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JEP 377: Promote ZGC from experimental garbage collector to production feature
Z Garbage Collector has been part of the JDK since Java 11. Since then lots of new features and enhancements have been made to ZGC, resultin...
01-04-2020 01:47:08 jaxenter Advanced
Eclipse Theia 1.0 is an open source alternative to VS Code
The 1.0 version of Eclipse Theia has arrived. Eclipse Theia combines some of the best features of IDEs into one open source extensible platf...
31-03-2020 19:18:07 jaxenter Advanced
GitLab is open sourcing 18 features for the DevOps lifecycle
The DevOps tool GitLab offers paid and free versions, and now 18 additional features will be moved to the open source editions Core/Free. Th...
31-03-2020 13:03:17 jaxenter Advanced
The key capabilities of a modern application monitoring solution
The ideal solution is a central monitoring approach that can provide monitoring for multiple platforms within a single console. With a compr...
31-03-2020 06:31:50 jaxenter Advanced
TypeScript 3.9 beta: Reduced compile time and editor improvements
The new beta release for TypeScript mainly focuses on providing stability, bug fixes, and crash-reduction. Thanks to multiple pull requests,...
31-03-2020 00:00:41 jaxenter Advanced
JupyterLab now has a visual debugger
For certain tasks, Jupyter users tend to switch to general-purpose IDEs. Therefore, the Jupyter project has decided to add a new feature tha...
30-03-2020 17:45:01 jaxenter Advanced
Weekly Review: Celebrating Java 14, working from home & how to help fight COVID-19
Every Monday, we take a step back and look at all the cool stuff that went down during the previous week. Last week, we continued celebratin...
30-03-2020 11:10:17 jaxenter Advanced
COVID-19, Software Developers and Becoming All-Remote (Part 1)
Here we will dive into the human aspects affecting all of us, and address some of the ways in which we can turn this unfortunate event into ...
30-03-2020 04:35:38 jaxenter Advanced
Code formatter Prettier 2.0 improves CLI & upgrades to TypeScript 3.8
Prettier helps enforce a consistent style by parsing re-printing your code line-by-line. The new 2.0 release introduces a new CLI that is no...
29-03-2020 22:18:48 jaxenter Advanced
Git 2.26 sets protocol v2 as default and updates git sparse-checkout
The version control system Git has received its latest update. Git 2.26 sets v2 of the network fetch protocol as default and continues worki...
29-03-2020 15:48:56 jaxenter Advanced

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