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MVC, Delivery Mechanism and Domain Model
Model-View-Controller (or MVC for short) is one of the most misunderstood design patterns in software design. MVC has its origins in the Sma...
22-09-2017 07:56:43 java code geeks Advanced
Low-risk Monolith to Microservice Evolution Part I
As part of a two-day microservices workshop I'm putting together, I've been thinking a lot about how to explain monolith-application decompo...
22-09-2017 01:46:23 java code geeks Advanced
How to Format a String, Clarified!
A User-Friendly Introduction The Java Documentation of String formatting is not the easiest to read and understand if you are not familiar w...
21-09-2017 19:38:59 java code geeks Advanced
Intercept Incoming SMS on Android
Last week I talked about using SMS to activate your application which is a pretty powerful way to verify a user account. I left a couple of ...
21-09-2017 13:21:40 java code geeks Advanced
Spring Caching Tutorial
Caching is crucial for today's high-performance hungry applications. Adding Caching in a spring based application is rather trivial. In this...
21-09-2017 05:46:37 java code geeks Advanced
Enum: How to use name() and toString() methods correctly
The Difference Between Two Methods? The Java Enum has two methods that retrieve that value of an enum constant, name() and .toString(). The ...
20-09-2017 23:28:48 java code geeks Advanced
Hibernate Load Example
Hibernate Session provide different methods to fetch the data (or a single record) from the database. Two of them are - get() and load(). Th...
20-09-2017 17:10:32 java code geeks Advanced
Reactive Java (RxJava) Tutorial: Advanced
Reactive Java or RxJava is an implementation and enhancement of the observer pattern. It was intended for use in event driven schemes where ...
20-09-2017 09:36:48 java code geeks Advanced
Java 9 Annotations Example
In this article we will cover the topic of annotations by way of some theory and a brief example using Java 9. We will cover what they are, ...
20-09-2017 03:18:21 java code geeks Advanced
Eclipse MicroProfile: 5 Things You Need to Know
Optimising Enterprise Java for Microservice Architecture The Eclipse MicroProfile initiative was launched at JavaOne 2016, the brainchild of...
19-09-2017 20:55:58 java code geeks Advanced

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