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Issue 279 - Upgrading ReadWriteLock
The Java ReentrantReadWriteLock can never ever upgrade a read lock to a write lock. Kotlin's extension function ReentrantReadWriteLock.wr it...
28-05-2020 23:59:21 java specialists Beginners
Issue 278 - Free Memory
How much memory was wasted when an additional boolean field was added to java.lang.String in Java 13? None at all. This article explains why...
30-04-2020 09:53:53 java specialists Beginners
Issue 277 - Strings with Zero HashCode
In Java 2, the computational time complexity of String#hashCode() became linear, as it used every character to calculate the hash. Java 3 ca...
30-03-2020 17:49:24 java specialists Beginners
Issue 276 - Serializing Records
Java 14 Records (JEP359) reduce the boiler plate for simple POJOs. In this newsletter we look at what special magic is used to serialize and...
29-02-2020 08:16:12 java specialists Beginners
Issue 275 - EnhancedStream with Dynamic Proxy
In our previous newsletter we enhanced Java 8 Streams by decorating them with an EnhancedStream class. The code had a lot of repetition, whi...
23-11-2019 15:33:41 java specialists Beginners
Issue 274 - EnhancedStream
Java 8 Streams have a rather narrow-minded view of what makes objects distinct. In this newsletter, we enhance Streams to allow a more flexi...
23-11-2019 08:42:09 java specialists Beginners
Issue 273 - Truly Public Methods
Class.getMethods() returns all the public methods in this class and the classes in its ancestry. However, we cannot necessarily call these m...
01-10-2019 21:24:49 java specialists Beginners
Issue 272 - Hacking Enums Revisited
In a previous newsletter, we looked at how we could dynamically add new enums and also rewire affected switch statements. Due to improvement...
07-09-2019 14:20:56 java specialists Beginners
Issue 271 - HttpClient Executors
Java 11 added the HttpClient to give us a better way to send HTTP requests. It supports asynchronous and synchronous mode. HTTP2 comes out o...
21-08-2019 14:52:49 java specialists Beginners
Issue 270 - Excursions into Deduplication
When are Strings deduplicated? How can we find out whether they are of any benefit in our application? How much does it cost in terms of CPU...
31-05-2019 21:04:13 java specialists Beginners

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