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ForEach vs Splitter in mule
This example app will show the difference between Foreach and splitter in Mule version 3.x. Collection splitter splits the incoming collecti...
23-11-2019 08:25:44 java roots (Abhishek Somani) Beginners
How to Send emails in Java
Today we will discuss how to send emails from your Java app. In general, you have two main options: either use the native built-in functiona...
22-11-2019 09:18:41 java roots (Abhishek Somani) Beginners
Integrate CloudWatch Logs with Cloudhub Mule
In this blog, i will explain how to enable AWS Cloudwatch Logs for your Mule CloudHub Application. Cloudwatch Logs Services are provided by ...
13-10-2017 06:19:06 java roots (Abhishek Somani) Beginners
How to Set Up dedicated load balancer on Cloudhub
MuleSoft cloudhub provides inbuilt loadbalancer in the form of {appname}, which forwards the request on mule-worker-{appname}.au...
27-09-2017 06:06:10 java roots (Abhishek Somani) Beginners
How to Call Another Flow From Dataweave
This is a simple example showing how to call another flow and include that result in the resultant xml file. The opertaion "lookup" should b...
04-09-2017 09:10:34 java roots (Abhishek Somani) Beginners
Domain not available error Cloudhub Redeployment Issue
While deploying an application which was deployed successfully to Cloudhub previously using maven, I got the following error : [INFO] Deploy...
02-08-2017 07:28:43 java roots (Abhishek Somani) Beginners
How to read and write XL Files in Java
Below Examples shows how to write and read XLSX and XLS files using Java . package com.sun; import; import
20-07-2017 04:16:32 java roots (Abhishek Somani) Beginners
How to enable DEBUG Logging In CloudHub
cloudHub ignores the local log4j.xml configuration and even if we enable DEBUG logging in the xml file , and deploy it in cloudhub , we see ...
13-07-2017 06:03:35 java roots (Abhishek Somani) Beginners
How to make Poller Component Efficient In MULE ESB
Poller in MULE ESB is a very important component when you want to keep polling a endpoint for changes and then process it . Most of the time...
09-06-2017 03:22:22 java roots (Abhishek Somani) Beginners
How to create AWS - s3 bucket using terraform
Digitized and Automated Infrastructure is all we need !!! Before we begin learning and coding our infrastructure, let us know why we need it...
17-02-2017 15:01:33 java roots (Abhishek Somani) Beginners

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