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Looking back on 2017
2017 has been a great year, lots of changes for me and new things :sweat_smile:. Time for some retrospective. (Warning: this is not a tech b...
31-12-2017 18:36:24 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Three new Angular Courses to celebrate end of the Year 2017
2017 has been AMAAAAZING (more in a later post..maybe). So before the year ends let's celebrate it with some new Angular courses. I've just ...
27-12-2017 23:23:17 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Use Dynamic Components to render HTML for 3rd party libraries
Dynamic components in Angular are very powerful and help you solve the trickiest problems. In this example we're going to learn how we can l...
15-11-2017 15:52:47 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Demystifying dynamic Forms in Angular
Heared about reactive Angular forms? Maybe even about dynamic forms? Never tried because you think it's too complicated to setup and an over...
04-10-2017 17:48:13 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Understand How to Style Angular Components
Here it is!!! :fire: :fire: :fire: My very first course :smiley:. Learn everything you need to know about styling Angular compone...
08-08-2017 21:35:07 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Intercept HTTP Requests in Angular
Angular version 4.3.1 introduced one important new feature: the new HTTP client. Not only did it bring optimizations in how we can execute r...
01-08-2017 23:39:07 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Create a dynamic tab component with Angular
The purpose of this article is to learn about the concept of dynamic components and template references in Angular by building a dynamic tab...
27-07-2017 16:15:01 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Enhanced *ngIf and *ngFor in Angular version 4.0.0
Ever wanted an "else" statement in *ngIf? It's finally here, together with some other nice improvements around dealing with Observables in t...
13-06-2017 22:34:39 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Talks: Web meets Mobile powered by Angular
I had the pleasure to bring 3 amazing speakers on board for our Software Craftsmanship South Tyrol Meetup group which I'm organizing togethe...
23-03-2017 23:23:07 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Tuning Angular's Change Detection
I recently prepared some course material for a modern web development workshop, which besides the nice features around ES6 obviously also in...
15-03-2017 16:56:27 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced

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