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Getting started with Terraform
Automation and DevOps are probably two buzzwords which have gone hand in hand with the cloud over the last couple of years, while simplified...
10-11-2019 11:15:49 jaxenter Advanced
Dart 2.6 supports creating self-contained executables
The newest update for Google's programming language Dart has arrived. The key feature in this update is the new compiler, dart2native. With ...
10-11-2019 04:41:03 jaxenter Advanced
Are there any real security threats to sensor-generated data?
IoT devices can be a weak leak and expose data to hackers. Businesses should be aware of the risks that can occur if attackers get their han...
09-11-2019 22:02:55 jaxenter Advanced
DevOps Culture: the Neuroscience of Behavior
We acknowledge that we can't change culture, but we can change behavior. Culture is the sum of values and behavior. But what makes humans be...
09-11-2019 15:25:54 jaxenter Advanced
Solving JavaFX's CSS problems with cljfx css
We like to browse GitHub and occasionally shed some light on interesting or useful open source repositories. Today we are taking a closer lo...
09-11-2019 08:50:18 jaxenter Advanced
JEP 365: ZGC on Windows
The Z Garbage Collector or ZGC is a scalable low latency garbage collector that's included in the JDK. Until now, it has not been compatible...
09-11-2019 02:00:29 jaxenter Advanced
VS Code 1.40 closes 4,600 GitHub issues and adds new features
Visual Studio Code's October update has arrived with new features. The source code editor now offers TypeScript 3.7 support, an activity bar...
08-11-2019 19:20:59 jaxenter Advanced
Rust 1.39.0 stable update adds async-await
The latest version of Rust is now available and introduces a big change for the language. 1.39.0 adds async-await. This feature moves out of...
08-11-2019 12:39:51 jaxenter Advanced
Visual Studio Online offers remote access to development environments
At this week's Microsoft Ignite developer conference, the first public preview of Visual Studio Online was introduced. The new cloud-based s...
08-11-2019 06:00:27 jaxenter Advanced
OpenAI finally releases "dangerous" large-scale unsupervised language model GPT-2
The full version of GPT-2 is now publicly available, following nearly nine months of heated debates and some smaller model releases. The lar...
07-11-2019 23:27:59 jaxenter Advanced

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