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Grouping multiple repositories with git submodules
A while back I had to make some changes to a couple of existing microservices that were new to me. People would always refer to any of them ...
31-12-2021 10:17:45 jdev Advanced
Presenting at Devoxx Belgium
This year I have the honour to be presenting a session at Devoxx Belgium together with my colleague Jeroen Burggraaf. On Thursday, 10th Nove...
07-10-2016 13:53:27 jdev Advanced
AngularJS polling service
A while ago, I had to write a polling service in AngularJS. For this service, there were three main requirements: poll the backend every x m...
24-05-2016 16:17:35 jdev Advanced
Unit testing HTTP calls with LocalTestServer
There are times when you’re unit testing code that is making HTTP calls to a remote server. You could be using a library such as Apache’sHtt...
28-07-2015 10:03:05 jdev Advanced
Don’t jump on the microservices bandwagon
A couple of weeks ago I was very fortunate to be able to attend the excellent GOTO Amsterdam conference. One of the tracks was all about mic...
16-07-2015 15:34:59 jdev Advanced
RESTful Error Handling with Spring
This post will illustrate a way in which exception handling can be implemented for RESTful web services in Spring in such a manner that the ...
03-06-2015 07:45:23 jdev Advanced
Custom Boolean User Type with Hibernate JPA
The ANSI SQL 1999 standard introduced a BOOLEAN data type (although unfortunately only as an optional feature). But to date it still isn’t i...
03-06-2015 04:33:41 jdev Advanced
Logging JAX-WS SOAP messages in Spring
Whenever you’re using JAX-WS within Spring you’ll probably want to log the incoming and outgoing SOAP messages – if only for debugging durin...
03-05-2015 13:51:04 jdev Advanced
Documenting Spring RESTful APIs
Lately, I’ve been writing alot of RESTful services using the Spring framework and its @RestController. The only thing I really missed was an...
22-02-2015 11:58:20 jdev Advanced
Implementing Domain-Driven Design book review
For the last year or so, I’ve been struggling with what Martin Fowler calls the Anemic Domain Model. The development teams at one of my clie...
22-02-2015 11:12:01 jdev Advanced

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