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Prometheus 2.0: New storage layer boosts monitoring scalability for Kubernetes and and other distributed systems
It's been almost one year since Prometheus 1.0 was released. Prometheus 2.0 has found a different way to wow the crowd it has a new storage ...
27-05-2017 00:21:19 jaxenter Advanced
Google, IBM and Lyft create platform for developing and managing microservices
Google, IBM and Lyft recently announced the alpha release of Istio a brand new open-source project which offers developers a way to help con...
26-05-2017 18:19:04 jaxenter Advanced
The Jigsaw Expert Group is patching things up
The Jigsaw Expert Group met on May 17 to "reach closure on four categories of technical issues: issues resolved since the first Public Revie...
26-05-2017 12:18:39 jaxenter Advanced
Framework, programming language: Coding from scratch vs. using a framework
In the world of the coder, you can never expect things to remains static for too long. Technology already dictates so much of how we interac...
25-05-2017 16:36:52 jaxenter Advanced
Headhunting for DevOps: How to hire for a rising technology
Hiring experienced DevOps consultants is difficult as the demand for this concept has outnumbered the supply. In this article, Ankit Gupta e...
25-05-2017 10:36:08 jaxenter Advanced
Why the public cloud is outpacing the private cloud
Making the decision between the public cloud and the private is a tough one. However, adoption rates between the two vary dramatically. In t...
24-05-2017 23:46:40 jaxenter Advanced
Blockchain startup Blockstack launches browser for the decentralized web
Meet Blockstack, the blockchain startup which aims to create "a new internet for decentralized apps." The startup has unveiled a browser tha...
24-05-2017 17:44:20 jaxenter Advanced
Women in Tech: It's not always about having the big names — It's about volume
Diversity is key to the long-term success of communities and businesses. We caught up with Tracy Miranda, the founder and CEO of Kichwa Code...
24-05-2017 11:39:11 jaxenter Advanced
SwiftKotlin: Comes in handy when you want to translate Swift code into Kotlin
The name of the tool is self-explanatory, for sure. SwiftKotlin is a framework, a command line tool and a Mac application for translating Sw...
23-05-2017 23:31:54 jaxenter Advanced
GitLab 9.2 brings Multiple Assignees For Issues and more
GitLab 9.2 brings Multiple Assignees For Issues to streamline collaboration and allow the shared responsibilities to be clearly displayed. L...
23-05-2017 17:24:10 jaxenter Advanced

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