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Gradle 6.3 adds support for Java 14 & more
Gradle 6.3 has been released. The open source build automation system now offers support for the latest language version Java 14, which we w...
29-03-2020 09:19:27 jaxenter Advanced
Five security principles developers must follow
The stakes are higher. Security must be the number one priority. Agile, MicroServices and DevOps are all disciplines that have worked hard t...
29-03-2020 03:03:44 jaxenter Advanced
Swift 5.2 adds language changes and clearer error messages
The programming language Swift is now available in version 5.2, and it has several new features on board. Two language proposals have been i...
28-03-2020 19:32:53 jaxenter Advanced
5 Ways investing in simplicity will make your IT project a success
Keeping things simple is the best bet for a successful IT project. The more moving parts there are, the more can go wrong. Injecting simplic...
28-03-2020 13:03:24 jaxenter Advanced
SQL is most in-demand tech skill, Burning Glass Technologies reports
According to Burning Glass Technologies and Dice, companies are currently looking for developers with experience using older, more establish...
28-03-2020 06:46:54 jaxenter Advanced
Kubernetes 1.18 includes 38 enhancements under the hood
There's no denying the vast popularity of Kubernetes. The newest version is here with the release of Kubernetes 1.18. In total, it includes ...
28-03-2020 00:17:34 jaxenter Advanced
Spring Boot 2.2.6 adds support for Java 14
Take a step forward and upgrade Spring Boot to 2.2.6. The new update includes 53 bug fixes, some new enhancements and features, documentatio...
27-03-2020 17:56:18 jaxenter Advanced
Integrating Serverless Framework, API Gateway and Message Queue to handle WebHooks
In this session from the API Conference, you will learn about the benefits of serverless for startups and why Laserhub sees a lot of potenti...
27-03-2020 11:52:50 jaxenter Advanced
Migrating to PHP 7
Are you still using PHP 5? If so, this talk is for you. Join Stefan Priebsch, co-founder and Principal Consultant of The PHP Consulting Comp...
27-03-2020 05:44:29 jaxenter Advanced
Java 14 - "NullPointerExceptions are a significant improvement"
Java 14 was released last week, so we spoke to Michael Vitz about the latest features. Read the interview to find out why he thinks JEP 358 ...
26-03-2020 23:24:39 jaxenter Advanced

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