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Top 10 Highest Paying Technical Jobs for Software Engineers, Programmers
If you are a computer science graduate or someone who is thinking to make a career in software development world or an experienced programme...
21-09-2018 03:18:03 java revisited Beginners
Top 5 Jenkins Courses for Java and DevOps Engineers to Learn Online
In today's world of Agile and DevOps, Jenkins has become an indispensable tool for both Java programmers and DevOps engineers. Jenkins allow...
20-09-2018 17:24:24 java revisited Beginners
10 Gift Ideas for Programmers, Software Engineers, and IT Professionals
My friend circle has a lot of programmers and non-programmers and when it comes to buying gifts for birthdays, anniversary or holidays, I re...
20-09-2018 05:04:59 java revisited Beginners
Kotlin vs Java - Which language Android Developers should Learn?
Ever since Google announced Kotlin as the official language for Android development in Google IO 2017, programmers, who want to become an An...
19-09-2018 15:28:12 java revisited Beginners
How to enable HTTP Basic Authentication in Spring Security using Java and XML Config
In the last article, I have shown you how to enable Spring security in Java application and today we'll talk about how to enable Basic HTTP ...
19-09-2018 05:31:31 java revisited Beginners
Top 5 IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio Courses for Java and Android Development - Best of Lot
There is no doubt that IntelliJ IDEA is THE best IDE for Java development, even though Eclipse may still be probably used by more people bec...
17-09-2018 15:18:34 java revisited Beginners
Top 10 Programming and Coding Interview Courses for Programmers
To be honest with you, getting your first job is never easy. It is, in fact, the hardest task and you need to put your best effort to find a...
17-09-2018 04:26:07 java revisited Beginners
Top 5 Java EE Courses to Learn Online - Best of Lot
The Java Platform Enterprise Edition 8 or Java EE 8 was released last year along with Java 9 in September 2017. If you are a Java developer ...
16-09-2018 16:24:50 java revisited Beginners
Top 5 Java SE 8 Certification Books - Best of Lot Must Read
If you are preparing for Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer, also known as Java SE 8 Programmer I or OCAJP8 exam and looking f...
15-09-2018 16:12:09 java revisited Beginners
Top 5 Java 8 Certifications Courses to Prepare OCAJP (1Z0-808) Exam Online
If you are preparing for Oracle Certified Java SE 8 Associate exam, also known as OCAJP 8 and OCPJP 8 with exam codes 1Z0-808 and looking fo...
15-09-2018 06:17:05 java revisited Beginners

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