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IoT and blockchain are ready to drive a manufacturing revolution
In this article, Ilya Pupko, chief architect at Jitterbit, explains how the convergence of IoT and blockchain can transform an entire indust...
17-02-2019 07:42:29 jaxenter Advanced
Building applications on the Ethereum blockchain
Blockchain is rapidly becoming the technological darling in the worlds of FinTech and established finance alike. In this session, Eoin Woods...
17-02-2019 01:37:25 jaxenter Advanced
How is the Eclipse Foundation Specification Process (EFSP) different from the Java Community Process (JCP)?
As developers become more used to Jakarta EE and the Eclipse Foundation, it's time to take a look at how new code becomes a part of Jakarta ...
16-02-2019 19:33:53 jaxenter Advanced
Troubleshooting CPU problems in production for the cloud
How can we solve CPU issues when the application is already in production for the cloud? It's not like we can fire up Task Manager and see w...
16-02-2019 13:30:44 jaxenter Advanced
Project Helidon ready for prime time: With 1.0 comes greater API stability
Project Helidon, a set of Java libraries for writing microservices was introduced in September 2018 but the big 1.0 is already here! The tea...
16-02-2019 07:30:30 jaxenter Advanced
It's time to brush off your Hadoop skills and revisit your science textbooks
Upwork's latest skills index has a bunch of surprises for the hungry freelance market. It's time to brush off your Hadoop skills and revisit...
16-02-2019 01:29:08 jaxenter Advanced
RunC container vulnerability: What makes it so dangerous?
Were you affected by the runC container breakout? Make sure your containers are all patched up and running safely and securely. When it come...
15-02-2019 19:26:34 jaxenter Advanced
Open source your automation testing for the mobile web with OpenTest
Testing, testing! Are your mobile web apps ready for the big leagues? It's time to put them through their paces with OpenTest, an open sourc...
15-02-2019 13:23:56 jaxenter Advanced
Java & Co.: Clojure and Kotlin are a great fit for the JVM, report shows
Java makes the world go round! So we couldn't miss out on the opportunity to take a look at the 2018 Java Magazine Survey featuring the resp...
15-02-2019 07:22:20 jaxenter Advanced
Cilium 1.4 arrives with multi-cluster service routing, IPVLAN support & more
If you're eager to hear more about Cilium's latest release, you are in luck! Cilium 1.4 comes with tons of new features and improvements inc...
14-02-2019 23:49:49 jaxenter Advanced

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