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JEP drafts - removing Concurrent Mark Sweep garbage collector & ZGC support for macOS
Two new JDK Enhancement Proposals, or JEP, drafts propose to make changes to garbage collection in the next JDK. One wants to remove Concurr...
21-08-2019 16:43:27 jaxenter Advanced
How DevOps can migrate to the cloud without sacrificing security
DevOps means development is moving faster than ever. How is it possible to ensure everything is secure, especially when migrating to the clo...
21-08-2019 08:41:41 jaxenter Advanced
Microsoft acquires leading AdoptOpenJDK contributor jClarity
Yesterday, Microsoft announced its acquisition of jClarity, London-based provider of software performance analytics and tuning and leading c...
21-08-2019 00:41:05 jaxenter Advanced
Deep probabilistic modelling with Pyro
The success of deep neural networks in diverse areas as image recognition and natural language processing has been outstanding in recent yea...
20-08-2019 16:38:48 jaxenter Advanced
The time for serverless is now - tips for getting started
Just because everyone is talking about something, that doesn't mean it's actually worth your time. Chris Wahl shares his experiences getting...
20-08-2019 08:37:18 jaxenter Advanced
Git 2.23 brings experimental commands git switch and git restore
It's been a little over a month since the last update, and now Git 2.23 is here with some new features, changes, and fixes. Some new experim...
20-08-2019 00:40:10 jaxenter Advanced
Ruby on Rails 6.0 is here, and it's action-packed!
It's been a long time coming and it looks like it was worth the wait! Ruby on Rails 6 brings a whole heap of changes with it. In addition to...
19-08-2019 16:42:44 jaxenter Advanced
Weekly round-up: Java Web Start, GitHub restrictions & more
Every Monday, we take a step back and look at all the cool stuff that went down during the previous week. Last week we had an eye-opening in...
19-08-2019 08:47:35 jaxenter Advanced
The implication of AI & ML on the marketing landscape
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing how marketing campaigns work for many companies. They make it possible to transfor...
17-08-2019 21:09:22 jaxenter Advanced
ICO report reveals real time buying puts your data at risk
A recent report revealed that real time buying in the advertising industry does not comply with the set GDPR requirements. With so much conc...
17-08-2019 13:17:25 jaxenter Advanced

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