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GitLab 12.2 arrives with faster pipelines & design management strategy
The monthly GitLab update has arrived, right on time and with new features and capabilities. Take a look inside and see some of the newest h...
23-08-2019 13:36:48 jaxenter Advanced
Julia v1.2.0: Technical computing gets updated with new library functions
What's new with Julia? The latest update for the high-performance technical computing language has arrived and is ready to download. This is...
23-08-2019 05:49:31 jaxenter Advanced
GraalVM 19.2.0: Preview the Java Flight Recorder plugin
The most recent version of GraalVM is here! 19.2.0 includes a variety of bug fixes, compatibility improvements, and some brand new developer...
22-08-2019 22:03:43 jaxenter Advanced
OpenJFX to follow Java and migrate to GitHub
OpenJFX is currently hosted on Mercurial, but with Project Skara in the pipeline and Java FX already partially on GitHub, Kevin Rushforth th...
22-08-2019 16:03:26 jaxenter Advanced
Serverless interview: AIOps steps in when things get too complex for humans
Serverless computing is a hot topic, and as more and more companies and ecosystems adopt it, computing environments get more and more comple...
22-08-2019 08:49:05 jaxenter Advanced
Women in tech: "The most important thing when starting out is to be more self confident"
Women are underrepresented in the tech sector myth or reality? Two years ago, we launched a diversity series aimed at bringing the most insp...
22-08-2019 00:47:40 jaxenter Advanced
JEP drafts - removing Concurrent Mark Sweep garbage collector & ZGC support for macOS
Two new JDK Enhancement Proposals, or JEP, drafts propose to make changes to garbage collection in the next JDK. One wants to remove Concurr...
21-08-2019 16:43:27 jaxenter Advanced
How DevOps can migrate to the cloud without sacrificing security
DevOps means development is moving faster than ever. How is it possible to ensure everything is secure, especially when migrating to the clo...
21-08-2019 08:41:41 jaxenter Advanced
Microsoft acquires leading AdoptOpenJDK contributor jClarity
Yesterday, Microsoft announced its acquisition of jClarity, London-based provider of software performance analytics and tuning and leading c...
21-08-2019 00:41:05 jaxenter Advanced
Deep probabilistic modelling with Pyro
The success of deep neural networks in diverse areas as image recognition and natural language processing has been outstanding in recent yea...
20-08-2019 16:38:48 jaxenter Advanced

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