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Top reasons why Swift is the right choice for iOS app development
When it comes to iOS app development, many believe that Swift is the way to go, mainly because it is simple to use and offers a feature-pack...
23-02-2017 16:58:00 jaxenter Advanced
We oftentimes overlook the need for technical skills when we talk about DevOps
DevOps is not only about company culture; the technical skills are more important than ever. JAXenter editor Dominik Mohilo talked to Gianlu...
23-02-2017 10:51:48 jaxenter Advanced
Brian Behlendorf explains the DevOps of Blockchain
Gartner gave blockchain a huge pat on its back when it included this technology in its Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2017. But will...
22-02-2017 16:31:43 jaxenter Advanced
8 things that make Continuous Delivery go nuts
Continuous Delivery is still trendy and everyone wants to get there, but there are so many walls you have to break and nerves to spoil! In t...
22-02-2017 10:25:45 jaxenter Advanced
15 useful code snippets for Java developers
In this article, Judy Alex, senior creative writer at, identifies the top 15 useful code snippets for Java developers. The post 15 ...
22-02-2017 00:35:46 jaxenter Advanced
Top 20 social influencers in DevOps 2017
Who are the most influential DevOps people in the Twittersphere? After analyzing thousands of accounts, we created a list of people that eve...
21-02-2017 18:35:30 jaxenter Advanced
JAX DevOps brings the top movers and shakers in the DevOps community to London
The countdown for JAX DevOps 2017 has begun. If you would like to dive deeper into topics such as container technologies, cloud platforms, C...
21-02-2017 12:34:51 jaxenter Advanced
IBM — then and now: From steady to nomadic
It was recently revealed that IBM is implementing a "move or leave" program. The discussion has migrated to Reddit and has unearthed a few i...
21-02-2017 00:13:21 jaxenter Advanced
Common #DevOpsFail: Think of DevOps as synonymous with Continuous Delivery
DevOps has cultural change at its core but sometimes organizations find it hard to grasp the importance of the cultural aspect of DevOps. We...
20-02-2017 18:11:25 jaxenter Advanced
Kotlin 1.1 release candidate is here
The second beta release of Kotlin 1.1 was published in early February. Now Kotlin 1.1 is ready for its release candidate phase. The post Kot...
20-02-2017 12:08:33 jaxenter Advanced

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