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Java Read Text File Examples
Reading text files is one of the most common file manipulation task in Java. Here are some examples of how to read text files in Java using ...
13-06-2016 04:36:29 JavaDevNotes Beginners
Java Float To Int
In most cases where precision is important, we work with numbers having decimal point rather than whole numbers. For example, computation of...
09-01-2016 06:05:57 JavaDevNotes Beginners
Java Double To Int
It is convenient to use doubles on calculations because of the flexibility on precision. But once we are done with complex computation, we w...
08-01-2016 23:16:39 JavaDevNotes Beginners
Prime Number Program in Java
Prime Number is a concept in math, specifically in number theory. A Prime Number is a whole number greater than 1 that has no positive divis...
26-12-2015 03:38:36 JavaDevNotes Beginners
Java Print Array Examples
Arrays are usually useful when working with arbitrarily large number of data having the same type. It is usually convenient if we can print ...
25-12-2015 20:51:29 JavaDevNotes Beginners
Java Int Array Examples
When we are dealing with small number of data, we can use a variable for each data we need to monitor. If we don't know how much data we nee...
25-12-2015 14:02:29 JavaDevNotes Beginners
Java Initialize Array Examples
An array is a type of variable that can hold multiple values of similar data type. This is very useful for storing values when we don't know...
25-12-2015 07:19:57 JavaDevNotes Beginners
Java Array Length Examples
An Array in Java can hold arbitrary number of elements, depending on how the array object was created. To perform operations on array, it is...
22-12-2015 10:10:11 JavaDevNotes Beginners
Check If Java Array Contains A Certain Value
Arrays are very easy to use to hold large amount of values or Object instances. But a common problem is checking if a given array contains a...
18-11-2015 07:30:00 JavaDevNotes Beginners
Java Sort Array Examples
An array is a common data structure in many languages. It is simple and easy to understand, hence it is commonly used in many situations. Ho...
18-11-2015 01:00:00 JavaDevNotes Beginners

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