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weak wifi , remote jmx
................HOW TO SEE CONNECTION POOL STATS ON COMMAND LINE VIA JMX ......................... ... Tool page : wget unzip jmxcli-0.1.2-b...
25-07-2018 18:22:29 javabender (JavaBender) Beginners
Evolve ....
Collections.sort(itemList , new Comparator() { @Override public int compare(Item o1, Item o2) { return o1.getItemId().compareTo( o2.getItemI...
09-05-2017 11:00:23 javabender (JavaBender) Beginners
How Hadoop works
Hadoop divides the given input file into small parts to increase parallel processing. It uses its own file system called HDFS. Each spitted ...
22-03-2017 14:15:32 javabender (JavaBender) Beginners
Kafka Basics, Producer, Consumer, Partitions, Topic, Offset
Kafka is a distributed system that runs on a cluster with many computers. Producers are the programs that feeds kafka brokers. A broker is a...
10-03-2017 12:25:09 javabender (JavaBender) Beginners
Scalable System Design Patterns
1) Load Balancer : 2) Scatter and Gather: 3) Result Cache : 4) Shared Space 5) Pipe and Filter 6) Map Reduce 7)Bulk Synchronous Parellel 8)E...
06-03-2017 14:02:10 javabender (JavaBender) Beginners
Client Libraries: JRedis: : lettuce: Types 1) Strings : BinarySafe: MAX 512 MB, you can even save images etc.. 2) Set : Useful when operatio...
03-03-2017 10:58:19 javabender (JavaBender) Beginners
How Kafka Works..
Umm..Uhchh.. :) Well I need to admit it...It uses push pull design approach.. Kafka is for distributed message processing thing (tool).. Hig...
21-02-2017 17:26:35 javabender (JavaBender) Beginners
Java 8 Optional examples and usage
Why Optional : Use it with streams , use it in your return types, make your code safer against to the NPE, make your code more readable... M...
16-02-2017 12:27:22 javabender (JavaBender) Beginners
Java 8 Lambda Building Blocks: Predicate, Function, Consumer, Supplier, BinaryOperator
Let the code explain itself..Be quiet...And read.. Predicate-- T in ,boolean out Predicate richManMatcher = m->m.getCashAmount () > 1000000;...
09-02-2017 19:39:45 javabender (JavaBender) Beginners

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