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Joining Nrwl 🐳 🦄
Alright, so yes, I joined Nrwl !! The title should rather be: 5 weeks at Nrwl as this week I'm starting my 6th one. Hugely delayed blog post...
12-02-2020 21:27:53 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Git Rebase vs Merge
Git is an "old" technology if you want that has been around for ages now. Still, when speaking or collaborating with other software develope...
18-12-2019 23:01:37 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Talk: Lazy Loading on Steroids with Angular Elements
Last week I was invited to, a JS meetup in Bruxelles (Belgium) to talk about lazy loading in Angular in combination with Angular Ele...
17-12-2019 22:18:53 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Talk: Enterprise Grade Angular Reactive Forms
This year I again had the pleasure to come back to ng-be as a speaker. Since I see a lot of people struggle with creating proper forms, espe...
07-12-2019 11:17:58 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Lazy Loading with Angular Elements and ngx-lazy-el
Modern web apps often suffer of bad startup time. This frustrates your users. Even worse (especially for public facing apps), it might even ...
06-11-2019 22:31:41 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Manually Lazy Load an Angular Module with ViewEngine and Ivy
I have written about lazy loading components in the past, that covers some of the topics mentioned here as well. Today in this post I'd like...
02-10-2019 01:07:30 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Debugging Angular Ivy Applications from the Devtools Console
Do you remember how in AngularJS (v1.x) we could easily debug/change the state of our components from the browser's devtools. Guess what: no...
26-09-2019 00:10:17 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Resume your Work with Git
Git is an essential tool for every software developer and something you should know well in order to keep your productivity high. Knowing al...
23-09-2019 23:03:00 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Angular Performance: Performance budgets with the Angular CLI
This article is part of my "Angular Performance Week" series, where I publish a new video each day based on the performance articles on web....
03-09-2019 15:56:12 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Angular Performance: Optimize Angular Change Detection
This article is part of my "Angular Performance Week" series, where I publish a new video each day based on the performance articles on web....
03-09-2019 08:39:27 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced

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