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Issue 306 - Measuring compact strings memory savings
JEP 254 replaced the char[] in our Strings with byte[]. How much memory does this save in our Strings? In this newsletter we show how we can...
30-01-2023 14:35:30 java specialists Beginners
Issue 305 - Contributing BigInteger.parallelMultiply() to OpenJDK
BigInteger has clever algorithms for multiplying large numbers. Unfortunately multiply() is single-threaded. Until now. In this newsletter I...
30-11-2022 16:53:33 java specialists Beginners
Issue 304 - ObjectInputFilter
JEP 290 introduced the ObjectInputFilter, which we can use to filter objects returned from an ObjectInputStream. We examine three ways of ma...
01-11-2022 00:28:11 java specialists Beginners
Issue 303 - Null Keys and Values in Maps
Some Map implementations allow null keys and values. This leads to funky behaviour when calling putIfAbsent() and the compute functions. In ...
30-08-2022 15:31:24 java specialists Beginners
Issue 302 - Virtual Thread Deadlocks
Virtual threads can deadlock, just like platform threads. Depending on what state they are in, this might be quite challenging to analyze. I...
30-06-2022 19:08:17 java specialists Beginners
Issue 301 - Gazillion Virtual Threads
As from this month, Project Loom is part of the mainstream OpenJDK as a preview feature. Expect fantastical results, as bloggers around the ...
24-05-2022 08:36:46 java specialists Beginners
Issue 300 - Break in Switch With Pattern Matching
The enhanced switch is cool. Pattern Matching for switch is super cool (they even timed the JEP number to be exactly 420 - or was that fate?...
26-04-2022 21:24:37 java specialists Beginners
Issue 299 - Synchronizing on Value-Based Classes
Locking on Integer objects has always been a bad idea. And we now have a way to find such bad code with a runtime switch DiagnoseSyncOnValue...
31-03-2022 17:18:05 java specialists Beginners
Issue 298 - Finding Permitted Subclasses
Sealed classes show us which subclasses they permitted. Unfortunately there is no way to do this recursively. In this newsletter we show how...
28-02-2022 21:18:44 java specialists Beginners
Issue 297 - Measuring ForkJoinPool Parallelism
Java has support for parallelism baked into the JDK. We have parallel streams, parallel sort and CompletableFutures, all using the same comm...
31-01-2022 17:53:45 java specialists Beginners

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