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JavaLibs: 2016 update: speed enhancements
Website speed is very important and I'm constantly trying to make this website fast for everyone.
29-12-2016 11:08:24 search maven repo ... (javalibs) Advanced
JavaLibs: 2016 update: new enhancements
Last few months I was mostly busy fixing bugs (and there were soo many) :-) Also I made everything faster, like 80% faster :-) But there are...
11-12-2016 18:58:43 search maven repo ... (javalibs) Advanced
JavaLibs: javalibs: Answers to the Ultimate Questions of Life, the Universe, and Everything
From day one of this project I tried to get interesting data out of Maven dependencies. It's time to publish some more.
05-09-2016 16:33:35 search maven repo ... (javalibs) Advanced
JavaLibs: Artifact dependency tree added
Every artifact (over 1.7 mil. currently) now has a "Dependency tree" tab so you can easily see it's dependencies.
11-06-2016 20:01:26 search maven repo ... (javalibs) Advanced
JavaLibs: Which Maven repository search engine people use?
Two weeks ago I created a poll on Java's Google plus website with title: "Which Maven repository search engine do you use? " After two weeks...
07-05-2016 14:41:40 search maven repo ... (javalibs) Advanced
JavaLibs: Javadoc is back!
Few months ago I added javadoc support for many artifacts, few weeks ago I removed it and now it's back!
01-04-2016 21:49:35 search maven repo ... (javalibs) Advanced
JavaLibs: https and javadoc now runs on https, yay :-) Also in the last few months I added javadoc support, now for the time being I removed it and will re...
01-04-2016 15:34:03 search maven repo ... (javalibs) Advanced

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