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6 must-have tools for DevOps success
DevOps has gone mainstream; everyone is talking about it, every company is trying to do it and every manager is trying to be successful at i...
09-12-2016 00:13:49 jaxenter Advanced
"DevOps is a three-legged stool" — Key takeaways from DevOpsCon
Greg Bledsoe, Managing Consultant at Accenture, emphasized in his opening keynote at DevOpsCon that one of the most important rules for DevO...
08-12-2016 18:04:13 jaxenter Advanced
What's new in Akka?
Last year, Akka won the JAX Innovation Award for Most Innovative Open Source Tech we're still very proud of this recognition! and one thing ...
08-12-2016 11:54:48 jaxenter Advanced
Clinton's campaign: Could machine learning and Java have prevented their failure to handle big data?
Hillary Clinton's 18-month campaign as the Democrat candidate for the presidency of the United States has been famously and resoundingly dat...
07-12-2016 17:24:48 jaxenter Advanced
Akka anti-patterns: being out of touch with the hardware
Choosing Akka as a tool is often - if not always - driven by the need for good performance. Surely, the actor model itself is appealing as a...
07-12-2016 10:41:14 jaxenter Advanced
All eyes on "Container 2.0": What will be the next battle in the container revolution?
Docker started a container revolution which completely changed the way one develops and operates modern software. In this expert checklist, ...
06-12-2016 18:23:12 jaxenter Advanced
"DevOps is often misinterpreted as ‘everybody now does everything'"
DevOps is on everyone's lips these days but how many companies have successfully implemented it and what are the elements that lead to a hea...
06-12-2016 12:13:55 jaxenter Advanced
Eclipse OMR: Building language runtimes for the cloud
In this article, Mark Stoodley, OMR Project Technical Lead at IBM Canada, explains how Eclipse OMR was created and reveals what's under its ...
05-12-2016 23:51:47 jaxenter Advanced
Command line rools in Swift: Words
In this article, Martin K hl, senior consultant at innoQ, reveals that he occasionally enjoys writing custom command line tools and begins t...
05-12-2016 17:46:02 jaxenter Advanced
4 tips for automating your CD pipeline
Automation is an essential piece of the CD model, providing much-needed consistency and faster turnaround time. Automated processes are easi...
05-12-2016 11:38:55 jaxenter Advanced

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