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Keep your code safe with GitHub's security alerts
Security issues are no joke, but it's hard to stay updated with everything. Constant vigilance is tiring, you know? Keep track of your poten...
17-11-2017 22:08:26 jaxenter Advanced
Putting Angular and progressive web apps to work in 2018
Enterprise web development teams are expected to do more and more with less. Thanks to Angular and progressive web apps, this becomes possib...
17-11-2017 15:52:58 jaxenter Advanced
Why in-memory computing is the future of computing
How can you ensure that your applications will be fast, scalable, and have enough processing power? Instead of constantly upgrading your har...
17-11-2017 09:40:18 jaxenter Advanced
Building a resilient microservice? All you need is Eclipse MicroProfile Fault Tolerance!
Do you dream about building a robust and resilient microservice? Great news, MicroProfile Fault Tolerance is the new future to building one!...
17-11-2017 01:05:13 jaxenter Advanced
DevOps for IoT: Getting ready for the next phase
IoT is a game-changer. But how can we ensure that its speed and efficiency will be utilized properly? In this article, Mukund Krishna explai...
16-11-2017 18:55:59 jaxenter Advanced
Are you up for a new challenge? Help choose a new name for Java EE
The name Java EE will have to go we knew that already. Now's your chance to have a say in this matter: Everyone is invited to help choose a ...
16-11-2017 12:48:04 jaxenter Advanced
New blockchain platform mytime wants to convert time into cryptocurrency
How do you feel about turning time into cryptocurrency? mytime, a new blockchain platform aims to turn time into a measurable value and give...
16-11-2017 06:42:03 jaxenter Advanced
TensorFlow Lite makes ML even more mobile-friendly
The most popular machine learning project becomes even more mobile-friendly with the introduction of TensorFlow Lite. Designed to be lightwe...
16-11-2017 00:32:04 jaxenter Advanced
"Think of Eclipse MicroProfile as two things: The project and the technology set"
A lot has happened lately in the Eclipse MicroProfile world: they revamped the logo, released 1.2 and welcomed Oracle to its community. JAXe...
15-11-2017 18:23:47 jaxenter Advanced
Elasticsearch 6.0 is here
Elasticsearch 6.0 is here! The team knows that doing a full cluster restart when upgrading to a new major version is not something users loo...
15-11-2017 12:18:13 jaxenter Advanced

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