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Escape Special Characters in String Using Java Library
We can use Apache's commons-text library to escape the special characters in HTML entities. Before moving further, we will first understand ...
27-09-2020 14:57:13 Java Hungry Beginners
10 Tips To Become Better Java Developer in 2020
If you want to become a better Java developer, this article is for you. This article regarding Java development focuses on pro tips to impro...
20-09-2020 11:23:09 Java Hungry Beginners
Java String replace(), replaceAll() and replaceFirst() Method Example
In this tutorial, I will be sharing about the replace() method, replaceAll() method, replaceFirst() method, what is the difference between r...
16-09-2020 17:26:22 Java Hungry Beginners
Java Concurrency: Thread Pool with Example
In this Java Concurrency tutorial, I will be sharing what is a Thread Pool, why do we need Thread Pool, and what are the different kinds of ...
12-09-2020 19:52:41 Java Hungry Beginners
7 Tools That Every Programmer Should Know
In this day and age, any person who has mastered a computer skill will never feel the need to search for a job. It takes time and effort to ...
06-09-2020 15:06:31 Java Hungry Beginners
Best Books on Object Oriented Programming - Must Read
Do you want to be the best at Object-Oriented programming? If you do, do not miss out on what we are about to tell you. Among the most commo...
28-08-2020 21:25:57 Java Hungry Beginners
[Solved] java.lang.ClassNotFoundException with Example
In this article, we will discuss java.lang.ClassNotFoundEx ception. This ClassNotFoundException is thrown when the classloader can not load ...
22-08-2020 17:24:28 Java Hungry Beginners
3 ways: How to Find Duplicate Words in String in Java
In this tutorial, I will be sharing how to find duplicate words in String in Java. There are many ways to solve this problem. One easy way i...
07-08-2020 20:24:10 Java Hungry Beginners
Java Program to Check if a String is a Pangram
In this tutorial, I will be sharing what is Pangram in java, examples of Pangram, algorithm, and java program to check if a given String is ...
31-07-2020 19:48:40 Java Hungry Beginners
Instance Variable in Java with Example
In this tutorial, I will be sharing what are instance variables in java, example of an instance variable, properties of instance variables i...
25-07-2020 17:52:26 Java Hungry Beginners

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