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How I handle Veracode Issue (CWE 117) Improper Output Neutralization for Logs | Java | Veracode…
How I handle Veracode Issue (CWE 117) Improper Output Neutralization for Logs | Java | Veracode FixesVeracode scanner is able to find the lo...
26-06-2022 01:36:30 Javarevisited @Me ... (Javarevisited at Medium) Beginners
5 Useful IntelliJ IDEA Plugins to Improve Your Coding Efficiency
Once you use these plugins, you can't live without them.I believe many Java programmers use IntelliJ Idea to write code like me, idea provid...
25-06-2022 18:43:45 Javarevisited @Me ... (Javarevisited at Medium) Beginners
5 Java Methods You Don't Know About
That you need to start usingContinue reading on Javarevisited
25-06-2022 08:49:22 Javarevisited @Me ... (Javarevisited at Medium) Beginners
7 Best Places to learn AWS [Amazon Web Services]
My favorite websites and platform to learn Amazon Web Service or AWSHello guys, if you want to learn AWS and looking for the best websites t...
25-06-2022 01:17:46 Javarevisited @Me ... (Javarevisited at Medium) Beginners
Crocoblock Review — is CrocoBlock Worth It?
Crocoblock Review is CrocoBlock Worth It?Is CrocoBlock any good? Is it worth the price you pay?Web design is not a craft but an art. And eve...
24-06-2022 17:10:24 Javarevisited @Me ... (Javarevisited at Medium) Beginners
How to test out Java Virtual Threads (Project Loom)
In current Java versions one is very limited in the amount of threads that can be created not to mention the overhead when creating a new th...
24-06-2022 08:29:36 Javarevisited @Me ... (Javarevisited at Medium) Beginners
E2E-Testing in CI Environment With Testcontainers
I wrote many blog posts about unit and integration testing. But today I want to tell you something beyond it. And this is E2E-testing. Thoug...
24-06-2022 00:54:50 Javarevisited @Me ... (Javarevisited at Medium) Beginners
Spring Boot-Microservice deployment with Docker
In this tutorial we will be going to deploy Spring boot based microservice with the help of Docker.Dockerization of Spring boot jar (Copied ...
23-06-2022 16:55:52 Javarevisited @Me ... (Javarevisited at Medium) Beginners
Write Microservice in less than 2 mins.. (Faster than Maggi)
Now a days Microservices architecture(MSA) is gaining lots of popularity in the software development.What if I claim, we can write micro-ser...
23-06-2022 09:09:02 Javarevisited @Me ... (Javarevisited at Medium) Beginners
Micro Frontends ….future of Software development
Micro Frontends .future of Software developmentIn recent years, Micro Services are gaining popularity, with many organizations using this ar...
23-06-2022 01:22:27 Javarevisited @Me ... (Javarevisited at Medium) Beginners

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