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What can Java do?
With Java-based libraries you can quickly develop a web site, create a game, build a PC program, or even create [ ] The post What can Java d...
26-11-2022 07:32:08 java performance Advanced
Similarities between Java and C#
Many people very often compare the C# language and Java. They do it for a reason. First, the languages appeared [ ] The post Similarities be...
25-11-2022 23:49:50 java performance Advanced
Features of Java
Java has many features, but the key one is the principle of translating code into a special bytecode that is [ ] The post Features of Java a...
25-11-2022 15:47:44 java performance Advanced
String switch implementation
by Mikhail Vorontsov This article covers the implementation details of String switch introduced in Java 7. It is a syntactic sugar on top of...
04-07-2015 08:52:35 java performance Advanced
Oracle Java Mission Control Overview
by Mikhail Vorontsov Introduction This article will describe the Java Mission Control – a JDK GUI tool (jmc / jmc.exe) available since Java ...
19-06-2015 22:00:24 java performance Advanced
Implementing a world fastest Java int-to-int hash map*
by Mikhail Vorontsov * Fastest among int-to-int map implementations I have tested in my previous article in the tests I have implemented for...
08-03-2015 05:00:49 java performance Advanced
Large HashMap overview: JDK, FastUtil, Goldman Sachs, HPPC, Koloboke, Trove – January 2015 version
by Mikhail Vorontsov This is a major update of the previous version of this article. The reasons for this update are: The major performance ...
06-02-2015 13:00:40 java performance Advanced
Going over Xmx32G heap boundary means you will have less memory available
by Mikhail Vorontsov This small article will remind you what happens to Oracle JVM once your heap setting goes over 32G. By default, all ref...
31-12-2014 01:57:37 java performance Advanced
Large HashMap overview: JDK, FastUtil, Goldman Sachs, HPPC, Koloboke, Trove
by Mikhail Vorontsov Introduction This article will give you an overview of hash map implementations in 5 well known libraries and JDK HashM...
01-11-2014 12:41:26 java performance Advanced
String deduplication feature (from Java 8 update 20)
by Mikhail Vorontsov This article will provide you a short overview of a string deduplication feature added into Java 8 update 20. String ob...
03-09-2014 09:31:23 java performance Advanced

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