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Dynamically Load CSS with the Angular CLI
I've written about lazy loading in the past, as well as how to handle various styling issues in Angular. This time we'll explore how to cust...
22-08-2019 22:00:08 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
It's time to say thank you to the Angular CLI Team!
Nowadays, you can create, and run a new Angular project in minutes (!! ). It really just depends how fast your internet is to download all t...
13-08-2019 20:40:02 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Publish a Docker container from Bitbucket to Google Cloud Container Registry
Automation is key, I cannot repeat that often enough. In this article we're going to explore how to setup and configure your Bitbucket pipel...
09-08-2019 03:40:43 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Challenging the Testing Pyramid
Writing automated tests has become like a standard practice in software development and (should be) an integral part of a healthy software d...
16-07-2019 20:23:18 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Update to Angular Version 8 now!
Let's dive into the latest Angular version 8 that just got released. We'll quickly explore what's new, why you should update, how that works...
03-06-2019 21:31:12 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Create Code Snippets for Visual Studio Code with ease
When writing software, even when writing a blog post using Markdown, there are some pieces you have to write again and again. Either you're ...
23-05-2019 22:02:10 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Angular 8 and the Future - NGConf 2019 Roundup
I'm not at NGConf 2019 (unfortunately). But I'm following along very closely with the Angular community (and as an Angular GDE) I'm particul...
01-05-2019 22:02:30 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Lazy load Angular Components
Lazy loading is hot recently and for a good reason. It's all about speed! The Chrome team at Google in specific (around Addy Osmani) tries t...
29-04-2019 18:54:49 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Introduction to Angular Elements
You didn't yet get into Angular Elements? Then it's time to give it a go! In this article we're going to see what Angular Elements actually ...
28-04-2019 16:02:28 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced
Setup your Workstation for JavaScript Development
You want to learn about modern web development with JavaScript? Maybe Angular? Well, then it's time to get you setup properly to get started...
26-04-2019 18:29:43 juristr (Juri Strumpflohner) Advanced

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