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Understand How to Style Angular Components
Here it is!!! :fire: :fire: :fire: My very first course :smiley:. Learn everything you need to know about styling Angular compone...
08-08-2017 21:35:07 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Intercept HTTP Requests in Angular
Angular version 4.3.1 introduced one important new feature: the new HTTP client. Not only did it bring optimizations in how we can execute r...
01-08-2017 23:39:07 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Create a dynamic tab component with Angular
The purpose of this article is to learn about the concept of dynamic components and template references in Angular by building a dynamic tab...
27-07-2017 16:15:01 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Enhanced *ngIf and *ngFor in Angular version 4.0.0
Ever wanted an "else" statement in *ngIf? It's finally here, together with some other nice improvements around dealing with Observables in t...
13-06-2017 22:34:39 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Talks: Web meets Mobile powered by Angular
I had the pleasure to bring 3 amazing speakers on board for our Software Craftsmanship South Tyrol Meetup group which I'm organizing togethe...
23-03-2017 23:23:07 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Tuning Angular's Change Detection
I recently prepared some course material for a modern web development workshop, which besides the nice features around ES6 obviously also in...
15-03-2017 16:56:27 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Angular Modules vs ES6 Modules
I often see people being confused when it comes to understanding Angular Modules vs. ES6 Modules. This happens especially for newcomers whic...
09-03-2017 16:37:12 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Video Course: Learning Angular Components
I just released the 2nd edition of my video course for PacktPub on "Learning Angular components".
23-01-2017 01:54:28 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Talk: Testing with Angular - Some Recipes
I recently wanted to dive deeper into testing Angular applications, in specific on how to write proper unit tests for some common scenarious...
12-01-2017 01:11:31 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Easy SSL support for your Jekyll Blog with CloudFlare
It's 2017 and if you didn't switch to a secure SSL connection yet, it's definitely time to do so. This has been on my todo list for a while ...
04-01-2017 11:20:54 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced

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