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Fast Data & Analytics — SQL, NoSQL, IMDGs, Hadoop, Spark. What next?
Twenty years ago we were just learning how to hook up the new Java language to our relational database to run queries. Five years later and ...
17-01-2017 17:03:32 jaxenter Advanced
Finding the best programmers requires international search
When looking for the best programmers in the world, where should you start your search? While the United States has been the birthplace of s...
17-01-2017 10:52:37 jaxenter Advanced
An agile Java standard — wishful thinking or not?
Simon Ritter, Deputy CTO at Azul Systems and alternate representative on the JCP EC wrote in a blog post after JCP executive committee's fir...
16-01-2017 18:46:56 jaxenter Advanced
Eclipse Che 5.0 is out
Eclipse Che 5.0 comes bearing gifts: new CLI, Docker Compose Runtimes, Workspace Snapshots, Language Server Protocol, Stack Editor, new Debu...
16-01-2017 12:40:13 jaxenter Advanced
IoT In healthcare — The changing technology in 2017
The Internet of Things is about to transform the way we live and work. And if it gives its whole potential, it will essentially change every...
14-01-2017 00:03:39 jaxenter Advanced
New serverless framework for Kubernetes focuses on developer productivity
Fission is a new framework for serverless functions on Kubernetes. It focuses on high performance and developer productivity by allowing dev...
13-01-2017 17:57:32 jaxenter Advanced A quest for a lightweight and reactive Enterprise Java Platform
In this video, Ondrej Mihalyi explores what has happened in the world of enterprise Java recently, including the progress of the Java EE 8 s...
13-01-2017 11:47:59 jaxenter Advanced
FP vs. OO: Simplicity — Fighting complexity at all costs
In this post, Joy Clark, a consultant at innoQ, claims that simplicity is key to creating and maintaining good software and explains why the...
13-01-2017 05:33:14 jaxenter Advanced
Damon Edwards: "DevOps is an idea"
Some people call DevOps a cultural professional movement; when they think of the magic bullet, they believe that the one way to do it is thi...
12-01-2017 23:26:20 jaxenter Advanced
Lux — A functional programming language in the Lisp tradition
There's a new language in town; Lux (currently in development) is a functional language belonging to the Lisp family which can be used to wr...
12-01-2017 17:16:03 jaxenter Advanced

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