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SysAdmin to SRE: creating capacity to make tomorrow better than today
DevOps has achieved widespread success. However, that success has been uneven for those who work in Operations. In most enterprises today, i...
15-10-2019 12:12:47 jaxenter Advanced
What you need to know about becoming a full stack developer
Many companies now prefer to hire full stack developers. Whether you are a back end developer, or a front end developer looking to make the ...
15-10-2019 05:37:44 jaxenter Advanced
How well do you actually understand annotations in Java?
Annotations are everywhere in web or enterprise development. But how should they actually be defined? Adrian D. Finlay goes over the basics ...
14-10-2019 23:03:39 jaxenter Advanced
VS Code 1.39: September release adds workbench and UI updates
The latest update of Visual Studio Code is here: version 1.3.9. This month adds some visual and UI improvements, CSS color variables preview...
14-10-2019 16:29:35 jaxenter Advanced
4 realistic perks of having a proactive certified incident handler on-board
Does your firm need a certified incident handler on the team? Incident handlers manage the situation that happens after a cybersecurity atta...
14-10-2019 10:02:57 jaxenter Advanced
7 Experts – 7 Opinions: What do you think about the new Java release cycle?
Java 13 is here! In the second part of our interview series, we talk to some of the experts about all the pros and cons of Java. Michael Sim...
14-10-2019 03:36:06 jaxenter Advanced
The impact of blockchain technology on education
Education technology moves fast, and it goes beyond smart boards and remote learning. How might the blockchain be put to work in the educati...
13-10-2019 21:08:19 jaxenter Advanced
7 Experts – 7 Opinions: What do you want to see in Java 14?
Java 13 is here! In the third and final part of our interview series, we talk to some of the experts about all the pros and cons of Java. Mi...
13-10-2019 14:39:06 jaxenter Advanced
Sustainable Continuous Delivery: Patterns for rapid and reliable releases
Today we pay close attention to scaling our systems, testing for chaos, and reducing MTTR (mean time to repair) in production. Yet our conti...
13-10-2019 08:13:32 jaxenter Advanced
Big data database Apache Rya becomes a Top Level Project
The Apache Software Foundation recently announced that Apache Rya has moved on up to become a Top Level project. What is Apache Rya? This sc...
13-10-2019 01:43:27 jaxenter Advanced

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