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Vue CLI 3.0 is here: Less configuring, more coding
Vue CLI is the standard build toolchain for Vue.js development. The latest release, 3.0 has everything you have hoped for! Vue CLI 3.0 has t...
14-08-2018 09:00:33 jaxenter Advanced
Angular Console makes working with Angular CLI a piece of cake
Nrwl announced the release of Angular Console the UI for the Angular CLI and it's designed to make your time working with Angular CLI signif...
14-08-2018 02:52:47 jaxenter Advanced
Keeping up with the modern world: Can Java leave its old ways behind?
Java 10 was the first release in Oracle's new six-month cycle and now we're just one month away from Java 11 so it's not far-fetched to say ...
13-08-2018 20:42:13 jaxenter Advanced
Top 5 IDEs for Julia
Julia is on a roll! In honor of last week's version 1.0 release, we're taking a look at some of the best IDEs for this high performance lang...
13-08-2018 14:33:05 jaxenter Advanced
Embracing Java 9 and beyond with Eclipse JDT
The world around Java is changing at a fast pace. How is the Eclipse IDE keeping up? In this article, Sarika Sinha explains the support that...
13-08-2018 08:24:32 jaxenter Advanced
Dart 2 marks the rebirth of the programming language powering Flutter
We first mentioned the arrival of Dart 2 last summer when David Morgan, software engineer at Google revealed that when the stable release ar...
13-08-2018 02:17:28 jaxenter Advanced
CodeMix plugin: VS Code smarts in the Eclipse IDE you love!
As an Eclipse developer, do you find support for your favorite framework lacking, outdated, or just plain MIA? Do you envy the blazing speed...
12-08-2018 20:08:19 jaxenter Advanced
Deep learning anomalies with TensorFlow and Apache Spark
Deep learning is always among the hottest topics and TensorFlow is one of the most popular frameworks out there. In this session, Khanderao ...
12-08-2018 14:01:32 jaxenter Advanced
The dos and don'ts of using tech jargon
Familiarity breeds acronyms and shorthand. But sometimes, using lots of specialized jargon isn't the best way to get your point across. In t...
12-08-2018 07:54:56 jaxenter Advanced
"One challenge Kubernetes users face is the lack of know-how and tools to manage Kubernetes clusters"
Kubernetes is one of the IT world's brightest 'stars'; more and more companies are using this technology for the orchestration of containers...
12-08-2018 01:47:59 jaxenter Advanced

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