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Issue 250 - Learning Java with jshell
Java 9 has changed the way that new programmers can be introduced to Java. No more "public static void main(String[] args)", but instead a b...
26-10-2017 14:18:42 java specialists Beginners
Issue 249 - @Contended @since 9
Java 9 is more strict about what system internal classes we can use. So how can we use @Contended in Java 9? This article shows you how.
23-08-2017 22:08:45 java specialists Beginners
Issue 248 - Immutable Collections in Java 9
Java 9 now offers immutable lists, sets and maps. We look at how to create them and also how to do simple set operations like union and inte...
01-06-2017 00:00:29 java specialists Beginners
Issue 247 - Memory Puzzle with Lambdas
Just like inner classes, lambdas might also suffer from memory issues, but to a lesser extent. In this puzzle you need to figure out which l...
01-04-2017 00:12:40 java specialists Beginners
Issue 246 - LRU Cache From LinkedHashMap
The LinkedHashMap has an interesting feature, where we can order elements in "access order", rather than the default "insertion order". This...
28-02-2017 15:35:25 java specialists Beginners
Issue 245 - Surprising += Cast
Surprisingly, the compound arithmetic expression contains a cast that can produce some interesting side effects. In this newsletter we explo...
30-01-2017 21:37:51 java specialists Beginners
Issue 244 - Your Brilliant Java Career
My mother is a trained physiotherapist. Ergonomics and physical health has always interested me, even though like most of us, I struggle wit...
30-12-2016 23:59:30 java specialists Beginners
Hacking together a CircularArrayList (Video Tutorials)
For our 16th anniversary edition, we have produced three short video tutorials on how to build your own CircularArrayList in Java, based on ...
30-11-2016 19:40:54 java specialists Beginners
Concurrency Puzzle Explained, Solved With StampedLock
Most programmers had a blind spot with the statement "arr[size++] = e;" We somehow think that size will be updated after the assignment. In ...
31-10-2016 23:39:51 java specialists Beginners
Concurrency Puzzle Useful Hints
In the previous newsletter, we sent out a threading puzzle for you to solve. Here are some hints to help you figure out what is going on.
04-10-2016 09:37:09 java specialists Beginners

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