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Starting a Kubernetes 1.5.x cluster
Kubernetes 1.5.0 was released just about a month ago! Key theme for the release are: StatefulSets (ex-PetSets) StatefulSets are beta now (fi...
16-01-2017 07:41:54 java code geeks Advanced
Selenium Headless Browser Testing
Headless browser refers to running tests in browser like simulation without having to invoke a browser or without a GUI. In this example set...
13-01-2017 15:29:06 java code geeks Advanced
Real-time Smart City Traffic Monitoring Using Microservices-based Streaming Architecture (Part 2)
Modern Open Source Complex Event Processing For IoT This series of blog posts details my findings as I bring to production a fully modern ta...
13-01-2017 04:20:11 java code geeks Advanced
Spring-Boot and Cache Abstraction with HazelCast
Previously we got started with Spring Cache abstraction using the default Cache Manager that spring provides. Although this approach might s...
12-01-2017 22:12:54 java code geeks Advanced
Building Android IoT app for Android Things
This post describes how to build an Android IoT app for Android Things. As you may already know, recently Google has released a new IoT oper...
12-01-2017 16:01:53 java code geeks Advanced
Lazy-loading is a Code Smell
Have you ever seen those huge objects with many attributes? These domain objects where we are using lazy-loading because we do not want to r...
12-01-2017 01:17:28 java code geeks Advanced
Java XPath Performance Tips
1. Introduction This is the third article in a series dealing with using XPath within a Java application. This article focuses attention on ...
11-01-2017 19:04:27 java code geeks Advanced
Extracting JavaDoc documentation from source files using JavaParser
A lot of people are using JavaParser for the most different goals. One of these is extracting documentation. In this short post we will see ...
11-01-2017 12:53:35 java code geeks Advanced
Develop A Microservice with Forge, WildFly Swarm and Arquillian
In this post we are going to see how to develop a microservice using WildFly Swarm and Forge and testing it with Arquillian and Rest Assured...
11-01-2017 06:45:38 java code geeks Advanced
Spring Cloud Contracts and Spring Cloud Services on PCF
We had a customer recently who were quite interested in the idea of using Spring Cloud Contract (SCC) in order to prevent API drift' between...
11-01-2017 00:29:55 java code geeks Advanced

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