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Fun with PostGIS: Mandelbrot Set, Game of Life, and More
The upcoming jOOQ 3.16 will finally offer support for the various RDBMS GIS extensions via issue #982. This is great news per se, and will b...
15-11-2021 11:46:12 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
PostgreSQL 14's enable_memoize For Improved Performance of Nested Loop Joins
I've recently discovered a pleasant new addition to PostgreSQL 14, the new enable_memoize flag that improves the performance of some nested ...
05-11-2021 09:44:17 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
Java's Checked Exceptions Are Just Weird Union Types
This fun fact has been on my mind for a while, and a recent reddit thread about "Smuggling Checked Exceptions with Sealed Interfaces" made m...
01-11-2021 11:06:49 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
Functional Dependencies in SQL GROUP BY
The SQL standard knows an interesting feature where you can project any functional dependencies of a primary (or unique) key that is listed ...
29-10-2021 15:38:50 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
Write C-Style Local Static Variables in Java 16
Java 16 includes an improvement that makes the language a bit more regular via JEP 395. The JEP says: Static members of inner classes It is ...
22-10-2021 15:32:33 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
The jOOQ Parser Ignore Comment Syntax
jOOQ's parser can't parse every possible SQL syntax. Try this random PostgreSQL syntax: And the jOOQ parser will complain: DOMAIN, INDEX, SC...
19-10-2021 11:29:27 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
Use jOOλ's Sneaky Throw to Avoid Checked Exceptions
Don't you hate how you have to wrap checked exception throwing code in static initialisers? E.g. you cannot write this in Java: There's an u...
07-10-2021 15:47:02 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
Using Testcontainers to Generate jOOQ Code
Database first is at the core of jOOQ's design. jOOQ has been made primarily for classic systems the database is always there and always has...
27-08-2021 15:26:38 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
Using jOOQ to write vendor agnostic SQL with JPA's native query or @Formula
If your legacy JPA application is using occasional native queries or Hibernate @Formula or Spring Data @Query annotation with vendor specifi...
26-08-2021 13:25:17 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
Vendor Agnostic, Dynamic Procedural Logic with jOOQ
One of the strengths of modern RDBMS is the capability to mix the powerful SQL language with procedural code. SQL is a 4th generation progra...
25-08-2021 12:59:24 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced

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