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Why I am not convinced by Angular 2 (yet) — Part 1
I am regularly teaching Angular and I have several consulting jobs where I work with teams using AngularJS. Yet I have some reservations abo...
27-10-2016 04:47:24 Jonas Bandi Agile & Testing
Switching to Medium
I am switching my blog to medium:reality-loopBy switching to Medium I hope to remove some friction that holds me back from writing and to fi...
26-10-2016 22:40:33 Jonas Bandi Agile & Testing
Presentation - JavaScript - The Universal Platform?
Last month I was invited to give a talk at the annual developer day of Swiss Railways (SBB).
09-10-2016 00:51:15 Jonas Bandi Agile & Testing
TypeScript - The Myth of the Superset
I worry about building up a large codebase using TypeScript, only to have the ECMAScript spec introduce conflicting keywords and type featur...
02-10-2016 00:28:53 Jonas Bandi Agile & Testing
Presentation - Angular 2, What's New?
This is the presentation from my session at the Digicomp DevDay 2016: Angular 2 - What's New?
07-07-2016 02:17:56 Jonas Bandi Agile & Testing
The Angular 2 Router Debacle
For my upcoming Angular 2 Workshop at the DigiComp DevDays I did some research about the sad history of routing in Angular:
19-06-2016 19:29:01 Jonas Bandi Agile & Testing
Weekend Reader Week 20
Angular 2: The best example of feature creep! Shai shows how the scope of Angular 2 has changed significantly over the last years. It's hila...
22-05-2016 17:33:48 Jonas Bandi Agile & Testing
New Angular 2 Course
I am teaching a new Angular 2 course at Digicomp:
19-05-2016 23:46:33 Jonas Bandi Agile & Testing
JavaScript Tip - QuickLook for TypeScript
QuickLook is a very productive features in OSX for me.
19-05-2016 02:15:47 Jonas Bandi Agile & Testing
JavaScript Tip - Using Gulp with TypeScript
You can easily write your Gulp tasks with TypeScript.
04-05-2016 22:35:56 Jonas Bandi Agile & Testing

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