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Java ChaCha20 Encryption and Decryption Example | Symmetric Encryption
ChaCha20 is a stream cipher designed by Daniel J. Bernstein, ChaCha20 is a variant of the Salsa20 family of stream ciphers and widely used a...
23-04-2019 02:47:20 Java Interview Point Beginners
Top 20 Java Interview Questions on Final keyword
1. What is the use of the final keyword in Java? Final keyword can be applied to variable, method, and class. Each of them has its own uses ...
16-04-2019 02:33:27 Java Interview Point Beginners
How to create Custom Exception in Java
Java allows us to create our own exception class and throw the created exception using throw keyword. These exceptions are known as the Cust...
08-04-2019 02:39:27 Java Interview Point Beginners
Exception Handling in Java: A Complete Guide to Java Exceptions
Exception Handling is one of the most important feature which all the Java developers should know. In this article we will learn What is an ...
02-04-2019 02:49:28 Java Interview Point Beginners
Java URL Class Example | Create, Read and Parse URL
Java URL Class represents the URL [Uniform Resource Locator], through which you can locate and retrieve data from the network. The URL Class...
25-03-2019 00:57:32 Java Interview Point Beginners
31 Star Pattern Programs In Java | Pyramid Pattern | Diamond Pattern | Triangle Pattern
In this article, we will learn to print the different Star Pattern Programs in Java. This is one of the popular Java pattern program intervi...
18-03-2019 00:58:25 Java Interview Point Beginners
RSA Encryption and Decryption in Java | ECB Mode + 4096 Bits + OAEPWITHSHA-512ANDMGF1PADDING
RSA [Rivest Shamir Adleman] is a strong encryption and decryption algorithm which uses public key cryptography. RSA algorithm is an Asymmetr...
11-03-2019 00:56:47 Java Interview Point Beginners
Spring Interceptor Example | HandlerInterceptor | HandlerInterceptorAdapter
Spring Interceptor is similar to a Filter, which is used to intercept the request and process them. Spring MVC allows you to intercept web r...
04-03-2019 01:48:45 Java Interview Point Beginners
Java Program to Find Factorial of a given Number
In this program, we will learn to how to find Factorial of a given number in Java using for, while loop, do while loop and recursion. The fa...
25-02-2019 00:59:06 Java Interview Point Beginners
Java URL Encode and Decode Example | URLEncoder & URLDecoder
It is always a good practice to encode the URL or the Form parameters as it is vulnerable to attack. URLEncoder is the utility class provide...
18-02-2019 01:43:07 Java Interview Point Beginners

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