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GitLab 10.7 is out: Game-changing additions and improvements
GitLab, determined, as always, in getting things done introduces significant additions and some minor improvements in order to make the life...
23-04-2018 15:03:15 jaxenter Advanced
5 things you can hate about Go (but don't have to)
Go may not be much of a newcomer to the world of programming languages. But it's developed into a very respectable, if opinionated language....
23-04-2018 08:55:07 jaxenter Advanced
Spring Boot 2 – An introduction: Current dependencies & the basis Spring 5
New topics, new functions but also some work in your luggage: With Spring Boot 2, Pivotal's developers are launching a new generation of con...
22-04-2018 07:17:28 jaxenter Advanced
Build Docker container images in Kubernetes with kaniko
No Docker daemon? Working in a Kubernetes cluster? No problem. Kaniko, a new open source tool, allows developers to build an image in a cont...
22-04-2018 01:13:05 jaxenter Advanced
What not to do when setting up your Apache Mesos and DC/OS cluster
A lot of talks will tell you how to set up container orchestration systems correctly. In this session from DevOpsCon 2017, J rg Schad explai...
21-04-2018 19:06:59 jaxenter Advanced
Docker EE 2.0 is here: No lock-in, more security
Docker EE 2.0 is here! It aims to give users flexibility and choice over the types of applications supported, orchestrators used, and where ...
21-04-2018 13:02:24 jaxenter Advanced
Why developers should care about no-code tools
Developers aren't who no-code tools are specifically designed for, but we're seeing more developers advocate for their use within companies....
21-04-2018 06:58:42 jaxenter Advanced
Netflix open sources Titus, a container management platform
Big news from the video streaming giant Netflix: they're open sourcing Titus, a container monitoring platform that powers their streaming, r...
21-04-2018 00:46:23 jaxenter Advanced
Oracle Code One: The new and improved JavaOne?!
Another day another Oracle-related news. JavaOne is gone but fear not it has been replaced by Oracle Code One, a conference for *all* develo...
20-04-2018 18:43:21 jaxenter Advanced
Java enthusiasts rejoice! Gradle 4.7 adds JDK 10 support
Gradle 4.7 is here and it brings a lot of exciting new features, including support for resources and test resources in the IDEA plugin; runn...
20-04-2018 12:36:56 jaxenter Advanced

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