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Top 10 Java stories of May: TIOBE Index, Spring Boot 2.3, Java 16 plans & more
Every month, we take a look back at our top ten most clicked topics. Last month was packed full of exciting news such as more info on Java 1...
06-06-2020 10:08:03 jaxenter Advanced
Can blockchain protect privacy in a pandemic?
Privacy is a human right. With blockchain technology, a true decentralized process governs actions such as uploading or deleting data, preve...
06-06-2020 03:41:07 jaxenter Advanced
"SEO technology is the answer to the challenges that agile organizations face"
We spoke with Michal Magdziarz, CEO of DeepCrawl, about what developers need to know about SEO, what benefits it can provide, the most helpf...
05-06-2020 21:16:09 jaxenter Advanced
Autonomous AI, the new necessity
Not implementing AI in some form could mean literally the end of your business as competitors pass you by. AI isn't taking jobs away; in fac...
05-06-2020 14:49:30 jaxenter Advanced
Gradle 6.5 arrives with a new experimental file-system watching feature
Not even a month has passed since the release of Gradle 6.4, and now Gradle 6.5 is here. The open source tool comes with a new file-system w...
05-06-2020 08:22:08 jaxenter Advanced
14th Annual State of Agile: Top trends and challenges in 2020 conducted its 14th Annual State of Agile Report, along with a survey addendum to reflect the current 2020 landscape. See what Agi...
05-06-2020 01:54:08 jaxenter Advanced
Quarkus 1.5.0.Final welcomes new extensions
Keep up with Quarkus; let's take a closer look and see what's new with the supersonic subatomic Java. The latest update, version 1.5.0.Final...
04-06-2020 19:25:48 jaxenter Advanced
Containers & Security - how to build more than another stage into software processes
End-to-end security has to be built in from the start when building, shipping and running containers, so that everyone taking advantage of t...
04-06-2020 12:54:07 jaxenter Advanced
The trendy five: Creative GitHub repos bring May 2020 flowers
It's that time of the month again, time to browse the GitHub trending page and pick the best, coolest, or most impressive open source projec...
04-06-2020 06:20:27 jaxenter Advanced
Getting started with ReactPHP
Think about PHP for a few seconds What came to mind? It's very likely you thought about your average product catalog, a blogging platform, o...
03-06-2020 23:52:19 jaxenter Advanced

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