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Open source all-in-one DevOps platform: OneDev's UI is easy to use
Variety is the spice of life, and now there is another DevOps platform to choose from. OneDev is a new, all-in-one, open source Git server w...
22-01-2020 00:29:34 jaxenter Advanced
JUnit 5.6 release brings new features for Java unit testing
The latest version of JUnit has arrived. The Java unit testing framework has performance improvements, new features and minor bug fixes on b...
21-01-2020 18:21:12 jaxenter Advanced
Fugue open sources Regula, security and compliance tool for Terraform
Working with Terraform infrastructure-as-code can sometimes be a bit of a headache when it comes to tracking security misconfigurations and ...
21-01-2020 12:12:51 jaxenter Advanced
Four ways AI and integration will come together in 2020
Artificial intelligence is complex, and as integration with businesses continues, certain areas will impact enterprises. We are seeing a ris...
21-01-2020 06:03:38 jaxenter Advanced
Building a Robo-Army with Angular
You can build almost anything with Angular, even an army of robots. In this session from the International JavaScript Conference, watch Seni...
20-01-2020 23:50:10 jaxenter Advanced
JavaScript developers average 2020 salaries hits $114,986 in the US
Any JavaScript developer will tell you that a fair salary leads to better work. Despite this, many devs are underpaid, and so they are jumpi...
20-01-2020 17:41:34 jaxenter Advanced
Javalin 3.7 adds rate limiting and case insensitive path matching
The lightweight Java and Kotlin web framework Javalin is updated on a regular basis, and this year's first minor release is version 3.7. It ...
20-01-2020 11:33:17 jaxenter Advanced
Git 2.25 brings new features for partial cloning
Git 2.25 has been released. It is designed to improve partial cloning of repositories, a feature that is still considered experimental, with...
19-01-2020 22:03:23 jaxenter Advanced
5 critical issues solved by DataOps
What does the future of operations look like? This article examines the practical uses of DataOps, its advantages, and how it can solve crit...
19-01-2020 15:54:57 jaxenter Advanced
Is now the time for gamification in software development?
As games become increasingly popular, so too does the concept of gamification. The software industry is no exception, with big tech companie...
19-01-2020 09:47:50 jaxenter Advanced

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