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Spring Framework Certification FAQ - Frequently asked Questions Answers
If you are a Java developer, working in Spring framework and thinking to become a certified Spring professional but couldn't to do it in the...
22-10-2017 04:50:34 java revisited Beginners
Clean Code by Uncle Bob - Book Review - Must read for Software Engineers
Even though, the Clean Code book has been released many years ago and there are lots of good reviews already available, I couldn't resist to...
18-10-2017 06:18:57 java revisited Beginners
Jackson JSON Parsing Error - UnrecognizedPropertyException: Unrecognized field, not marked as ignorable [Solved]
While parsing JSON string received from one of our RESTful web services, I was getting this error "Exception in thread "main" com.fasterxml....
13-10-2017 14:56:01 java revisited Beginners
Effective Java, 3rd Edition Coming soon - Covers JDK 7, 8, and 9 -Must Read for Java Programmers
Hello guys, I have an interesting news to share with you today. After a long wait of almost 10 years, Effective Java 3rd edition is finally ...
10-10-2017 16:16:05 java revisited Beginners
Differences between @RequestParam and @PathVariable annotations in Spring MVC?
The Spring MVC framework, one of the most popular frameworks for developing a web application in Java world also provides several useful ann...
08-10-2017 04:32:48 java revisited Beginners
Can a non static method access static variable/method in Java?
"Can a non-static method access a static variable or call a static method" is one of the frequently asked questions on static modifier in Ja...
02-10-2017 17:38:26 java revisited Beginners
Clean Architecture by Uncle Bob Martin - Book Review - Must read for Programmers
Hello Guys, today, I am very excited to talk about a new book (Clean Architecture: A Craftsman's Guide to Software Structure and Design) fro...
28-09-2017 19:32:20 java revisited Beginners
Top 4 Books to learn Oracle PL/SQL Programming - Best, Must Read
In last summer, I had worked on a Java project which was using Oracle database at their backend. The project was a mix of Java code with Ora...
27-09-2017 16:18:31 java revisited Beginners
DispatcherServlet of Spring MVC - 10 things Java Developer should know
If you have worked with Spring MVC then you should know what is a DispatcherServlet? It's actually the heart of Spring MVC, precisely the C ...
23-09-2017 05:33:28 java revisited Beginners
Java 8 - Sorting HashMap by values in ascending and descending order
In the last article, I have shown you how to sort a Map in Java 8 by keys and today, I'll teach you how to sort a Map by values using Java 8...
10-09-2017 14:23:49 java revisited Beginners

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