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Testing the Java EE 8 Specifications
The Java EE 8 Platform has definitely been moving along within the past couple of months. Specifications have been releasing early draft rev...
29-03-2017 19:39:12 Josh Juneau Beginners
JSR 365 Update: Digging Into CDI 2.0
Contexts and Dependency Injection 2.0 (JSR 365), is an update to CDI 1.2, which is currently part of the Java EE 7 platform. It is currently...
04-03-2017 17:39:24 Josh Juneau Beginners
JavaOne 2016 Follow-Up
I had the pleasure of attending JavaOne this year, and I can sum up the experience in one word: Brilliant. This year was much different than...
28-09-2016 19:52:00 Josh Juneau Beginners
NetBeans Java EE 8 MVC Plugin Enhancements
A while back, Geertjan Wielenga had posted about a NetBeans plugin that had been developed for the upcoming Java EE 8 MVC framework. The plu...
15-09-2016 20:22:51 Josh Juneau Beginners
NetBeans 8.2 Profiler: Colored Results
One of the new features in NetBeans 8.2 is the ability to color profiler results differently based upon filters. This can make things visual...
15-07-2016 17:46:40 Josh Juneau Beginners
Help Move Java EE Forward
If you recall my post entitled Java EE 8: What is the Current Status, it is apparent that the progression on Java EE has certainly slowed do...
11-06-2016 18:44:25 Josh Juneau Beginners
NetBeans Java EE Tip #9: Create JSF Application from Database
Do you need to create an database front-end very quickly? The NetBeans IDE allows one to develop a JSF application front end for a set of da...
01-06-2016 06:49:01 Josh Juneau Beginners
Working with Mojarra Maven Builds
Some great updates have been made to the Mojarra repository in the past couple of months. The JSF 2.3 Milestone 5 release has been available...
12-05-2016 20:35:35 Josh Juneau Beginners
NetBeans Java EE Tip #8: Persistence Units
The foundational goals of any good IDE are to simply and organize one's code and development workflow. NetBeans does a superb job of achievi...
12-05-2016 13:32:57 Josh Juneau Beginners
NetBeans SQL Profiler - Take it for a Spin!
The upcoming release of NetBeans, currently in active development and testing, boasts plenty of new features. A few of them include EMCAScri...
03-05-2016 20:13:47 Josh Juneau Beginners

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