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"The database development can be built into DevOps!"
How does DevOps fit with database development? Eero Mattila, the principal systems consultant for information management for Quest Software,...
23-06-2018 07:56:20 jaxenter Advanced
Progressive Web Apps and how they can increase engagement
Are you familiar with progressive web apps or PWAs? In this article, James Grills gives us an overview of the benefits of using PWAs and dis...
23-06-2018 00:45:11 jaxenter Advanced
Agile and ISO: Applying certifications and standards to software development
Agile and ISO aren't incompatible; it's time to challenge conventional beliefs. In this article, Nathan Sykes makes the case for Agile and I...
22-06-2018 17:34:33 jaxenter Advanced
IoT for web developers
Have you already taken your first steps with maker boards like an Arduino and successfully implemented your first projects? The maker hardwa...
22-06-2018 11:33:38 jaxenter Advanced
Welcome, Pulumi! A cloud development platform from the future
Have you ever thought of having a multi-language and multi-cloud development platform? Pulumi is the multi-machine that will make the dream ...
22-06-2018 05:32:31 jaxenter Advanced
Add some candy to your code: JSweet transpiles from Java to JavaScript
JSweet is a transpiler that takes code from Java to JavaScript with over 1,000 available JavaScript libraries. See what it can do and unwrap...
21-06-2018 23:28:19 jaxenter Advanced
5 minutes with the PMC Lead of EE4J
What is Jakarta EE? What does it mean for a project to go open source like Java EE? In this interview, Ivar Grimstad, the PMC Lead of EE4J, ...
21-06-2018 17:24:45 jaxenter Advanced
The monster coming over the hill - Is enterprise coding dead?
Every code snippet that you will ever need is probably somewhere on the internet. All you have to do is ask for it. So why do we keep writin...
21-06-2018 11:21:05 jaxenter Advanced
Blockchain projects' life expectancy: GitHub is full of neglected blockchain projects
The blockchain market shows no signs of slowing down and this technology is one of the hottest skills in the IT job market. However, if you ...
21-06-2018 05:15:36 jaxenter Advanced
Debugging tests left you tired and scarred? Gauge is here to stop the bleeding!
You highly value test automation but debugging tests is giving you a hard time? Meet Gauge, an open source test automation framework that is...
20-06-2018 23:12:19 jaxenter Advanced

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