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Issue 266 - Threading Questions in Job Interviews (2/2)
In our previous newsletter, we showed 14 typical questions that interviewers ask to find out if we know threading. Here are our model answer...
12-02-2019 20:53:30 java specialists Beginners
Issue 265 - Threading Questions in Job Interviews (1/2)
Asking detailed threading questions during an interview is like asking a football player to prove that he can sing well. Not necessarily rel...
07-01-2019 15:07:10 java specialists Beginners
Issue 264 - 2018 Retrospective - Living Entrepreneurially
Our lives are so busy, we sometimes forget to stop and smell the roses. Let's take a moment to look back at how far we have come in the last...
19-12-2018 15:57:09 java specialists Beginners
Issue 263 - Anonymous Tuples
Anonymous inner classes can be used effectively in Java 8 Streams to create tuples. See how this can improve our refactoring of old procedur...
28-11-2018 18:15:21 java specialists Beginners
Issue 262 - How Java Maps Protect Themselves From DOS Attacks
A well known exploit with maps is to create a lot of Strings as keys that all have the same hash code. In this newsletter we see how easily ...
09-10-2018 16:23:57 java specialists Beginners
Issue 261 - Concurrent Queue Sizes and Hot Fields
ConcurrentLinkedQueue's size() method is not very useful in a multi-threaded environment, because it counts the number of elements in the qu...
20-09-2018 17:24:42 java specialists Beginners
Issue 260 - Java Is Still Free
Is the Java Ecosystem still safe and robust or should we move to a different language? Maybe Go or Python? In this newsletter we look at whe...
17-09-2018 18:54:29 java specialists Beginners
Issue 259 - Try-With-Resource in Plain Java
How would the plain Java code look for our try-with-resource constructs? Watch how 4 lines of code are expanded into 39 LOC and 170 bytecode...
01-07-2018 22:54:27 java specialists Beginners
Issue 258 - ShuffleCollector
Sorting a stream is easy. But what if we want the opposite: shuffling? We can shuffle a List with Collections.shuffle(List) . But how can we...
09-04-2018 18:27:05 java specialists Beginners
Issue 257 - CountDownLatch vs Phaser
Java 7 gave us a brilliant new class called Phaser, which we can use to coordinate actions between threads. It replaces both CountDownLatch ...
02-04-2018 09:19:28 java specialists Beginners

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