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Java ConcurrentHashMap | ConcurrentHashMap vs HashMap
ConcurrentHashMap is a class introduced in Java 1.5 Version which implements the ConcurrentMap interface. The ConcurrentHashMap is simply a ...
29-10-2019 01:48:54 Java Interview Point Beginners
Difference between new operator vs newInstance() method in Java
In this article, we will learn the difference between new operator vs newInstance() method. In general, the new operator is used to create t...
15-10-2019 02:48:08 Java Interview Point Beginners
Spring Boot JPA One To One Example with MySQL | Unidirectional & Bidirectional
In this article, we will learn how to create a Spring Boot JPA One To One mapping using Spring Data JPA with Foreign Key. In this approach, ...
25-09-2019 08:09:44 Java Interview Point Beginners
Spring Security – Custom UserDetailsService Example | InMemory & Database Authentication
Previously we have learned about InMemoryUserDetailManager and JdbcUserDetailsManager. UserDetailsService is the core interface which is res...
11-09-2019 08:27:20 Java Interview Point Beginners
5 Different Prime Number Program in Java | Prime Numbers between 1 to 100
What is a Prime Number? A Prime Number is a number which is greater than 1 and divisible by 1 and only itself. Some of the Prime Numbers are...
04-09-2019 02:51:47 Java Interview Point Beginners
2 Different Magic Number in Java | Check whether a number is Magic Number or Not?
Before looking at the Magic number in Java, let's gets some basic understanding on a Magic number What is a Magic Number? A Magic Number is ...
28-08-2019 01:49:29 Java Interview Point Beginners
Spring Security – JdbcUserDetailsManager Example | JDBC Authentication and Authorization
In the previous article, we have learned about Spring InMemoryUserDetailsManage r which internally stores and retrieves the user-related inf...
21-08-2019 02:11:24 Java Interview Point Beginners
Armstrong Number in Java | Print Armstrong Number between 1 to 1000
An Armstrong Number is a number which is equal to the sum of its owns digits, each of them raised to the power of the total number of digits...
14-08-2019 02:05:11 Java Interview Point Beginners
Spring Security – InMemoryUserDetailsManager Example | In-Memory Authentication
Spring In-Memory authentication uses InMemoryUserDetailsManage r internally store and retrieve the user-related information which is require...
07-08-2019 03:23:51 Java Interview Point Beginners
6 Different Ways – Java Anagram Program | Check if Two Strings Are Anagram or Not?
What is an Anagram? An anagram is a word which is formed by rearranging or shuffling of letters in another word, the most important property...
06-08-2019 15:38:48 Java Interview Point Beginners

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