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How to enable HTTP Basic Authentication in Spring Security using Java and XML Config
In the last article, I have shown you how to enable Spring security in Java application and today we'll talk about how to enable Basic HTTP ...
16-01-2018 12:53:24 java revisited Beginners
Top 20 Libraries and APIs Java Developer should know
One of the traits of a good and experienced Java developer is the extensive knowledge of API, including JDK and third-party libraries. I spe...
10-01-2018 16:56:52 java revisited Beginners
Top 5 Node.js and Express JS online courses for Web Developers
There is no doubt that JavaScript is the #1 Programming language in the world and Node.js is one of the biggest reason for that. Initially, ...
06-01-2018 10:21:11 java revisited Beginners
Top 10 Udemy Courses for Java and Web Developers
Hello guys, Happy New Year to all of you. I am sure you all have made your new year goals and resolutions e.g. what to learn in 2018. If you...
03-01-2018 17:45:05 java revisited Beginners
10 Frameworks Java and Web Developers Should learn in 2018
First of all, wish you a very Happy New Year 2018. May God bless you to fulfill all your dreams. From last a couple of weeks, many of my rea...
01-01-2018 15:30:46 java revisited Beginners
Top 20 Java Books of 2017 Which You Can Read in 2018 - Best of Lot
Only a few days have left in 2017 and while I am busy making my goals for 2017, I am also looking back on what I have done in 2017. One of t...
30-12-2017 05:34:46 java revisited Beginners
Top 10 Pluralsight Courses For Java Programmers and Web Developers to Learn in 2018
Since last week, I have been sharing about my 2018 learning goals and what Java programmers should learn in 2018 but I haven't shared with y...
28-12-2017 17:54:24 java revisited Beginners
10 Things Java Programmers Should Learn in 2018
It's 24th December now and only a few days have left in the year 2017. It's a good time to look back and retrospect what you have achieved i...
24-12-2017 07:29:13 java revisited Beginners
Top 10 Computer Programming and Sci-Fi Movies Programmers Should Watch
Guys, It's a fun time here, as Holidays are approaching, it's Movie time for many of us. Being a computer programmer, I love movies which ar...
19-12-2017 13:54:19 java revisited Beginners
10 Gift Ideas for Programmers, Software Engineers, and IT Professionals
My friend circle has a lot of programmers and non-programmers and when it comes to buying gifts for birthdays, anniversary or holidays, I re...
13-12-2017 15:36:46 java revisited Beginners

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