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Selenium IDE Commands Example
This article is about installing Selenium IDE and the various commands you can run to enable test automation. This article will cover the mo...
14-06-2018 11:43:37 java code geeks Advanced
Git Download Repository Example
1. Introduction In this post, we feature a comprehensive Git Download Repository Example. Git is an open source distributed version control ...
07-06-2018 11:15:34 java code geeks Advanced
Play! Framework Hello World Example
We are going to develop a series of Scala Web Applications or Microservices using Play Framework. This is our first post in this series. In ...
05-06-2018 16:18:49 java code geeks Advanced
Testing Kotlin with Spock Part 2 - Enum with instance method
The enum class with instance method in Kotlin is quite similar to its Java version, but they are look a bit different in the bytecode. Let's...
31-05-2018 02:06:38 java code geeks Advanced
Spark Microservices
As continuation of big data query system blog, i want to share more techniques for building Analytics engine. Take a problem where you have ...
30-05-2018 20:01:14 java code geeks Advanced
Java Servlet Set/Get Example
One of the main challenges for every beginner in the development world is to understand and assimilate how things works internally in a tech...
30-05-2018 13:53:10 java code geeks Advanced
Spring Apache Kafka Tutorial
In this Spring Apache Kafka lesson, we will learn how we can get started with Apache Kafka in a Spring Boot project and start producing and ...
30-05-2018 07:45:02 java code geeks Advanced
Oracle ADF and Oracle Jet work together. Architecture patterns
In this post I am going to consider various architecture patterns of implementing an application on top of combination of Oracle ADF and Ora...
30-05-2018 01:39:51 java code geeks Advanced
Custom Logs in Apache Spark
Have you ever felt the frustration of Spark job that runs for hours and it fails due to infra issue. You know about this failure very late a...
29-05-2018 19:38:45 java code geeks Advanced
Java 10: The "var" keyword
Java 10 has introduced local variable type inference with the keyword var. This means that instead of writing: Map> map = new HashMap<>(); /...
29-05-2018 13:34:07 java code geeks Advanced

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