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Docker Remote API on Windows and OSX
There are multiple ways to monitor Docker containers. Docker CLI provides the docker container stats API that gives basic information about ...
18-04-2017 09:07:06 java code geeks Advanced
[MEGA DEAL] Pay What You Want: The Ultimate Android Development Bundle
A Completely Immersive (88 Hours), Hands-On Deep Dive Into Building & Monetizing Android Apps Hey fellow geeks, This week, on our JCG Deals ...
17-04-2017 17:37:12 java code geeks Advanced
Xpath Search by id Example
In this article we will learn how to search for an element (by id) in an XML using XPath. We will make use of IDEA IntelliJ to work on this....
17-04-2017 11:35:22 java code geeks Advanced
Java RAM Usage in Containers: Top 5 Tips Not to Lose Your Memory
In this article, we would like to share specifics of Java memory management and elasticity inside containers that are not evident at the fir...
15-04-2017 13:47:00 java code geeks Advanced
Team Size Matters, Reprise
Several years ago, I wrote a post for a different blog called "Why Team Size Matters." That post is long gone. I explained that the number o...
14-04-2017 18:23:03 java code geeks Advanced
A Java gist on zip and unzip
Compressing is one of the major actions that can be issued in our code when it comes to writing files. Thus I find a simple java snippet on ...
13-04-2017 20:31:20 java code geeks Advanced
Log4j Database Appenders Example
In this example, we are going to learn how to log messages from our application into database with log4j. 1. Introduction Log4J is one of th...
13-04-2017 14:28:12 java code geeks Advanced
Does Your DevOps Department Need More Attention? [Infographic]
Solve App Problems 10x Faster with AppDynamics - Monitor production apps at code-level depth with minimal overhead. Start a FREE Trial! Ther...
13-04-2017 08:27:05 java code geeks Advanced
JUnit Test Constructor Example
In JUnit Test Constructor Example, we shall show you the process of testing the constructor of a class. It is as simple as we are testing ot...
12-04-2017 21:32:25 java code geeks Advanced
Elasticsearch for Java Developers: Elasticsearch Ecosystem
1. Introduction In this last part of the tutorial we are going to look around and learn how perfectly Elasticsearch fits into Java ecosystem...
12-04-2017 15:19:37 java code geeks Advanced

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