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MicroProfile 3.3 adds updates for Metrics, Fault Tolerance, Health and more
Eclipse MicroProfile 3.3 has arrived. This incremental release focuses on aspects such as a richer integration between MicroProfile APIs and...
20-02-2020 15:01:07 jaxenter Advanced
Crystal 0.33.0 release: Combining elements of Ruby and C
Taking inspiration from both C and Ruby, Crystal is a programming language that is just starting to get its legs. Crystal compiles to native...
20-02-2020 08:29:26 jaxenter Advanced
Are you being servered? - exploring a serverless web
"JAMstack" is an emerging term which describes an approach to architecting and delivering sites as pre-rendered assets, and where necessary,...
20-02-2020 01:56:44 jaxenter Advanced
Enterprise open source software is growing within innovative companies
Once commonly thought of as simply for programming hobbyists, now open source is widely used in the enterprise. Red Hat conducted an interna...
19-02-2020 19:40:04 jaxenter Advanced
GraalVM 20.0 adds new features for Java, JavaScript, Python & more
GraalVM 20.0.0 has been released. The universal virtual machine supports different programming languages and is designed to run applications...
19-02-2020 13:06:46 jaxenter Advanced
Leading your team of young developers: 5 tips for helping them grow within their careers
In order for junior developers to succeed, ultimately it is the responsibility of the current team leads to pass on the skills they have. Gi...
19-02-2020 06:31:32 jaxenter Advanced
Fix me if you can: architecture evolution step by step
When you're building a successful startup, there's always a lack of resources, time and ability to implement enterprise-level architecture. ...
19-02-2020 00:14:26 jaxenter Advanced
GitHub Enterprise Server 2.20 - free access via Microsoft for Startups
GitHub has released GitHub Enterprise Server 2.20 and Microsoft for Startups now includes free access to the enterprise service. The latest ...
18-02-2020 17:45:44 jaxenter Advanced
Experimental JavaScript bundler and minifier uses Go for speed
JavaScript bundling can take a long time, but does it have to be that way? Created as a hobby project, esbuild shows that JS bundling does n...
18-02-2020 11:06:54 jaxenter Advanced
Weekly Review: Women and girls in science, carbon footprints, Angular 9 and more
Every Monday, we take a step back and look at all the cool stuff that went down during the previous week. Last week, Angular 9 continued to ...
18-02-2020 04:48:27 jaxenter Advanced

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