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JSF Ajax Render Example
Hello, in this tutorial I would like to describe how to send AJAX request to the server, receive the response and update the page accordingl...
22-06-2017 20:08:11 java code geeks Advanced
Java Nio Async HTTP Client Example
This article is an example of how to build a simple asynchronous Http client using Java Nio. This example will make use of the httpbin servi...
22-06-2017 13:22:33 java code geeks Advanced
4 Daily Scrum Tips for Product Owners & Product Managers
The Daily Scrum meeting is a common meeting for agile teams. But I still find that some product managers and owners aren't sure if and when ...
22-06-2017 06:53:16 java code geeks Advanced
The Patterns of the Antipatterns: Design / Testing
It's been a while since I have started my professional career as the software developer. Over the years I worked for many companies, on a wh...
22-06-2017 00:26:12 java code geeks Advanced
Apache Camel Routing Tutorial
Table Of Contents 1. Introduction 2. What is Enterprise Integration Patterns 3. Basic concepts about Apache Camel 3.1. The Architecture of A...
21-06-2017 17:58:15 java code geeks Advanced
SNMPv3 Set Example using SNMP4J
This article presents a simple example of an SNMPv3 Set request using the SNMP4J library. SNMP is used in managing and monitoring network de...
21-06-2017 11:10:53 java code geeks Advanced
Defining "Scaling" Agile, Part 6: Creating the Agile Organization
We might start to think about agile approaches as a project change. However, if you want to "scale" agile, the entire culture changes. Here ...
21-06-2017 04:41:37 java code geeks Advanced
Pair Programming to the rescue once again!
Some time ago I wrote how pair programming can help keep high quality of the code. But that's not all! Today I want to explain why you shoul...
20-06-2017 22:18:57 java code geeks Advanced
JSF Guess Number Example
Hello, in this tutorial we will be building the Guess Number in a bootstrap enabled jsf application and will demonstrate the following: Appl...
20-06-2017 15:51:57 java code geeks Advanced
[MEGA DEAL] The Full Stack JavaScript Bundle (94% off)
Prove You're More Than A One-Trick Programming Pony with This Massive (57+ Hours) Training In The MEAN Stack Hey fellow geeks, This week, on...
20-06-2017 09:08:06 java code geeks Advanced

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