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EJB Architecture Example
1. Introduction EJB stands for Enterprise Java Bean. An Enterprise Java Bean is in its basic form any POJO(Plain Old Java Object) that is re...
19-04-2018 00:50:40 java code geeks Advanced
Dolls and Maquettes
I've already written quite a few posts about why I don't consider JavaBeans real objects. For instance, I think we agreed here and here that...
18-04-2018 18:33:26 java code geeks Advanced
Get to Know JSON Merge Patch: JSON-P 1.1 Overview Series
Java EE 8 includes an update to the JSON Processing API and brings it up to date with the latest IEFT standards for JSON. They are: JSON Poi...
18-04-2018 12:24:11 java code geeks Advanced
Importance of Programming in Focused Time Blocks
In this day and age, there are a seemingly infinite number of things that are pulling your attention to various places. With the invention o...
18-04-2018 06:14:22 java code geeks Advanced
jwt-cli: A Shell Library to Decode JSON Web Tokens (JWT Tokens)
When I started having the need of decoding JSON Web Tokens quite often, I felt the urge of writing a program that allowed me to do it quickl...
18-04-2018 00:04:21 java code geeks Advanced
Spring JdbcBeanDefinitionReader Example
This article is about the Spring JdbcBeanDefinitionReader. When would you use this class? When you want to dynamically add externally define...
17-04-2018 17:56:53 java code geeks Advanced
Spring Security Login Example
In this article we will learn how to use spring security to create a simple login page. You will need an IDE (I am using IDEA IntelliJ), JDK...
17-04-2018 11:48:03 java code geeks Advanced
Spring Boot & JPA & Hibernate & Oracle
In this tutorial we show how to create a Spring Boot application that communicates with an Oracle data source through Hibernate. Prerequisit...
17-04-2018 05:04:44 java code geeks Advanced
Working with Glide - Vendor Package Management for Go
In this post, we will use Glide to manage the dependencies of a Go project. Before starting, let me give you a brief introduction about Glid...
16-04-2018 22:40:46 java code geeks Advanced
MongoDB Field Update Operators Tutorial
Hello readers, in this tutorial, we will understand the different Field Update Operators available in the Mongo database. Let's study in bri...
16-04-2018 16:35:05 java code geeks Advanced

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