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Beating the GAS clock: Say Hello to MemsheetApp!
Google's Apps Script framework is really awesome as it helps newbies and experts alike to leverage the power of Google (as well as external)...
23-11-2017 01:09:20 java code geeks Advanced
Spring boot and Apache Camel
As the world of software moves on, more complex systems are being developed, which have to integrate with each other. It started with SOA an...
22-11-2017 18:52:12 java code geeks Advanced
Exclusive Book Offers (75% off): Big Data Analytics with Java, Scala and Spark for Big Data Analytics, Big Data Visualization
Hello fellow Geeks! Today, we have some exciting news for you! Java Code Geeks and Packt have teamed up to offer you weekly discounts on the...
22-11-2017 12:33:29 java code geeks Advanced
Log4j Rolling Daily File Example
Logging is a critical feature of any application. In this tutorial, I will show you how to implement some useful Log4j RollingFileAppender P...
22-11-2017 06:17:29 java code geeks Advanced
How to Deploy Spring Application Without web.xml to Tomcat
Introduction Since the Servlet 3 specification web.xml is no longer needed for configuring your web application and has been replaced by usi...
22-11-2017 00:02:43 java code geeks Advanced
Spring Batch Job Parameters Example
In this article we shall show you how you can pass job parameters to a spring batch job. 1. Introduction A typical enterprise application re...
21-11-2017 17:41:28 java code geeks Advanced
Log4j Email Configuration Example
It is always better to get notified about any major exceptions that occur in an application instead of manually going through huge logs to f...
21-11-2017 11:21:14 java code geeks Advanced
Kubernetes 1.8: Using Cronjobs to take Neo4j backups
With the release of Kubernetes 1.8 Cronjobs have graduated to beta, which means we can now more easily run Neo4j backup jobs against Kuberne...
21-11-2017 05:00:19 java code geeks Advanced
Scala client for Amazon Glacier
Amazon Glacier is a secure, durable, and extremely low-cost cloud storage service for data archiving and long-term backup. Glacier offers a ...
20-11-2017 22:48:25 java code geeks Advanced
Kubernetes: Copy a dataset to a StatefulSet's PersistentVolume
Neo4j Clusters on Kubernetes This posts assumes that we're familiar with deploying Neo4j on Kubernetes. I wrote an article on the Neo4j blog...
20-11-2017 16:39:02 java code geeks Advanced

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