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WildFly 12 Final is now available!
WildFly 12 Final is now available for download! EE8 Capabilities & New Release Model This is our first release following our new quarterly d...
01-03-2018 09:18:30 Wildfly (JBoss) Advanced
WildFly 11 Final is now available!
WildFly 11 Final is now available for download! The highlights of WildFly 11 are as follows: Elytron - New Security Infrastructure The bigge...
24-10-2017 08:36:57 Wildfly (JBoss) Advanced
Running an Embedded WildFly Host Controller in the CLI
WildFly supports running a standalone server in Offline mode as an embedded server. An analogous capability has been added for domain mode i...
12-10-2017 00:34:58 Wildfly (JBoss) Advanced
OpenSSL support with WildFly
The upcoming WildFly 11 release includes support for OpenSSL. This provides two main advantages over JSSE: Support for ALPN on all JDK's Sig...
06-10-2017 11:56:41 Wildfly (JBoss) Advanced
Messaging features in WildFly 11
WildFly 11 is integrating Apache ActiveMQ Artemis 1.5 to provides its messaging features. New features With the integration of Artemis 1.5, ...
03-10-2017 19:19:28 Wildfly (JBoss) Advanced
Management Model Referential Integrity and Suggestions
A significant improvement in WildFly 11 is much better support for referential integrity when one resource in your configuration refers to a...
03-10-2017 13:13:16 Wildfly (JBoss) Advanced
Using exploded deployments and CLI attachments
In WildFly there used to be two worlds : one for developers with exploded deployments using a scanner and one for production where artifacts...
08-09-2017 13:03:37 Wildfly (JBoss) Advanced
WildFly 11 CR1 is now available!
WildFly 11 CR1 is now available for download! Since the Beta, 66 issues have been resolved. You can find the full list below. Provided that ...
26-08-2017 07:09:56 Wildfly (JBoss) Advanced
WildFly 11 Beta1 is now available!
WildFly 11 is now feature complete and the beta is now available for download! This release includes a significant amount of change, with 45...
04-08-2017 08:21:37 Wildfly (JBoss) Advanced
Announcing public CI
We are proud to announce our public CI system, which is running integration tests for WildFly, WildFly Core, Undertow and many other related...
05-05-2017 00:13:04 Wildfly (JBoss) Advanced

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