments are a handy tool for programmers and considered as one of the best practices for developers. Even though comments will not alter th...
22-06-2020 02:27:17 Java Interview Point Beginners
Python Hello World Program
Python is a simple, easy to learn yet powerful programming language. Guido van Rossum created Python and released in 1991. Python is so simp...
17-06-2020 07:44:58 Java Interview Point Beginners
40 Pattern Programs in Java – Number, Star, Alphabet Patterns
In this article, we will learn to print the different Pattern Programs in Java, it is the most famous interview question as it tests our log...
09-06-2020 01:51:01 Java Interview Point Beginners
Fail-Fast and Fail-Safe Iterators in Java
An iterator enables us to iterate the objects in a collection, and the iterator can be either Fail-Safe or Fail-Fast. The Fail-Fast iterator...
06-06-2020 13:55:38 Java Interview Point Beginners
Java ConcurrentHashMap | ConcurrentHashMap vs HashMap
ConcurrentHashMap is a class introduced in Java 1.5 Version which implements the ConcurrentMap interface. The ConcurrentHashMap is simply a ...
29-10-2019 01:48:54 Java Interview Point Beginners
Difference between new operator vs newInstance() method in Java
In this article, we will learn the difference between new operator vs newInstance() method. In general, the new operator is used to create t...
15-10-2019 02:48:08 Java Interview Point Beginners
Spring Boot JPA One To One Example with MySQL | Unidirectional & Bidirectional
In this article, we will learn how to create a Spring Boot JPA One To One mapping using Spring Data JPA with Foreign Key. In this approach, ...
25-09-2019 08:09:44 Java Interview Point Beginners
Spring Security – Custom UserDetailsService Example | InMemory & Database Authentication
Previously we have learned about InMemoryUserDetailManager and JdbcUserDetailsManager. UserDetailsService is the core interface which is res...
11-09-2019 08:27:20 Java Interview Point Beginners
5 Different Prime Number Program in Java | Prime Numbers between 1 to 100
What is a Prime Number? A Prime Number is a number which is greater than 1 and divisible by 1 and only itself. Some of the Prime Numbers are...
04-09-2019 02:51:47 Java Interview Point Beginners

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