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Spring @ResponseBody Annotation Example
Welcome readers, in this tutorial we will show how to implement the Spring @ResponseBody Annotation to return a Json response from a Spring ...
21-09-2018 16:49:44 java code geeks Advanced
The Functional Style - Part 4
First-Class Functions II: Filter, Reduce & more. In the previous article I introduced the concept of first-class functions and lambdas, demo...
21-09-2018 10:38:32 java code geeks Advanced
Spring @RequestBody Annotation Example
Welcome readers, in this tutorial we will show how to implement the Spring @RequestBody Annotation to convert the incoming Json request to a...
20-09-2018 11:11:16 java code geeks Advanced
Amazon AWS Rekognition Tutorial
1. Introduction Amazon Rekognition is an Amazon Web Service (AWS) that provides image and video analysis services. You can provide an image ...
19-09-2018 17:56:13 java code geeks Advanced
Java Facade Design Pattern Example
1. Introduction In an enterprise application, it is extremely important to manage the code base so that the redundancy is reduced. Moreover,...
19-09-2018 11:36:46 java code geeks Advanced
Selenium Cucumber Tutorial
This article explores the integration of selenium with cucumber and how we can leverage them to achieve automated acceptance testing. 1. Sel...
18-09-2018 23:28:52 java code geeks Advanced
Git Generate SSH Key Example
In this post, we will demonstrate how to generate an SSH key that can be used to authenticate with a Git server. 1. Introduction The two tra...
18-09-2018 16:54:00 java code geeks Advanced
Do You Really Know CORS?
Cross-Origin Resource Sharing No Access-Control-Allow-Ori gin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin is therefore not allowed ...
18-09-2018 10:35:40 java code geeks Advanced
[NEW EBOOK] A Complete Guide to Building the Perfect Enterprise DevOps Stack
A guide to building the perfect stack for enterprise DevOps teams Every team approaches software tooling differently, but overall we see sim...
18-09-2018 04:30:36 java code geeks Advanced
Java: Streaming a JDBC ResultSet as JSON
This post shows how you can convert a java.sql.ResultSet to JSON and stream it back to the caller. This is useful if you want to send a larg...
17-09-2018 22:27:27 java code geeks Advanced

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