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Top 4 Free Java 11 Certification Mock Tests and Practice Questions - (OCAJP 11 - 1Z0-815 and OCAPJP 816 Sample Questions)
The latest Java certification is now out, the Java 11 Certification. Ever since Java 9 and Java10 was out, programmers were speculating that...
18-07-2019 16:34:27 java revisited Beginners
Top 5 Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Courses and Certifications to Learn Online
The GCP or Google Cloud Platform is a slightly late entrant in the world of public cloud computing but it has completely changed the public ...
14-07-2019 09:29:38 java revisited Beginners
Top 5 Books to Learn Python in 2019 - Best of Lot
Whether you are an AI expert or a Computer Science students, you will come across Python Programming language sooner or later in your career...
06-07-2019 13:58:50 java revisited Beginners
Top 5 Online Courses to learn Cloud Computing - Best of Lot
Cloud Computing is becoming an important skill for any Software developer or IT professional today as more and more companies are moving tow...
03-07-2019 15:22:25 java revisited Beginners
How to enable Spring Security in Java Web application?
Spring Security is one of the most popular open source frameworks to implement security in Java web application in a declarative way. It pro...
30-06-2019 06:13:13 java revisited Beginners
What is SecurityContext and SecurityContextHolder in Spring Security?
The SecurityContext and SecurityContextHolder are two fundamental classes of Spring Security. The SecurityContext is used to store the detai...
27-06-2019 04:39:07 java revisited Beginners
Yes, It's Never too late to learn Web Development
Yesterday, I was speaking to one of my friend who was not from the programming background but working as a teacher in a college of Engineeri...
25-06-2019 15:04:59 java revisited Beginners
How Spring MVC Framework works? How HTTP Request is processed?
One of the frequently asked Spring MVC Interview questions is about explaining the flow of web request i.e. how an HTTP request is processed...
17-06-2019 04:19:47 java revisited Beginners
3 Books and Courses to Learn Spring Security 5 in Depth
The Spring Security is one of the popular projects under the Spring framework umbrella which address security requirements of modern web app...
15-06-2019 15:46:25 java revisited Beginners
Why Programmers Should Create and Sell Online Courses
I often receive queries like should programmers create an alternative source of Income, or should programmers create their own blog or websi...
08-06-2019 17:44:19 java revisited Beginners

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