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API Gateway & AWS Lambda for Authentication
When Foreach initially stepped on the microservices wagon, we didn't really build microservices. We thought we did, but there was always som...
18-11-2018 16:10:31 java code geeks Advanced
Integration Key to Customer Experience - Common Architectural Elements
In my previous article from this series we introduced a use case around integration being the key to transforming your customer experience. ...
17-11-2018 18:23:00 java code geeks Advanced
Functional Java by Example | Part 5 - Move I/O to the Outside
This is part 5 of the series called "Functional Java by Example". In previous part we stopped mutating our documents and returned copies of ...
17-11-2018 12:02:15 java code geeks Advanced
MySQL Python Example
1. MySQL Python - Introduction In this post, we feature a comprehensive Tutorial on integrating MySQL in a simple Python application based o...
17-11-2018 05:41:39 java code geeks Advanced
While Waiting for Jakarta EE
It is more than a year since Oracle announced the transfer of Java EE to Eclipse Foundation at JavaOne 2017. Since then, a lot has happened:...
16-11-2018 23:20:44 java code geeks Advanced
Derby Database Backup
Abstract I have already posted a number of blogs about Derby: Multiple Derby Network Servers on the same Host Apache Derby Database Users an...
16-11-2018 16:58:04 java code geeks Advanced
Why Instance Variable Of Super Class Is Not Overridden In Sub Class
When we create a variable in both parent and child class with the same name, and try to access it using parent's class reference which is ho...
16-11-2018 10:36:58 java code geeks Advanced
Serverless Security: Putting it on Autopilot
Ack: This article is a remix of stuff learned from personal experience as well as from multiple other sources on serverless security. I cann...
16-11-2018 04:22:38 java code geeks Advanced
What should you be automating in the development process?
What to automate? Which parts of the delivery process are good candidates? Which applications will benefit from automation? At first, those ...
15-11-2018 22:04:58 java code geeks Advanced
Java Proxy Design Pattern Example
1. Introduction In this article, we will discuss about one of the simple and easiest design pattern - Java Proxy Design Pattern. In real wor...
15-11-2018 15:49:46 java code geeks Advanced

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