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Using jOOQ's Implicit Join From Within the JOIN .. ON Clause
Starting with jOOQ 3.11, type safe implicit JOIN have been made available, and they've been enhanced to be supported also in DML statements ...
13-09-2022 10:51:01 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
A Brief Overview over the Most Common jOOQ Types
For new users working with jOOQ for the first time, the number of types in the jOOQ API can be overwhelming. The SQL language doesn't have m...
06-09-2022 15:30:39 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
How to Plot an ASCII Bar Chart with SQL
No need for expensive Tableau subscriptions. Ditch Microsoft Excel. Just use native PostgreSQL to quickly visualise your data! Here's an ide...
01-09-2022 11:39:32 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
The Second Best Way to Fetch a Spring Data JPA DTO Projection
I've just stumbled upon this great post by Vlad Mihalcea, titled The Best Way to Fetch a Spring Data JPA DTO Projection. It got some nice tr...
30-08-2022 17:30:03 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
Cannot resolve symbol ‘VERSION_3_17' in jOOQ generated code
Starting with jOOQ 3.16 and #12601, there may be a compilation error with a message like this in your jOOQ generated code: [ERROR] /DefaultC...
30-08-2022 09:21:49 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
jOOQ 3.17 Supports Implicit Join also in DML
Since jOOQ 3.11, implicit joins have been supported. An implicit join is a JOIN (mostly a LEFT JOIN) that is generated implicitly because of...
25-08-2022 10:48:27 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
A Condition is a Field
Starting with jOOQ 3.17, the Condition type extends the Field type. Because, that's what the SQL standard thinks it is, in sorts: The exact ...
24-08-2022 12:05:15 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
The Many Ways to Return Data From SQL DML
Probably the hardest thing to standardise in SQL is RETURNING data from DML statements. In this article, we'll look at various ways of doing...
23-08-2022 18:00:25 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
How to Integration Test Stored Procedures with jOOQ
When you write stored procedures and functions in your database, you want to ensure their correctness, just like with your Java code. In Jav...
22-08-2022 15:41:47 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
Using H2 as a Test Database Product with jOOQ
The H2 database is an immensely popular in-memory database product mostly used by Java developers for testing. If you check out the DB-Engin...
19-08-2022 10:07:53 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced

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