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The Performance Difference Between SQL Row-by-row Updating, Batch Updating, and Bulk Updating
Something that has been said many times, but needs constant repeating until every developer is aware of the importance of this is the perfor...
19-04-2018 16:35:37 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
When Using Bind Variables is not Enough: Dynamic IN Lists
In a previous blog post, I wrote about why you should (almost) always default to using bind variables. There are some exceptions, which I wi...
13-04-2018 12:44:59 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
Why SQL Bind Variables are Important for Performance
A common problem with dynamic SQL is parsing performance in production. What makes matters worse is that many developers do not have access ...
12-04-2018 13:22:13 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
Mocking JDBC Using a Set of SQL String / Result Pairs
In a previous blog post, I've shown how the programmatic MockDataProvider can be used to mock the entire JDBC API through a single functiona...
10-04-2018 15:09:01 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
How to Compile a Class at Runtime with Java 8 and 9
In some cases, it's really useful to be able to compile a class at runtime using the java.compiler module. You can e.g. load a Java source f...
03-04-2018 14:42:50 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
A Completely Overhauled, Modularised jOOQ 3.11, Ready for Java 11
If you've been following the fast paced JDK 9+ projects, you may have noticed an exciting, first big change that has been made possible than...
01-04-2018 11:01:28 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
Correct Reflective Access to Interface Default Methods in Java 8, 9, 10
When performing reflective access to default methods in Java, Google seems to fail us. The solutions presented on Stack Overflow, for instan...
28-03-2018 13:01:34 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
Top 10 SQL Dialect Emulations Implemented in jOOQ
The SQL standard is a nice thing. But it's a standard. And as such, while it may provide good guidelines on how to implement some SQL featur...
13-03-2018 17:18:40 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
Map Reducing a Set of Values Into a Dynamic SQL UNION Query
Sounds fancy, right? But it's a really nice and reasonable approach to doing dynamic SQL with jOOQ. This blog post is inspired by a Stack Ov...
27-02-2018 11:32:13 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
How to Order File Names Semantically in Java
In most cases, natural sorting by sorting lexicographically is useful as a default in Java. This includes sorting file names, which are sort...
23-02-2018 12:40:41 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced

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