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Creating HTTP Server in Go
In this post, we will create a simple HTTP server in Go following some simple steps. Before starting, let me give you a brief introduction a...
11-07-2017 12:15:03 java code geeks Advanced
GWT HTTP requests alternatives
For several reasons, many GWT users ditched the RPC mechanism which is the standard way offered by GWT to call the backend. They found thems...
11-07-2017 05:56:43 java code geeks Advanced
Vaadin Tip: building UIs declaratively
If you have used GWT, then you would have probably found UiBinder quite useful to design complex UIs. In our series of posts about Vaadin, w...
10-07-2017 23:35:21 java code geeks Advanced
The Best Java Developer Tools for Testing and Integration
Discover faster, more efficient performance monitoring with an enterprise APM product learning from your apps. Take the AppDynamics APM Guid...
10-07-2017 17:17:24 java code geeks Advanced
Pandas/scikit-learn: get_dummies test/train sets - ValueError: shapes not aligned
I've been using panda's get_dummies function to generate dummy columns for categorical variables to use with scikit-learn, but noticed that ...
10-07-2017 10:41:06 java code geeks Advanced
Java Nio HeapByteBuffer Example
This example demonstrates the usage of the Java Nio HeapByteBuffer. The Java Nio HeapByteBuffer is an odd class, one you will never referenc...
01-07-2017 03:33:20 java code geeks Advanced
Discovering The Arcane World Of Esoteric Programming Languages
An esoteric programming language is a programming language designed to challenge the norms of language design. It is a language designed to ...
30-06-2017 21:06:08 java code geeks Advanced
Lifecycle of JUnit 5 Extension Model
JUnit5 final release is around the corner (currently it is M4), and I have started playing with it a bit on how to write extensions. In JUni...
30-06-2017 14:35:16 java code geeks Advanced
Hello, in this tutorial I would like to show the usage of JPA (Java Persistence API's) in a simple jsf application and will demonstrate the ...
30-06-2017 07:56:05 java code geeks Advanced
The Four Quadrants of A Dynamic And Self-Sufficient System
Any system that intends to be fully automated and self-sufficient must be capable of self-healing and self-adaptation. As a minimum, it need...
30-06-2017 01:31:19 java code geeks Advanced

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