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Interview questions: verify the braces
This is one of the easier coding tasks, but you still can meet it in some preliminary tech screening. The problem looks like this: Given a s...
21-02-2017 22:11:44 java code geeks Advanced
Setting Up Your System for Atlassian JIRA Add-on Development
Majority of programmers start with a "Hello World" tutorial when trying to learn something new. Fernando was new to Atlassian JIRA Add-on De...
21-02-2017 16:10:35 java code geeks Advanced
The complete guide to (external) Domain Specific Languages
This guide will show you: the what: after a definition we will look into 19 examples of DSLs the why: what are the concrete benefits you can...
21-02-2017 10:09:34 java code geeks Advanced
Selenium Tutorial for Beginners
In this tutorial, we will be overviewing Selenium automation tool in detail; we will be exploring Selenium WebDriver and discussing about id...
21-02-2017 04:06:47 java code geeks Advanced
Fighting Advanced Persistent Security Threats with Anomaly Detection: Sometimes More is More
Does this sound disturbing? You try to reach a particular website only to find the site is down. But it's not that simple. You try another s...
20-02-2017 20:37:48 java code geeks Advanced
WordCount on Hadoop with Scala
Hadoop is a great technology built with java. Today we will use Scala to implement a simple map reduce job and then run it using HDInsight. ...
20-02-2017 14:32:23 java code geeks Advanced
[MEGA DEAL] Linux/UNIX Certification Training Bundle (97% off)
Learn the Tricks of the Linux Systems Administration Trade & Prepare for Top Certification Exams Hey fellow geeks, This week, on our JCG Dea...
20-02-2017 08:31:11 java code geeks Advanced
JUnit Group Tests Example
In this example we shall show users, how they can group and run their JUnit test cases. JUnit group tests example, will try to resolve issue...
17-02-2017 11:23:07 java code geeks Advanced
Adventures In Modernization: Strategy + Example Converting COBOL To Java
At Keyhole Software we are in large part a modernization company. We have consultants who specialize in moving old to new, renovating dilapi...
17-02-2017 01:42:52 java code geeks Advanced
Why You Should Know the Language Server Protocol
The Language Server protocol is used between a tool (the client) and a language smartness provider (the server) to integrate features like a...
16-02-2017 19:40:14 java code geeks Advanced

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