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A guide to the InfluxDBMapper and QueryBuilder for Java Part: 2
Previously we setup an influxdb instance running through docker and we also run our first InfluxDBMapper code against an influxdb database. ...
23-03-2019 15:52:44 java code geeks Advanced
Java Convert a List to Array And Vice-Versa
Introduction: In this article, we'll quickly learn how to convert a Java List (say an ArrayList) to an array and vice-versa. If you wish to ...
23-03-2019 00:38:56 java code geeks Advanced
The 2019 Guide To Pursuing a Full Agile Software Lifecycle
Running a successful software development business can be extremely challenging. This industry is filled with competition, which is why your...
22-03-2019 17:43:09 java code geeks Advanced
JWT Tutorial for Beginners
1. Introduction Jason Web Tokens are described by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) RFC 7519 as: a compact URL-safe means of repres...
22-03-2019 10:53:10 java code geeks Advanced
Introduction: UUID (Universal Unique Identifier) represents a 128-bit long unique value. It's also popularly known as GUID (Globally Unique ...
22-03-2019 01:02:14 java code geeks Advanced
Progress and Release Reviews
The Eclipse Development Process (EDP) requires that a project team engage in a successful progress or release review before creating a forma...
21-03-2019 18:15:29 java code geeks Advanced
Java Visitor Design Pattern Example
1. Introduction to Java Visitor Design Pattern In this post we are going to discuss about one of the behavioral design patterns that is Java...
21-03-2019 11:13:29 java code geeks Advanced
CopyOnWriteArrayList In Java
Introduction: CopyOnWriteArrayList in Java is a thread-safe implementation of a List interface. It belongs to the java.util.concurrent packa...
21-03-2019 04:11:33 java code geeks Advanced
Java Iterator Design Pattern Example
1. Introduction In this article, we will discuss the Java Iterator Design Pattern in detail. Java Iterator Design Pattern is one of the most...
20-03-2019 21:24:46 java code geeks Advanced
Check If Two Lists Are Equal In Java
Introduction: Lists in Java are ordered by nature. So, two lists are considered to be equal if they contain the exact same elements in the s...
20-03-2019 14:21:21 java code geeks Advanced

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