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Issue 282 - Biased locking a goner, but better things Loom ahead
Biased locking has made unnecessary mutexes cheap for over a decade. However, it is disabled by default in Java 15, slated for removal. From...
21-07-2020 20:58:17 java specialists Beginners
Issue 281 - Puzzle 2: Is it garbage?
In our next puzzle, we up the ante a bit. We prevent GC during the test() method by storing a strong reference to all our Vectors. Cock and ...
24-06-2020 12:22:40 java specialists Beginners
Issue 280 - Puzzle: What's up with Vector?
For today's puzzle, we are getting elements from Vector, sequentially and in parallel. But why is the performance so much worse in Java 15-e...
23-06-2020 18:20:43 java specialists Beginners
Issue 279 - Upgrading ReadWriteLock
The Java ReentrantReadWriteLock can never ever upgrade a read lock to a write lock. Kotlin's extension function ReentrantReadWriteLock.wr it...
28-05-2020 23:59:21 java specialists Beginners
Issue 278 - Free Memory
How much memory was wasted when an additional boolean field was added to java.lang.String in Java 13? None at all. This article explains why...
30-04-2020 09:53:53 java specialists Beginners
Issue 277 - Strings with Zero HashCode
In Java 2, the computational time complexity of String#hashCode() became linear, as it used every character to calculate the hash. Java 3 ca...
30-03-2020 17:49:24 java specialists Beginners
Issue 276 - Serializing Records
Java 14 Records (JEP359) reduce the boiler plate for simple POJOs. In this newsletter we look at what special magic is used to serialize and...
29-02-2020 08:16:12 java specialists Beginners
Issue 275 - EnhancedStream with Dynamic Proxy
In our previous newsletter we enhanced Java 8 Streams by decorating them with an EnhancedStream class. The code had a lot of repetition, whi...
23-11-2019 15:33:41 java specialists Beginners
Issue 274 - EnhancedStream
Java 8 Streams have a rather narrow-minded view of what makes objects distinct. In this newsletter, we enhance Streams to allow a more flexi...
23-11-2019 08:42:09 java specialists Beginners
Issue 273 - Truly Public Methods
Class.getMethods() returns all the public methods in this class and the classes in its ancestry. However, we cannot necessarily call these m...
01-10-2019 21:24:49 java specialists Beginners

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