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Help Managers Visualize Their Problems
I've been working with several managers at organizations large and small, who want to capitalize their software "earlier." These managers ha...
13-12-2018 13:44:28 java code geeks Advanced
J2CL - Better late than never
Last week the Google team has finally published the source code of J2CL framework, which has been discussed since 2015. The idea of translat...
13-12-2018 07:34:51 java code geeks Advanced
Integration Key to Customer Experience - API Management Details
In my previous article from this series we started diving into the details that determine how your integration becomes the key to transformi...
12-12-2018 20:24:00 java code geeks Advanced
Git Abort Merge Example
In this post, we present a Git Abort Merge Example. 1. Introduction Merging branches is an important operation when working with Version Con...
12-12-2018 14:12:54 java code geeks Advanced
Builder As A (Fail-Fast) State Machine
This is an idea that came to me a few weeks ago while designing a "Generator" class that had to send the input to an encapsulated Writer. It...
12-12-2018 08:03:10 java code geeks Advanced
Java Factory Method Design Pattern Example
1. Introduction In this article we will discuss one of Java's most common design patterns - Factory Method Design Pattern. This type of desi...
11-12-2018 23:21:26 java code geeks Advanced
JMetro Version 5 Released
Version 5 of Java, JavaFX theme JMetro, has just been released. Here's what's new in this version: New Text Area light and dark style; A han...
11-12-2018 17:09:04 java code geeks Advanced
Technical Debt and Product Success
Similar to a company experiencing financial debt, products can incur "technical debt": This happens when wrong or suboptimal architecture, t...
11-12-2018 10:55:13 java code geeks Advanced
Behavioural Design patterns: Observer
Observer is one of the most popular design patterns. It has been used a lot on many software use cases and thus many languages out there pro...
11-12-2018 02:10:11 java code geeks Advanced
[MEGA DEAL] Ethical Hacking A to Z Bundle (98% off)
Break Into the Lucrative World of Ethical Hacking with Over 45 Hours of Immersive Content Hey fellow geeks, This week, on our JCG Deals stor...
10-12-2018 20:03:21 java code geeks Advanced

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