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Issue 293 - Canonical Orders
Should we write "public abstract static class" or "public static abstract class"? And should fields be "final static private" or "private st...
30-09-2021 22:11:46 java specialists Beginners
Issue 292 - StartingGun Synchronizer
CountDownLatch is easy to understand, but can be hard to use, especially the await() method that throws InterruptedException. In this newsle...
31-08-2021 20:12:44 java specialists Beginners
Issue 291 - Snakes and Ladders
"Would you like to play with me?" - Summer holidays are a good time to relax and whip out a board game or two. In this newsletter we explore...
20-07-2021 21:55:49 java specialists Beginners
Issue 290 - CopyOnWriteArrayList and Collection.toArray()
When is it safe for a CopyOnWriteArrayList to accept the result from a toArray() method? In the past, the only thing that mattered was that ...
10-06-2021 20:23:18 java specialists Beginners
Issue 289 - MergingSortedSpliterator
If we have a List>, each stream with sorted elements, how can we generate a sorted Stream, taking one at a time from each stream? In this ne...
25-04-2021 06:38:34 java specialists Beginners
Issue 288 - Weakly Consistent Iteration
How consistent is weakly-consistent iteration? And which collections return weakly-consistent iterators? How do we know? Join us as we explo...
01-04-2021 23:34:30 java specialists Beginners
Issue 287 - @PolymorphicSignature
MethodHandles annotate the invoke() methods with @PolymorphicSignature. In this newsletter we see how this can help to avoid unnecessary obj...
31-01-2021 15:45:05 java specialists Beginners
Issue 286 - Discernment on the Shoulders of Giants
Today is the 20th anniversary of The Java Specialists' Newsletter. Time to sit back, relax, grab a coffee and wax lyrically about what makes...
30-11-2020 22:15:18 java specialists Beginners
Issue 285 - I/O Stream Memory Overhead
Each PrintStream uses about 25kb of memory. This might seem reasonable if we only have System.out and System.err. But what happens if we try...
31-10-2020 01:00:06 java specialists Beginners
Issue 283 - Four Billion Changes
A nice puzzle to brighten your day - how can we make the Iterator think that the List has not been changed?
08-10-2020 11:43:30 java specialists Beginners

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