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Jenkins Docker Image Example
1. Introduction In this post we will learn about how to install and configure Jenkins through the Jenkins Docker image. This is the official...
19-01-2017 01:37:49 java code geeks Advanced
Expected Exception Rule and Mocking Static Methods - JUnit
Today I was asked to consume a RESTful service so I started implementing it following Robert Cecil Martin's rules for TDD and came across a ...
18-01-2017 19:21:06 java code geeks Advanced
Performance Tuning of an Apache Kafka/Spark Streaming System
Real-world case study in the telecom industry Debugging a real-life distributed application can be a pretty daunting task. Most common Googl...
18-01-2017 13:11:03 java code geeks Advanced
The Remote Development Experience
What happens when your client is out of state and the rest the development team is in a different zip code and you have software to deliver?...
18-01-2017 06:36:49 java code geeks Advanced
Deploying a Secure Mini MapR Cluster with Docker on a Single AWS Instance
Introduction If you want to try out the MapR Converged Data Platform to see its unique big data capabilities but don't have a cluster of har...
18-01-2017 00:27:30 java code geeks Advanced
Eclipse Infrastructure Support for IP Due Due Diligence Type
The Eclipse Foundation's Intellectual Property (IP) Policy was recently updated and we're in the process of updating our processes and suppo...
17-01-2017 18:17:42 java code geeks Advanced
Hadoop Hbase Maven Example
In this article, we will learn about using Maven for including Hbase in your Apache Hadoop related applications and how Maven makes it easy ...
17-01-2017 12:05:45 java code geeks Advanced
[MEGA DEAL] Machine Learning & AI for Business Bundle (96% off)
Discover Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & the R Programming Language in This 4-Course Bundle Hey fellow geeks, This week, on our ...
17-01-2017 02:16:30 java code geeks Advanced
Top 10 Big Data Trends in 2017 for Financial Services
In the past year, the big data pendulum for financial services has officially swung from passing fad or experiment to large deployments. Tha...
16-01-2017 20:02:12 java code geeks Advanced
How to Intercept Confluence Content Before it's Rendered
Daniel was a bored Atlassian Confluence Administrator. So he hatched up a prank on April fool's day. He was going to intercept Confluence co...
16-01-2017 13:53:19 java code geeks Advanced

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