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JakartaOne Livestream 2022
The JakartaOne Livestream 2022 will be held virtually on December 6th. The Call for Papers is now open! Please submit your paper to speak at...
25-09-2022 09:44:11 Josh Juneau Beginners
Apache NetBeans 12.5
Apache NetBeans 12.5 - beta 1 is available for testing. Please download it and give it a try at: features in this release are listed at the ...
15-08-2021 19:07:17 Josh Juneau Beginners
Kicking the Tires of Jakarta EE 9 with Payara
We've been hearing all about it. Jakarta EE 9 will be released in November 2020. The Jakarta EE working group and community have been workin...
24-10-2020 17:30:38 Josh Juneau Beginners
Developing a Simple Service with Spring Boot
In this post, I will demonstrate how to create a simple web service using Spring Boot. This framework makes it almost effortless to develop ...
09-09-2020 05:58:55 Josh Juneau Beginners
Developing a Simple Web Service with Jakarta EE 8
For context, Jakarta EE 8 is very much the same as Java EE 6 through Java EE 8. The main differences between Java EE 6 and Jakarta EE 8 are ...
24-08-2020 01:47:22 Josh Juneau Beginners
Developing Web & Enterprise Applications for the JVM - "This and That"
I am starting a new series of blog posts which will cover the ins and outs, tips and tricks of developing web and enterprise applications wi...
23-08-2020 19:07:11 Josh Juneau Beginners
Jakarta EE Contribution - Getting Started
Are you interested in helping out with moving Jakarta EE forward? So am I, and I wanted to provide a few details that can be used to help th...
28-11-2019 23:15:35 Josh Juneau Beginners
Automating Docker Deployments Using Jib and Payara Micro
If you are like me, you spend most of your day developing applications. During that time, it is difficult to carve out the time to manage co...
26-11-2018 17:58:11 Josh Juneau Beginners
Oracle Code One...A Conference I'll Never Forget
In the spring of 2018 when Oracle Code One was first announced, I was fairly certain that I would not be attending this year. The main reaso...
28-10-2018 09:05:48 Josh Juneau Beginners
Micronaut for Java EE/Jakarta EE Developers
There is a new microservices framework in town called Micronaut. In this post, I'll discuss how I've ventured into working with the Micronau...
18-09-2018 14:10:27 Josh Juneau Beginners

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