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Apache Kafka Streams + Machine Learning (Spark, TensorFlow,
I started at Confluent in May 2017 to work as Technology Evangelist focusing on topics around the open source framework Apache Kafka. I thin...
24-05-2017 16:31:38 java code geeks Advanced
Get Started with Spring Boot, OAuth 2.0, and Okta
Build faster with Okta's authentication and user management API. Register today for the free forever Developer Edition! If you're building a...
24-05-2017 10:27:27 java code geeks Advanced
Effective Java - Method Common to All Objects
Methods Common to All Objects (Ch 3) This is a short summary of Joshua Blochs book Effective Java chapter 3. I have only included items that...
24-05-2017 04:24:34 java code geeks Advanced
JUnit Example For Rest Web Services
In this example, we shall show users how they can test a REST service with the help of the JUnit. We will use the Jersey and REST assured fo...
23-05-2017 22:19:18 java code geeks Advanced
JSF Crud Application Example
Hello, in the previous example we learned how to create a JSF Bootstrap application. In this tutorial we will implement the CRUD operations ...
23-05-2017 16:11:19 java code geeks Advanced
Hosting WordPress Application on an EC2 Instance - AWS
In this post, we will deploy WordPress Application on an EC2 Amazon Linux AMI t2.micro instance following below steps: Step 1: Set up Amazon...
23-05-2017 10:09:57 java code geeks Advanced
Effective Java - Creating and Destroying Objects
Creating and Destroying Objects (Ch 2) This is a short summary of Joshua Blochs book Effective Java chapter 2. I have only included items th...
23-05-2017 04:05:56 java code geeks Advanced
Running Parallel Tests in Docker
Sometimes when you are running your tests on your CI environment, you want to run tests in parallel. This parallelism is programmed in build...
22-05-2017 22:03:23 java code geeks Advanced
Java Nio Echo Server Tutorial
This article is a tutorial on implementing a simple Java NIO "echo server". This example will take the form of a rather simple client server...
22-05-2017 16:00:16 java code geeks Advanced
Voxxed Days - Athens 2017 - short review #vdathens
Yesterday I had the pleasure to attend the very first Voxxed Days Athens. As I have written 6 months ago while attending Voxxed Days Thesall...
22-05-2017 09:54:01 java code geeks Advanced

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