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Spring Boot Rest JSON Tutorial
In our previous post, we learned how to create a REST application in Java using JAX-RS. In this tutorial, we will be creating a Spring Boot ...
22-03-2020 11:15:41 Java Pointers Advanced
Java Rest using JAX-RS and Jetty Maven Plugin Tutorial
This tutorial will help how to get started with RESTful web service in Java Rest using JAX-RS and Jetty Maven Plugin. We will use a Jetty Pl...
11-08-2019 18:17:13 Java Pointers Advanced
Cucumber Selenium Java Example
In our previous post, we discussed about how to use Cucumber and Selenium in Java. Today, we will create a simple Cucumber Selenium Java exa...
22-07-2019 06:54:58 Java Pointers Advanced
Sikuli Java Tutorial And Example
Aside from Selenium, we can also use Sikuli in automation. While Selenium mostly automates the browser, Sikuli can work anywhere as long as ...
21-07-2019 23:39:46 Java Pointers Advanced
Install Example HR Schema in Oracle DB
When you install an Oracle Database, your db should include an HR Schema in Oracle DB which is a demo schema for you to play. If this HR Sch...
20-07-2019 03:30:31 Java Pointers Advanced
How to run Cucumber Test in Java and Maven
If you're writing a program in Java and using Maven, you may want to automate the calls for running your feature files in Maven whenever you...
14-07-2019 12:53:57 Java Pointers Advanced
Cucumber Data Tables Example in Java
In our previous post, we learned how to create scenario outline that can be used to repeat the same steps with different parameters. In this...
14-07-2019 05:02:21 Java Pointers Advanced
Cucumber Scenario Outline Example
In our previous post, we learned how we can start creating Cucumber for our test. In this post, we will learn what is cucumber scenario outl...
29-06-2019 10:54:19 Java Pointers Advanced
Cucumber Java Tutorial
In this tutorial, you will learn what is a Cucumber Framework, the advantages of Cucumber and how to get started with this Cucumber Java Tut...
23-06-2019 13:42:15 Java Pointers Advanced
Selenium Waiting for Element
Since Selenium simulate the actual behavior of the browser, then the page loading time will now adds to the restrictions of the test or auto...
13-06-2017 10:50:19 Java Pointers Advanced

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