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jOOQ Tuesdays: Gerald Sangudi and Keshav Murthy Reveal the Secrets of N1QL (SQL on JSON)
Welcome to the jOOQ Tuesdays series. In this series, we'll publish an article on the third Tuesday every other month where we interview some...
20-06-2017 13:13:37 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
Using Kotlin's Apply Function for Dynamic SQL with jOOQ
It was hard to limit ourselves to 10 Nice Examples of Writing SQL in Kotlin With jOOQ, recently, because the Kotlin language has many nice l...
09-06-2017 10:38:51 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
How to Use SQL INTERSECT to Work Around SQL's NULL Logic
ANOTHER SQL Post this week? I got nerd-sniped: Lazy Internet: In Oracle, how do i query for where (A, B, C) in (('a', 'b', null), 'a', null,...
02-06-2017 13:26:52 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
How to Find Redundant Indexes in SQL
The following two indexes are redundant in most SQL databases: It is usually safe to drop the first index, because all queries that query th...
01-06-2017 16:46:38 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
How to Execute a SQL Query Only if Another SQL Query has no Results
I stumbled upon an interesting question on Stack Overflow recently. A user wanted to query a table for a given predicate. If that predicate ...
31-05-2017 10:35:39 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
When to Use Bind Values, and When to Use Inline Values in SQL
Users of jOOQ, PL/SQL, T-SQL are spoiled as they hardly ever need to worry about bind values. Consider the following statements: Using jOOQ ...
30-05-2017 11:37:36 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
How to Generate at Least One Row in SQL
There are some situations where you would like to have at least one (empty) row in your result set in SQL. Imagine the following situation. ...
22-05-2017 14:43:31 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
10 Nice Examples of Writing SQL in Kotlin With jOOQ
Kotlin is the next big thing. With Google announcing official support for Kotlin on Android, we'll see a lot more traction for this lovely l...
18-05-2017 15:53:12 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
10 Tips on How to be a Great Programmer
I was recently asked in an interview about my opinion on how to be a great programmer. That's an interesting question, and I think we can al...
09-05-2017 10:51:34 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced
The Difficulty of Tuning Queries Over a Database Link – Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the DUAL@LINK Table
A large-ish customer in banking (largest tables on that particular system: 1 billion rows) once decided to separate the OLTP database from t...
08-05-2017 16:45:01 jooq (Lukas Eder) Advanced

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