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Starting a New Engagement as a Lead Consultant
Someone recently asked me for information on starting new consulting engagements. A few years back I published Sean Doran and Scott Conley's...
17-05-2017 14:39:27 Jay Field Agile & Testing
Curious Customer
I currently work on a pretty small team, 4 devs (including myself). We have no one dedicated strictly to QA. A few years ago we ran into a f...
28-06-2016 17:31:11 Jay Field Agile & Testing
Maintainability and Expect Literals
Recently, Stephen Schaub asked the following on the wewut group: Several of the unit test examples in the book verify the construction of bo...
16-06-2016 13:50:45 Jay Field Agile & Testing
Drop Books
The vast majority of books I purchase are for my own enjoyment, but not all of them. There are a few books that I buy over and over, and dro...
25-06-2015 09:47:00 Jay Field Agile & Testing
Unit Testing Points of View, Probably
Michael Feathers, Brian Marick, and I are collaborating to create a new book: Unit Testing Points of View ... probably. OriginIn 2014 Martin...
06-04-2015 17:20:00 Jay Field Agile & Testing

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