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Issue 260 - Java Is Still Free
Is the Java Ecosystem still safe and robust or should we move to a different language? Maybe Go or Python? In this newsletter we look at whe...
17-09-2018 18:54:29 java specialists Beginners
Issue 259 - Try-With-Resource in Plain Java
How would the plain Java code look for our try-with-resource constructs? Watch how 4 lines of code are expanded into 39 LOC and 170 bytecode...
01-07-2018 22:54:27 java specialists Beginners
Issue 258 - ShuffleCollector
Sorting a stream is easy. But what if we want the opposite: shuffling? We can shuffle a List with Collections.shuffle(List) . But how can we...
09-04-2018 18:27:05 java specialists Beginners
Issue 257 - CountDownLatch vs Phaser
Java 7 gave us a brilliant new class called Phaser, which we can use to coordinate actions between threads. It replaces both CountDownLatch ...
02-04-2018 09:19:28 java specialists Beginners
Issue 256 - Java 10: Parallel Full GC in G1GC
Apparently Full GC is done in parallel in the Java 10 G1 collector. Or is it? In this newsletter we set out to discover the truth by dumping...
31-03-2018 14:15:39 java specialists Beginners
Issue 255 - Java 10: Inferred Local Variables
Local variable type inference is finally here, but dangers lurk. We might encourage overly long methods and lose the benefits of interface a...
01-03-2018 00:48:19 java specialists Beginners
Issue 254 - Big O Cost of Class.getMethod()
We now look at why the best-case scenario for a getMethod() call is O(n), not O(1) as we would expect. We also discover that the throughput ...
28-02-2018 18:39:15 java specialists Beginners
Issue 253 - Best-Case for Finding a Method via Reflection is O(?) ?
What is the best-case computational time complexity for finding a method inside a class via reflection? In this newsletter we do not answer ...
26-02-2018 19:43:47 java specialists Beginners
Issue 252 - New Year Day Spliterator
We build a simple custom Spliterator to allow us to stream over dates to find how many times the 1st of January was on a Monday.
01-01-2018 13:03:17 java specialists Beginners
Issue 251 - Collections.checkedCollection()
Since Java 5, we have been able to create collections that would check at runtime that the objects added were of the correct type. But very ...
30-11-2017 23:03:56 java specialists Beginners

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