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Dataweave 2.0 date calculation
If you want to add number of days from a date and calculate a new date, you can use following code to do so. please note that in this case n...
16-01-2020 05:09:07 java roots (Abhishek Somani) Beginners
ForEach vs Splitter in mule
This example app will show the difference between Foreach and splitter in Mule version 3.x. Collection splitter splits the incoming collecti...
23-11-2019 08:25:44 java roots (Abhishek Somani) Beginners
How to Send emails in Java
Today we will discuss how to send emails from your Java app. In general, you have two main options: either use the native built-in functiona...
22-11-2019 09:18:41 java roots (Abhishek Somani) Beginners
Integrate CloudWatch Logs with Cloudhub Mule
In this blog, i will explain how to enable AWS Cloudwatch Logs for your Mule CloudHub Application. Cloudwatch Logs Services are provided by ...
13-10-2017 06:19:06 java roots (Abhishek Somani) Beginners
How to Set Up dedicated load balancer on Cloudhub
MuleSoft cloudhub provides inbuilt loadbalancer in the form of {appname}, which forwards the request on mule-worker-{appname}.au...
27-09-2017 06:06:10 java roots (Abhishek Somani) Beginners
How to Call Another Flow From Dataweave
This is a simple example showing how to call another flow and include that result in the resultant xml file. The opertaion "lookup" should b...
04-09-2017 09:10:34 java roots (Abhishek Somani) Beginners
Domain not available error Cloudhub Redeployment Issue
While deploying an application which was deployed successfully to Cloudhub previously using maven, I got the following error : [INFO] Deploy...
02-08-2017 07:28:43 java roots (Abhishek Somani) Beginners
How to read and write XL Files in Java
Below Examples shows how to write and read XLSX and XLS files using Java . package com.sun; import; import
20-07-2017 04:16:32 java roots (Abhishek Somani) Beginners
How to enable DEBUG Logging In CloudHub
cloudHub ignores the local log4j.xml configuration and even if we enable DEBUG logging in the xml file , and deploy it in cloudhub , we see ...
13-07-2017 06:03:35 java roots (Abhishek Somani) Beginners
How to make Poller Component Efficient In MULE ESB
Poller in MULE ESB is a very important component when you want to keep polling a endpoint for changes and then process it . Most of the time...
09-06-2017 03:22:22 java roots (Abhishek Somani) Beginners

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