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Lambda expression as JSF actionListener
IntroductionAlthough there is no official version of JSF which supports Java 8, there are various application servers that run on it today. ...
12-01-2016 22:21:47 jsf corner Advanced
Show application version on your JSF screens
IntroductionSometimes it can be handy to show the application version on the screen of your application. Users get used to have access to th...
05-11-2015 15:44:00 jsf corner Advanced
Temporarily disable or conditional executing of PrimeFaces AJAX calls
IntroductionIn JSF 2.0, the AJAX functionality is standardised in the specification and can be used in a consistent way between JSF implemen...
27-07-2015 15:28:00 jsf corner Advanced
Focus HTML element after AJAX call with PrimeFaces
IntroductionThe combination of AJAX updates to the screen and the focus of a field is more then once an issue for the developer. And this is...
08-06-2015 14:34:00 jsf corner Advanced
Introducing Jerry and Valerie
Or the JSF renderer interceptor and the (bean) validation extension.IntroductionThe first opensource project where I ever posted a change t...
04-05-2015 19:37:00 jsf corner Advanced
Native GridLayout component in PrimeFaces 5.2 (panelGrid)
IntroductionA while ago, I blogged here about the GridLayout component for JSF 2.X which allow you to have the responsive layout using DIV s...
13-04-2015 16:29:00 jsf corner Advanced
Advanced File download with PrimeFaces
IntroductionWhen your Web application needs to send a file to the browser, the classic approach is using a web servlet to serve the contents...
29-03-2015 18:53:00 jsf corner Advanced
GridLayout component for JSF 2.X
Introduction It is common practice to use a CSS Grid to define the layout of your web application page.  We shouldn’t use tables for that pu...
19-01-2015 08:16:00 jsf corner Advanced
My 3 Christmas wishes for Java EE Security
Introduction Recently, there was the start up of the new Java EE Security JSR, JSR 375. For me, it is one of the areas, together with Integr...
23-12-2014 06:47:00 jsf corner Advanced

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