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Grails 3.3 Integration Testing with Spock Mocks
It is easy to use the Spock Framework, shipped with Grails, to mock or stub a collaborator (such as a service) in our Grails unit tests. The...
19-07-2017 17:58:24 java code geeks Advanced
Building A Self-Sufficient Docker Cluster
A self-sufficient system is a system capable of healing and adaptation. Healing means that the cluster will always be in the designed state....
19-07-2017 11:32:54 java code geeks Advanced
MongoDB Full Text Search Tutorial
Hello, in this tutorial we are going to explore the full-text search functionalities of MongoDB right from fundamentals. MongoDB uses text i...
19-07-2017 04:36:31 java code geeks Advanced
Hibernate Mapping Types Example
Hello, in this tutorial we will see the different mapping types that are available in Hibernate. 1. Introduction Hibernate is a framework th...
18-07-2017 21:26:46 java code geeks Advanced
Outputting the given, when, then, Extending Spock
Spock is a Java testing framework, created in 2008 by Peter Niederwieser a software engineer with GradleWare, which facilitates amongst othe...
18-07-2017 14:11:20 java code geeks Advanced
Develop and Deploy Microservices with JHipster
Check out the Okta user management API and never build auth again! Get started in minutes with a free developer account. Register Today! JHi...
18-07-2017 06:57:42 java code geeks Advanced
JsInterop, Web Components, Polymer: A beginner's guide
JsInterop Back when GWT was released, there wasn't that much of Javascript libraries, so having a two way interoperability between Java and ...
12-07-2017 13:40:37 java code geeks Advanced
JUnit Temporary Folder Example
In this tutorial, we shall show users the usage of JUnit Temporary Folder. JUnit Temporary Folder Example is a simple example showing how we...
12-07-2017 07:21:04 java code geeks Advanced
Progressive Web apps recipes for GWT
Progressive or not progressive If you have been designing or developing web applications for a while, you would have probably came across th...
12-07-2017 00:56:00 java code geeks Advanced
Serializing/Deserializing Json in GWT
JSON & GWT There was recently an interesting discussion in GWT Users group about best practices for serializing/deserializing JSON in the cl...
11-07-2017 18:35:56 java code geeks Advanced

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