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Difference between PriorityQueue and TreeSet in Java?
The PriorityQueue and TreeSet collection classes has a lot of similarities e.g. both provide O(log(N)) time complexity for adding, removing,...
30-04-2017 07:39:34 java revisited Beginners
Difference between Transient, Persistent, and Detached Objects in Hibernate
In Hibernate framework, an entity can be in three states, transient, persistent, and detached. When an object is in transient state, it is c...
29-04-2017 07:38:00 java revisited Beginners
Top 5 FREE eBooks to Learn jQuery Online or download PDF
Everybody loves free resources, don't you? Well, I do and that's why I am always in search of good free resources e.g. eBooks and training c...
27-04-2017 17:24:31 java revisited Beginners
Difference between @Autowired and @Inject annotation in Spring?
What is the difference between @Autowired and @Inject annotation in Spring is one of the frequently asked questions on Spring interviews? Si...
26-04-2017 18:31:43 java revisited Beginners
Difference between CAST, CONVERT, and PARSE function in Microsoft SQL Server
Though all three, CAST, CONVERT and PARSE are used to convert one data type into another in SQL Server, there are some subtle differences be...
25-04-2017 18:25:37 java revisited Beginners
Difference between repaint and revalidate method in Java Swing
What is the difference between revalidate() and repaint() in Java Swing is one of the popular Swing Interview Questions especially on Invest...
24-04-2017 18:12:23 java revisited Beginners
OCAJP 1Z0-808 - Best Books and Mock Exams for Java 8 OCA Certification
From the last couple of months, I have been helping few developers to prepare for Java 8 associate certification with exam code 1Z0-808, als...
23-04-2017 14:23:28 java revisited Beginners
Recursive Binary Search Algorithm in Java - Example Tutorial
The binary search algorithm is one of the most famous search algorithms in computer science. It allows you to search a value in logarithmic ...
22-04-2017 15:31:54 java revisited Beginners
Top 10 Java books of last 5 Years For Experienced Programmers
If you think you have read all important books on Java and don't have anything new to read then hang on. Java is changing continuously, now ...
21-04-2017 17:34:09 java revisited Beginners
Can we declare a class Static in Java?
The answer to this question is both Yes and No, depending on whether you are talking about a top level class or a nested class in Java. You ...
20-04-2017 18:02:50 java revisited Beginners

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