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3 ways of using Docker Containers for Testing in Arquillian
Arquillian Cube is an Arquillian extension that can be used to manager Docker containers from Arquillian. With this extension you can start ...
28-03-2017 02:14:09 java code geeks Advanced
JUnit HSqlDB Example
Here is the new JUnit example, but with a difference. In this example we shall show users how they can use JUnit with HSQLDB for testing. In...
27-03-2017 20:06:59 java code geeks Advanced
JavaFX Animation Tool
Ok, I guess it is time to let you in on a little secret. The last three months or so I worked on a private project with the goal to create a...
27-03-2017 14:00:17 java code geeks Advanced
Index Data from a Relational Database into Elasticsearch - 1
Elasticsearch provides powerful search capabilities with support for sharding and replication of the data. So we would want to index data av...
27-03-2017 07:55:22 java code geeks Advanced
Debugging Grails 3, Spring Boot or Gradle with Eclipse
This is a small post for those who's primary IDE is Eclipse for developing Grails 3 apps or plugins and are still wondering how to debug the...
24-03-2017 09:07:57 java code geeks Advanced
Slf4j Configuration File Example
In this example, we are going to see how to configure Slf4j with some popular logging frameworks. SLF4J is a facade or an abstraction layer ...
23-03-2017 13:31:21 java code geeks Advanced
Becoming an Agile Leader, Part 5: Learning to Learn
To summarize: your agile transformation is stuck. You've thought about your why, as in Becoming an Agile Leader, Part 1: Define Your Why. Yo...
23-03-2017 07:25:51 java code geeks Advanced
DMN 1.1 XML: from modeling to automation with Drools 7.0
I am a freelance consultant, but I am acting today as a PhD student. The global context of my thesis is Enterprise Architecture (EA), which ...
23-03-2017 01:18:01 java code geeks Advanced
JUnit Report Generation Example
In this example we shall show users how we can generate reports using the Maven and JUnit. JUnit Report Generation example demonstrates the ...
22-03-2017 19:06:53 java code geeks Advanced
What do you mean… Done?
The Monday status meeting is drawing a close. Doris the development manager was keen to start working through a file of resumes on her desk,...
22-03-2017 12:57:24 java code geeks Advanced

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