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Linkerd 2.3 ramps up security by turning on default confidential communication
Linkerd increases its security with the latest stable release, 2.3. Now it turns on authenticated, confidential communication between meshed...
19-04-2019 02:15:29 jaxenter Advanced
A new era for OpenJDK 8 and OpenJDK 11 begins with the transition over to Red Hat
Red Hat has announced that it will be taking over the leadership for OpenJDK 8 and OpenJDK 11 calling out the need for continued support of ...
18-04-2019 19:18:28 jaxenter Advanced
Klusterkit: Three open source Kubernetes tools for on-prem, air-gapped environments
Kubernetes and open source go together hand in hand with Platform9's new announcement: three new open source Kubernetes tools simplify clust...
18-04-2019 12:11:19 jaxenter Advanced
Git secrets unveiled: Branching models and workflows for SCM systems
Source control management systems (SCM) are a part of the standard equipment of a software developer. Despite their daily usage, there are s...
17-04-2019 19:19:11 jaxenter Advanced
Seven Security Sins: The 7 biggest security problems of agile projects
The agile development of software offers numerous advantages for developers and development teams. On the other hand, Agile also poses new s...
17-04-2019 12:08:25 jaxenter Advanced
Rust 1.34.0 stable adds alternative cargo registries and more
The developer love for Rust is strong - this is the fourth year in a row that it polled as the number one most loved programming language in...
17-04-2019 05:03:42 jaxenter Advanced
Dynaconf: Dynamic settings configuration for Python apps
Dynaconf is a dynamic configuration for Python applications. With it, you can set one canonical settings module to use for all instances. Us...
16-04-2019 22:13:21 jaxenter Advanced
Whole Work: Sociotechnicity & DevOps
In the DevOps community today, we hear a lot about sociotechnical systems. However, if we want to take an approach based on sociotechnical t...
16-04-2019 15:14:04 jaxenter Advanced
KISS it: Good architecture and design for Continuous Delivery pipelines
The architecture of continuous delivery pipelines is becoming more complicated and complex every day. The purpose of Ambreen Sheikh's talk i...
16-04-2019 08:12:54 jaxenter Advanced
Tutorial: Infrastructure as code with AWS and Terraform
Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a huge portfolio of services and products that can be combined to work with one another with one another....
16-04-2019 01:16:37 jaxenter Advanced

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