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Issue 246 - LRU Cache From LinkedHashMap
The LinkedHashMap has an interesting feature, where we can order elements in "access order", rather than the default "insertion order". This...
28-02-2017 15:35:25 java specialists Beginners
Issue 245 - Surprising += Cast
Surprisingly, the compound arithmetic expression contains a cast that can produce some interesting side effects. In this newsletter we explo...
30-01-2017 21:37:51 java specialists Beginners
Issue 244 - Your Brilliant Java Career
My mother is a trained physiotherapist. Ergonomics and physical health has always interested me, even though like most of us, I struggle wit...
30-12-2016 23:59:30 java specialists Beginners
Hacking together a CircularArrayList (Video Tutorials)
For our 16th anniversary edition, we have produced three short video tutorials on how to build your own CircularArrayList in Java, based on ...
30-11-2016 19:40:54 java specialists Beginners
Concurrency Puzzle Explained, Solved With StampedLock
Most programmers had a blind spot with the statement "arr[size++] = e;" We somehow think that size will be updated after the assignment. In ...
31-10-2016 23:39:51 java specialists Beginners
Concurrency Puzzle Useful Hints
In the previous newsletter, we sent out a threading puzzle for you to solve. Here are some hints to help you figure out what is going on.
04-10-2016 09:37:09 java specialists Beginners
Concurrency Puzzle - System.arraycopy()
"Friends don't let friends write low level concurrency by themselves." -@karianna. Here is your chance to participate in a global code revie...
29-09-2016 15:04:23 java specialists Beginners
Interfacing with Messy Humans
Us humans are rather good at figuring out what is meant from context. Computers are terrible. They do exactly what we tell them to. Fun ensu...
10-09-2016 17:40:13 java specialists Beginners
Sorting Lists
List has a new method sort(Comparable). This is handy, as it allows implementations to specialize how to sort their internal data structures...
19-07-2016 13:51:02 java specialists Beginners
java.util.Optional - Short Tutorial By Example
Java 8 introduced the java.util.Optional class, based on the famous Guava class by the same name. It was said that we should hardly ever cal...
09-05-2016 23:40:15 java specialists Beginners

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