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Android Image Gallery Example App using Glide Library
Tutorial to create an Android image gallery using Glide library. The example Android project for image gallery loads images from Internet.
21-11-2018 13:02:10 javapapers Beginners
Android Chart Example APP using MPAndroidChart
This tutorial is to help you learn chart view by developing an Android chart example APP using the library MPAndroidChart. It is a free Andr...
09-10-2018 12:38:18 javapapers Beginners
How to Build Android In-App Browser with WebView
Android In-App Browser will allow retain the users inside your APP. Which is a critical thing nowadays. Retaining an user and making him sta...
24-09-2018 13:07:28 javapapers Beginners
Android ReCAPTCHA Google API Integration
Captcha is used to distinguish human from automated bots. Google provides a captcha API named Google reCAPTCHA as a free service. It is the ...
17-09-2018 14:04:30 javapapers Beginners
10 Years of Blogging and Counting
I started JavaPapers in the year of 2008. Doing a thing for many years and keeping it live was funtastic! Time has passed, so many things ha...
14-08-2018 12:44:37 javapapers Beginners
Android Text To Speech Tutorial
Text to speech is becoming an integral part of many content driven mobile APPs. If your APP is a tutorial or content heavy, then it is high ...
06-08-2018 13:23:29 javapapers Beginners
Android Bundled Notifications
In this lesson on Android notifications, we will take a look at how to create and manage bundled notifications. Earlier we saw an introducto...
01-03-2018 10:36:33 javapapers Beginners
Android App with Multi-Language Support
In this article, we will learn how to build an Android APP that supports (Internationalization and Localization) multiple languages. Languag...
22-02-2018 14:30:37 javapapers Beginners
Android Intro Slider And Splash Screen
In this article we will learn to add intro slider to an Android App. We will also learn to make a splash screen in android. Intro Slider is ...
07-02-2018 14:58:54 javapapers Beginners
Introduction to Kotlin
1. Overview This lesson will introduce you to the world of Kotlin, a new programming language by JetBrains which is now officially, a first-...
02-02-2018 07:19:16 javapapers Beginners

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