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Issue 300 - Break in Switch With Pattern Matching
The enhanced switch is cool. Pattern Matching for switch is super cool (they even timed the JEP number to be exactly 420 - or was that fate?...
26-04-2022 21:24:37 java specialists Beginners
Issue 299 - Synchronizing on Value-Based Classes
Locking on Integer objects has always been a bad idea. And we now have a way to find such bad code with a runtime switch DiagnoseSyncOnValue...
31-03-2022 17:18:05 java specialists Beginners
Issue 298 - Finding Permitted Subclasses
Sealed classes show us which subclasses they permitted. Unfortunately there is no way to do this recursively. In this newsletter we show how...
28-02-2022 21:18:44 java specialists Beginners
Issue 297 - Measuring ForkJoinPool Parallelism
Java has support for parallelism baked into the JDK. We have parallel streams, parallel sort and CompletableFutures, all using the same comm...
31-01-2022 17:53:45 java specialists Beginners
Issue 296 - Concurrent LinkedHashSet
LinkedHashSet is a set that can also maintain order. To make this thread-safe, we can wrap it with Collections.synchronizedS et(). However, ...
31-12-2021 17:47:42 java specialists Beginners
Issue 295 - Faster Empty Streams
Streams can make our code more readable, and therefore more maintainable. However, there is some overhead in setting up the stream, a cost t...
26-11-2021 13:44:37 java specialists Beginners
Issue 294 - String.format() 3x faster in Java 17
One of the most convenient ways of constructing complex Strings is with String.format(). It used to be excessively slow, but in Java 17 is a...
29-10-2021 18:34:36 java specialists Beginners
Issue 293 - Canonical Orders
Should we write "public abstract static class" or "public static abstract class"? And should fields be "final static private" or "private st...
30-09-2021 22:11:46 java specialists Beginners
Issue 292 - StartingGun Synchronizer
CountDownLatch is easy to understand, but can be hard to use, especially the await() method that throws InterruptedException. In this newsle...
31-08-2021 20:12:44 java specialists Beginners
Issue 291 - Snakes and Ladders
"Would you like to play with me?" - Summer holidays are a good time to relax and whip out a board game or two. In this newsletter we explore...
20-07-2021 21:55:49 java specialists Beginners

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