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How to add or list certificates from keystore or trustStore in Java - Keytool Example
How to add certificates on keystore in Java is the primary question when you start working on SSL connection and a simple answer is keytool ...
23-07-2021 21:05:14 java revisited Beginners
How to read Properties File in Java - XML and Text Example Tutorial
Reading and writing properties file in Java is a little different than reading or writing text file in Java or reading xml files in Java usi...
23-07-2021 13:49:48 java revisited Beginners
Top 10 EJB Interview Question and Answer asked in Java J2EE Interviews
10 EJB Interview Questions and Answer from my collection of interview questions. I have been sharing interview questions on various topics l...
23-07-2021 06:33:34 java revisited Beginners
Why Avoid Comparing Integers in Java using == Operator? Example
Java 5 introduced auto-boxing which automatically converts int to Integer and because of that many Java developers started writing code for ...
22-07-2021 15:46:58 java revisited Beginners
What is the use of java.lang.Class in Java? Example
java.lang.Class is one of the most important classes in java but mostly overlooked by Java developers. It is very useful in the sense that i...
22-07-2021 08:46:13 java revisited Beginners
java.lang.numberformatexception for input string null - Cause and Solution
The java.lang.NumberFormatExc eption comes when you try to parse a non-numeric String to a Number like Short, Integer, Float, Double etc. Fo...
20-07-2021 00:08:54 java revisited Beginners
State Design Pattern Example in Java - Vending Machine
The state design pattern is a behavioral pattern, first introduced by GOF in their class is book design patterns. State pattern looks simila...
19-07-2021 17:20:24 java revisited Beginners
How to Get & Print current Thread stack trace in Java - Debugging Tutorial Example
The stack trace is very useful while debugging or troubleshooting any issue in Java. Thankfully Java provides a couple of ways to get a curr...
19-07-2021 10:21:44 java revisited Beginners
How to fix Too many files open in Tomcat, Weblogic Server
Not many Java programmers know that socket connections are treated like files and they use file descriptors, which is a limited resource. Th...
19-07-2021 03:40:44 java revisited Beginners
java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no dll in java.library.path - Cause and Solution
"Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLink Error: no dll in java.library.path" is one of the frustrating errors you will get if y...
18-07-2021 20:46:44 java revisited Beginners

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